Leo Leo Gelato Scoop Shop

1835 Spring St Pod 14, Paso Robles
(805) 226-5050

Recent Reviews

Celeste Willey

Got the pineapple sorbet and pistachio ice cream. So so delicious!! The employee was also very friendly and nice. A good place to go!

Johnny N.

Conveniently located in a food court type of setting and perfect for a hot summer day to cool down. The gelato was good and soothing but the "Tulip" which consisted of guava mousse, pineapple heart and mint sponge cake was somewhat of a disappointment. It was a bit dry, and didn't really taste like guava or mint to me. And it was way too expensive for $10! Stick with the gelato!

Akemi L.

Delicious gelato! Got two flavors in a single cup: butterfinger caramel and pistachio. I loved it!

Veronica A.

The gelato was so good. Enjoy the afternoon with my daughter and a scoop of gelato.Gelato. The prize was

Ali C.

Below average. Terrible serving size. Girl was unpleasant and not polite. No customer service. Will not be back. Asked for cookie dough sample - she gave me vanilla.

Joe G.

So yummy and great service. The gentleman behind the counter was very nice and even went and found a chair for me so I wouldn't have to sit on a bench. I liked the setting too - inside with other shops/vendors.

E T.

Very nice worker... he was calm, patient, and hospitable with our 5 party family with 3 little ones. Only down fall was there were not many options on this day, no fruit flavors to choose.

Denise L.

It was 95 degrees and gelato was clutch to cool off. We were able to sample some flavors and I settled on the stracciatella which was good but a bit too sweet. It paired perfectly with the wafer cookie they provided.

Henna M.

The panna cotta is rich, creamy and not overly sweet. The perfect texture and flavor.

Adam B.

When it comes to gelato, there is a very fine line between very good gelato or getting a consistency found in sorbets or ice cream. Leo Leo Gelato had a great assortment of flavors to choose from. I really enjoyed the Mojito and the Raspberry. The children tried chocolate, coffee, hazelnut and a few others. While they were all tasty, some of the consistencies were not what you would expect from truly good gelato. The staff was friendly and we would absolutely go back again when in the area.

Cassiopeia F.

Gelato is amazing! Price is about what one would expect... we got two servings (just my husband and I) each of us had two scoops and the total was $15.00. I had a scoop of white chocolate and lemon. My husband had a scoop of lemon and raspberry. Both were so yummy. We made it there right before closing so I can't really grade the service. We were just happy they were kind enough to squeeze us in before closing.

ColomboArgentino C.

The gelato here is not flavorful and it lacks sweetness. The server was not friendly at all, too! He was completely uninterested about the products,... If your business depends on poor employees and only out of area tourists, you will not well with locals. I won't be back!

Eric F.

A solid gelato spot in the Paso Market Walk, my wife and I split the pistachio and chocolate. The creamy yet airy texture was excellent, however the flavors weren't quite top notch - the pistachio's nuttiness paled in comparison to my faves like Bacio di Latte while the chocolate was rich yet a bit too sweet.

Katie Scardino

Leo Leo Gelato provided gelato for our wedding and it couldn't have been a bigger hit!! Everyone LOVED it! And the team is so wonderful to work with. We would highly recommend Leo Leo to anyone! It's the best!!

Lisa W.

Stopped by after dinner, located in the food hall. Neat little spot. You can get the small size and do a half and half flavor. I didn't get gelato but instead got sorbet. I like their mixed berry sorbet. Their mango sorbet was good too but only if you like sweet mango. I also tried my husbands gelato of cookies and cream and it was delicious. Stop by for dessert if you can!

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