in bloom

1845 Spring St, Paso Robles
(805) 286-4344

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Joey G.

Awesome tapas spot! Their menu changes often. I appreciate that their menu features lots of seasonal vegetables. Additionally they have an extensive wine list and a full bar. The service was amazing. The food was flavorful. I recommend the beets dish if they have it. The raw beets provided a nice crunch. What's more is the jelly on the beets had a good balance of sourness and sweetness. I'm glad I got to try squab for the first time. The squab was well spiced, but I don't think I would get it again. I think they did the squab justice. I think I just don't like pigeon. I love that a lot of their produce is locally sourced and that there's lots of vegetarian options available. There's something for everyone here. I would come back.

Autumn Chastain

The best service I’ve ever had in my life. My mom and I sat at the bar and had an amazing time. The bartender made me a specialty cocktail that was so pretty! The food was delicious. Instagram worthy lol. Overall a great dining experience and would go back in a heart. Thank you to the excellent staff for the special night for me and my mom.

Ariel C.

Fantastic dinner! I love their use of seasonal ingredients. The quality of their ingredients truly shine through each dish. The vegetable options were delightful. The octopus was one of my favorites. Squab was interesting. Amazing service. Good wines. Overall recommend!

Alayna S.

Wow. I am thoroughly impressed by this place!! Everything we had was absolutely amazing. The pork chop was perfect! :) They also had a great wine list and truly provided some of the best service I've had in a while. Liam was our server and he made our night! The service, drinks and food combined made this an incredible experience and I can't wait to come back. Thank you!

Angelique H.

Excellent food, drinks, and customer service. The server helped my mom with her chair.

Heidi M.

Delicious shareable plates. Lots of yummy veggie options. The waiter Liam was the best! Very accommodating to any requests and answered all our questions. The bartender even made me a delicious 'mocktail' when I ordered just soda water lemon & mint.

Antonio R.

Service was impecable food was okay. Nothing that really impressed us.. Hope to have a better experience next time in Robles

Sophie R.

So excited to have discovered this place! We started with a drink at the bar while we waited for a table and the bartender was super engaging, knowledgeable and had some great recommendations! My boyfriend started with a local beer and I tried a gin fizz for the first time! Hey seriously we're finished we were walked to our table and greeted by our server. I had called ahead of time to let them know that I had a gluten allergy and the restaurant was super accommodating. The server to the menu back to the kitchen and brought it back marked up by the chef with all of the gluten-free options. The focaccia bread looked incredible so my boyfriend had to order that while I watched in torture! I was beyond satisfied with the delicious and super fresh oysters, mushrooms cooked to perfection and the pork shoulder! The pork was really fatty but had so much flavor.

Liza B.

This restaurant is just stunning to look at, inside and out. Love the open feel. Excellent, friendly service. Our dishes were mostly amazing - the mushrooms were absolute heaven. Cocktails, mocktails, and wine fabulous too. The less than amazing dishes were the octopus (hard and chewy) and the dessert. Smores kind of mousse thing, way too sweet as the couple next to us had tried to warn us. Everything else was delicious and beautifully presented. We will be back anytime we are in the area.

Truth H.

Pretty new restaurant in Paso Robles. My girlfriends and I made a reservation for dinner and were pleasantly surprised at how delicious everything was. They had a bunch of fun cocktails that were tasty and stiff. We ordered a bunch of stuff and did family style so we could try different things. We ordered the melon & speck, local figs, mushrooms, soy glazed octopus, summer salad, mussels, trout, and the wagyu New York. Supposedly their pork chop is their specialty which they frequently sell out of, but we didn't have the opportunity to try it. A couple dishes were a little over salted, but still delicious. The mussels were amazing and I just wanted to drink the sauce it came in! Our server offered to bring us extra bread so we could enjoy the sauce, and brought us more of the delicious hot, toasty on the outside but soft on the inside bread on the house. When I say everything was delicious, I mean EVERYTHING! Definitely a must when you are in Paso Robles!

Charlie Brown

Great experience from start to finish.Friendly and attentive staff and incredible dishes. The menu is designed to share, which was perfect for a wine country trip with great friends. 100% chance we are coming back on our next visit.

Heather H.

In Bloom was a delicious addition to a long weekend in Paso. We heard rave reviews from a wine host and decided to book a table. The dishes are family style and four were more than enough for two adults. We walked away completely fully and happy. - Mushrooms with pesto - perfectly cooked mushrooms bathed in a light, bright pesto - Mussels - Rich sauce that we couldn't stop eating and perfectly grilled, perfectly light focaccia - Spanish octopus - slightly overshadowed by the other ingredients on the dish, but the octopus was perfectly cooked - Fried chicken - sous vide to perfection and then coated in a light batter. The chicken was amazing but we didn't love the accompanying sauces, one of which was too hot for both of us. A safe choice, but would recommend trying something else from the menu, especially if you want to sop up the sauce with the mussels.

Chuck Griffith

Great service can’t make up for food as overhyped as it is over-seasoned. You’ll have to pay for the bread, but it’s the only thing to cut through all the salt.Admittedly, the pork chop was delicious and a perfect medium rare, but over garnished, so scrape it off and sprinkle the salt shavings on it (thankfully served on the side). Wines by the glass are impressive. We skipped dessert. Place is so loud, opt to sit outside unless you want to avoid hearing your date.

Susan K.

We had the most amazing experience here. We visited for my birthday with another couple and were able to share a number of dishes. Everything was creative and delicious and the service was wonderful. From the greeting at the door to the server to the sommelier, everyone was friendly and welcoming. Our server, Gabriel, was fantastic and a lot of fun. Took pics of most of the dishes but were too busy eating by the time the fried chicken and wagyu steak came out so we missed those. SO. GOOD. I will be returning here whenever I'm in Paso. Just an all around fabulous dining experience. Can't recommend it enough.

Susan M.

I would rate this restaurant a 4.5/5, rounding up to 5 stars. The plates were very unique, though in a few cases I would prefer the classic dish over the creative edit. For example, if the bread had come with butter in addition to the meat mousse, that would probably make everyone happy. The best dish of the night was the mushrooms - we all loved it. Tomatoes after that. My least favorite was the fried chicken as the batter on the outside didn't give as much savory/fatty flavor as I had hoped (though the chicken inside was cooked to perfection). Ambience here is a 10 out of 10, and we liked that the location was a bit north of downtown in terms of proximity to where we were staying. It is next to a cute marketplace that I hope to come back to someday!

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