Gale's Central Club

106 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma
(707) 763-0118

Recent Reviews

Lenny Robinson

Best drinks in Petaluma.

Gaylee McVean

Bartender was rude...older woman. Would have stayed longer if it weren't for that.

Tina Nguyen

I’m not sure if I caught it at the wrong hour, but my friend and I recently went here and we were the only ethnic people in the scene, and it was daggers as soon as we walked in. There was an older lady bartending and she was just extremely rude to us. Smiling to her other patrons, but short and rude to us, and we hadn’t even said a word to her.


People here are nice and fun.

Deanna D.

Great dive bar. Bartenders are fabulous, clientele diverse and drinks decent price. Only complaint it's a little bright for a dive bar. I'll be back!

Teali Johnson

"Best two dollar drinks on sunday,one night I met my guy."

Mizu Yagami

People here are nice and fun.

J Hercules

Best dive bar ever

Dean K.

Wow. This place is awful.. it's a dive you don't want to be in. The staff of hostile. The drinks are watered down and I actually felt unsafe. Stay away at all cost.

August D.

Helga was the highlight of our night! She was kind, accommodating, and gave the BEST pool tips! We were walking to our car and noticed the back door open on our way, and saw the pool table and decided to stop in! So glad we did! We had a great time. And would love to come back even just to visit Helga!

Joel Smith

I love this place because the drinks are tall, the women are strong, the music is cheap, and the ambience is sleazy. And they rule.

Bruce P.

I just want potential customers to know what this establishment, staff, and management are capable of... stay clear. Especially with this off duty employee... unstable

Shannon Jones

Fantastic bar! Love Julie, Dan and Warren!!

Spencer Bainum

Grimey, greasy, and a helluva time

Reel C.

This is a great place to leave your problems at the door, loose your mind, and dive in to the bar. The new guy - Cimarron - is awesome, stressless chats while I drank $2 PBRs.

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