Thai Classic in Paso

1212 Park St, Paso Robles
(805) 226-9032

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Rosa Lopez

Delicious egg rolls, lately a lot of restaurants have been either burning their egg rolls or making them too salty, using vegetables that have perished and so on! But this place actually has their 10/10 all around for their egg roll. Their orange chicken is a bit chewy but it’s expected to be when it comes with a tangy thick sauce. (Used honey for chicken)The pad Thai noodles were very soft !! The chicken cooked to perfection!!! And the crunchy peanut texture topped it all off . If you have a peanut allergy be sure to let them know to remove the peanuts from the pad Thai !!!!!!! The sticky rice was a bit over cooked way too mushy for my liking, but it’s the sticky rice that comes in their mango sticky rice desert so I can’t really knock them a star for that. The server was definitely attentive and the staff keeps an eye out for any concerns at your table but they are busy at times everyone wants to wait for a table so call to reserve and let them know how far you are.(outdoor dining allowed as well) Parking is hard to find but parking around the park is free past 8 download the app and make sure you keep track of time because a cop passes by car by car.

Adriana Rizo

The one star is only because I know the food is always good food, but my service there tonight was aweful. I called and put I an order for pad thai noodles with pork, pad thai noodles with shrimp, and two orders of chicken chowmein. I picked it up 15 minutes later with and brought it home. I opened it up to 3 Tupperware to go's containers and a bowl container. It ended up they gave me my two orders of chicken chow main, my boyfriends shrimp pad thai noodles, but not me pad thai noodles with pork, instead I was a pumpkin curry soup which is spicy and I don't like spicy. So I called them up thinking I'd be able to bring it back to them and pick up what I originally ordered. When I did so, the worker argued with me that he repeated the order over the phone. When I told him that he didn't say pumpkin curry soup, he immediately said I repeated your order 3 times. Obviously he didn't or else I would have heard him say pumpkin curry soup and I would've been able to hear him after 3 times say pumpkin curry. So, in frustration, I said thank you. Then I sat here wondering what I'm going to eat because I don't want to eat chicken chow main for dinner. I called them again and a lady answered. I asked to speak to a manager. She told me they don't have a manager. Then I asked if I could speak to someone in charge and when she asked the other person to grab the phone whom I was speaking to earlier. They hung up on me. Now I'm left with eating chicken chow main for dinner not their amazing pork pad thai noodles which I know would've been amazing because I took a bite of my boyfriends shrimp pad thai noodles.

richard reiss

OUTSTANDING!! IVE been eating Thai food for 50 years. This was the best. The Pumpkin curry and Squid salad are my barometer and I was surprised at the excellent service, cuisine and ambience

Chuck Lundquist

I do like their food it's the best in town

danielle jellykins

I plan trips around coming to Thai Classic and getting their tofu satay. Perfection every time.

Andromeda Celeste

The staff is very kind. They are soft-spoken (which is refreshing).I thought I even overheard one waitress offer to take a quick break to offer an older woman a ride home.And their pineapple fried rice is evERyThing!

Cassandra T.

Really good Thai food in a place I wouldn't expect it. We are from SF/Oakland and we generally have low expectations when we venture into small towns for Asian or any other non-American food. But this place was really great. We ordered takeout from the vegetarian menu: green curry with tofu, chow mein with tofu, and pad Thai with tofu. All were really good and generous portions. I got full off half of my curry but I don't eat much anyways. Highly recommend, would come back again if we are in Paso.

David Covarrubias

Great place to dine and delicious food

Laura De Loura

Great variety. Yummy, yummy, yummy. They have a wonderful topless seafood, mango curry is also one of my favorites too, of course all their noodles dishes are fabulous. Super service and hard working servers. You won't be disappointed I never have. Prices are good, it is also nice to share different meals...check out their menu and enjoy their outdoor seating in the evening.

Abigail Bustamante

The staff are so friendly and helpful. Food has a nice kick so if you like spicy Thai, this is the place.

Tina C.

Great food, friendly service. We were seated right away in their limited indoor dining room (but there was also many tables for outside dining). Watching the customers come and go, it felt like this place did a lot of takeout orders. They have affordable glasses of Opolo wine ($7) but the pour seemed skimpy. I ordered the Seafood Pad See Ew .. delicious but not worth $19 for the amount of seafood that was in the dish. A lot of items on the menu that I wanted to try so it was hard to decide. My husband ordered a chicken and pineapple curry that arrived in a huge bowl -- and ordered a side of rice for $1. He commented that there wasn't much chicken but that the pineapple (and curry) were delicious and he ate nearly the whole thing leaving just a bit of curry sauce at the bottom of the bowl. Enjoyed watching the nice family running the place. They were busy the entire time interacting with customers and filling the takeout orders.

Deirdre Parker

You must go here, especially if you're tired of fast food and pub food. The food is fragrant, flavorful, and leaves you wanting to take another order home! The servers are incredibly friendly and attentive. We treat ourselves to a meal at this restaurant, at least once a month. Well worth it!

Maaike Wielenga

Delicious! Best Thai food I've had in a while. Will be back if I'm ever in Paso Robles again.

Omar M.

Flavorful food and excellent service. The staff were very courteous with our baby! Even the to-go box was thoughtfully pre-taped.

Michelle Erdenebat

Taste is so weird, its not thai food, I’m not coming again

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