Domino's Pizza

8522 Whittier Blvd Ste B, Pico Rivera
(562) 692-9591

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George G.

For some reason when you order over the phone and a young man takes your order he seems to always get it wrong , doesn't know if he can make exceptions and this last and final time , my pizzas just never arrived . Two hours go by and they never arrived . On the other hand , when you order in the later evening they seem to be more on the ball . Day shift sucks .

Bing V.

Order my pizza online... got the text that's its ready ... left to get the pizza .. when I got there still waited 28mins.. gave her my name ...the cashier was extremely lost kept walking back from one register to another ... then she proceed to asked me " what you here for ?" Never "hi, how can I help?" nothing ... it's cool I just wanted my pizza Got home .. pizza was made incorrectly. Called the store to let them know .. my pizza was made wrong. "Beto" told me bring it back they will pop my pizza back in the oven. Um no F ing thank you. It's still a pandemic. How is Domino's allowing customers to bring things like that and re using. Wouldn't that be contamination ???

Steph K.

This is my go-to pizza place. Can't go wrong with Domino's in Pico Rivera on Whittier Blvd. My order is always right, delicious and courteous staff when I pick up.

Walter Chaaban

Bad ?, I replaced an order for special chicken spicy jalapeños with pineapple AND 2ND classic hat Buffalo... they were no different between both and they look bad and no topping so cheap never go back.

John Moreno

Good pizzas very good

Jose Figueroa

Horrible Domino's. I placed an order for carside delivery and got notified that it was ready. I was waiting in my car for 10+ minutes and no one came out. Had to come inside to retrieve my pizza. The cashier gave me attitude, plus she was on her personal cellphone. Bad customer service.

Alex L.

Manager Lucy has horrible customer service skills. After canceling my order due to how rude she was she couldn't explain without yelling why I couldn't get a receipt showing my order had been canceled. Never going there again and will spread the word of my experience there to everyone.


Pizza was good and ready at the time it was supposed to be ready for pick up.

Kevz Sandoval

Really good pizza

Vani M.

My first time ordering from this location. The crust was soggy and the cheese was not fully melted. It seemed like the pizza was not cooked throughly at all. Unable to eat, very disappointed

Antonio R.

I would never order from this Domino's again . If I could get zero stars . I would . How do you make two mistakes back to back . Then on the third order. You can't deliver it . #PizzaHut

Eric Ruiz

Check your order before live the store.

Ponchito P.

Guy who attended me definitely looks like he likes his job grateful for people like that.

Maria S.

Really ordered pizza at 803pm and its 957 and no pizza and no ansure but charged me already


Took an hour to get the order. It was 50 bucks, and the pizza and pasta were cold. Then they just completely forgot the salad. Went online to complain but haven’t heard anything except that I can get more pizza points. So far no customer service. This has happened twice now out of three tries. I’m not going to order from them again

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