TASTE! craft eatery

810 11th St, Paso Robles
(805) 200-2978

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Eas ton

Went here with my grandkids and my mom for a nice dinner. I was very impressed. The atmosphere and staff were great. The food was amazing. Prices on the high side but it was well worth it. The fries, sliders and Mac and cheese are amazing.

Kristin jimenez

Amazing food!!!! Delish!!Ordered the brie appetizer board....and drool!!!! ??I had a dirty bird chicken slider with the cowboy salad and soooo good!!! My husband had the the double protein slider.

Rachael K

Taste was delicious! I definitely recommend trying the lamb Sliders or pork Sliders as they were mouth watering good. The fancy pants beef slider was great too and we chose our trios with side salads that were very refreshing as well! Very clean restaurant, friendly staff who can answer your questions about the food and cocktails easily, diligent bar tenders, and cozy but fun atmosphere. The drink I got was pretty good and had mojito roots .

Steve Redd

The Mac N Cheese was amazing (I had the pepper jack with Bacon Mac N Cheese) The Spicy Chicken Sandwich was excellent as well. The Cubano was ok, I liked it the least but it was still pretty darn good!


So many veg options!! Love the menu, picking 3+ items for a set price. Brussels, garlic fries & sliders all yummy

Ashley Blom

When I go to a new restaurant, my one regret is that I have neither the budget nor the stomach real estate to order multiple menu items to get a true flavor for the establishment.That said, why can't every restaurant be like TASTE! ?? This is my perfect restaurant. Plenty of tasty bites with a "build your own plate" concept. My foodie heart was able to sample four different items at once with a wonderful cocktail to wash it down all for a reasonable cost. Win!I chose the following items: Trick or Treat slider (vegetarian), Ahi Tuna Sandwich, Fall Brussels Sprouts, and a build-your-own Mac and Cheese. And because I couldn't help myself, a side of truffle fries.Out of these five items, four truly hit the mark and only one was underwhelming. The tuna was fresh and the bit of spice was a good compliment, the vegetarian slider was perfectly hearty and even meat eaters would not miss the meat, and the brussels sprouts were a warm and comforting little bowl of autumnal delight. Oh and you just cannot go wrong with truffle fries! Even the side was far too much to make a dent in, though I did try.The one miss was the mac and cheese. The concept is cool--you can choose the cheese and mix ins, but the execution was a bit unfortunate. The mac was simply topped with these things, and was pretty dry and unflavorful. It wasn't horrible, it just paled in comparison to the other items.My Aperol Spritz was wonderful, a good balance of flavor and booze, and the service was wonderful. I was seated immediately, food came out quickly, and the waitress even brought a side of bacon on the house for my pooch.If I find myself in Paso Robles again, I will definitely be back!

Ayesha H

Amazing from start to finish. Temple at the host station was a bright star! Best attitude, best customer service and just overall the loveliest person ever!! Then we had Ty as our server who was fantastic, helpful and on top of it ! Food was great (even though we ordered waaaay more than we could eat!) everything was delicious and flavorful! Really impressive place for a really great time!

Pedro Costa

Cocktails! Seriously, try them if you enjoy a well made cocktail with licquor and ingredients from all over the world. They have both a seasonal and a classic menu for them. For food, they've got a flexible menu that lets you pick up to 4 items for a flat price. Works well for 2 people.

Mariam Anna Barska

Great place for brunch. Service was great and food was good. I ordered the following TRIO: 1. Tri Tip burger. Meat was dry and not so fresh so I kind of picked on not really eating. 2. Social Benedict, tasted ok and egg was bit overcooked but overall was good. Sauce was delicious. I didn’t eat English muffin base. 3. Veggie patty on lettuce instead of burger buns. That was good too.We also ordered shareable garlic fries. This dish was huge. I specifically asked about size and got the impression that was not so big for 2 pro it when it came it was huge. 4-5 people can it easily. So ask about proportions before ordering.Overall place was convenient for us pass through Paso Robles however food was great.M.B

Elizabeth Walker

Enjoyed this place to the fullest, great food, great vibe all around. Definitely looking forward to coming back here again.

Mark Burns

We loved our sliders. And the salad was excellent. Not a fan of our Mac and Cheese though. Just not a lot of flavor Not enough cheese perhaps? Our server was excellent.

M. Kincade

This place is amazing. We usually go for lunch but went for dinner tonight. Our server was attentive, the bussers were friendly and attentive as well. Absolutely recommend coming here.


The food was fantastic! Service was excellent. It's a great place for a cocktail, girls night, date night or a nice family dinner. This will be a new favorite for sure.

Eugene Zhukov

Horrible! This "burned grocery store" - they are calling it "Grilled veggies". The plate was dirty, like someone used it and left unclean. Fresh green salad - folks just forgot to add dressing. The waiter came to us once, when I asked to change the plate, then for the second time, when I asked for check. So she murmured "How was the food?"

Jeremy Shimetz

This restaurant came as a surprise for our group. We went in blind, and were exceptionally surprised! The food was fantastic, and there were so many combinations available to order. I love the mix-and-match concept of the menu. Would definitely come to eat here again!

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