Luna Maya Grill

9551 3/4 Telegraph Rd, Pico Rivera
(562) 949-6337

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Elizabeth Peregrina

Favorite place for Pupusas. Vegetarian friendly and gluten free option as well. The cheese is always melted and extra. The bean and cheese is so delicious and filling! Curtido is mild and yummy. Salsa is flavor filled too. Just delicious overall.

Melodie Delgado

I was brought here by a friend and it’s a super cute restaurant. Its actually a decent size and looks fairly stylish. I ordered a combo that comes with two small pupusas, frijoles, and plátanos. It was a perfect meal and the pupusas were yummy. The curtido was also very good and wasn’t too overpowering. The salsa was especially good. It’s funny but you can tell a lot about a place based on beans alone, and they had very delicious black beans. The plátanos were also super sweet and perfectly cooked. I highly recommend this meal and it was about $13 so really good price as well. I would definitely come back and try some of their other traditional dishes like pan con pollo or the chicharrón!

Mel R.

This review is based on customer service only... We went to this place because my husband and I always passed by it and were curious to try it. This was earlier this year (before vaccines were available to everyone). They were open for takeout. We were the only customers outside the door waiting to order. They were clearly open. We were barely acknowledged and looked at like we were bothering them. We waited longer than we are willing to admit. We stood there for 10 minutes and no service. However, there were 2 people eating at the counter (BEFORE restaurants were open for indoor dining). Horrible service and down right rude. Even though I felt uncomfortable because half the staff wasn't wearing a mask, it was clear they didn't want to serve us. We ended up leaving and not returning.

Alexandra Rochin

Customer service NEEDS work and the waitress accidentally gave my sopa to another customer, realized and tried to give me the same soup. Not with COVID no thank you.

Carina Mathamba

Good food. Need more customer service...but nice

Monica Ramirez

The pupusas were raw and not very tastful, couldn't finish it after the first bite.The eggs and beans were good though.

Karen R.

This place was amazing! Service was great and the food was delicious. We ordered the pupusas ($2.50 each) great price, great size, great tasting. Also ordered the yucca frita con chicharrón. It was awesome. Great portion size. The whole family enjoyed it. Will definitely be back

Trini M.

I had been craving pupusas for a VERY LONG time. I had been eyeballing this place for a long time as well and since I was in the area, I decided to stop by and just get some since I saw this place had great reviews. I called head and placed an order for 6 pupusas mixtas. Got there in less than 20 minutes and my order was still being worked on. Waited a few more minutes and was told they'd be out soon. Got them after waiting only 5 minutes and still had to make a 25 min drive home. I surprised my husband with them and he was a bit surprised since we've never ate pupusas the years we have been together (11 plus). I was happy to see they were still REALLY hot and not all soggy being in the styrofoam tray. These pupusa were A M A Z I N G! They were much bigger than I anticipated and I was full with 2. I gave my third one to my 5 year old which to my surprise, he finished. I will definitely be making another trip for more before moving away.

Sal Rojas

Food is excellent, service can be hit and miss... unless you're a regular and then they treat you differently

Carissa E.

My boyfriend and his family has come here for such a long time, and I was able to join for breakfast to celebrate Mother's day. We ordered by the phone for a to go order and took our food to the park. It took longer than normal for our order, but the food was not a let down. Their pupusas were savory and filling and their drinks were refreshing. My favorite thing though was their beans. I know it sounds weird, but they were literally the best beans I've ever had. Don't know how to explain it, you just have to try it. I will definitely be back!

Audrey T.

I feel bad about leaving this bad review but they need to work on these issues! Everything was super salty and the horchatas were sickingly sweet. Maybe they changed up their staff? When we got all our food in they forgot my order and never came to check our table. Then once we got up to pay, they were over charging our table $11 and the order was all jumbled up. Not sure what was going on with the service and food quality.

Arlene Araica

Food is good and friendly service. I really enjoyed it.

Rosalba Rivas

Really enjoy the food and service. Good authentic Salvadorean food.

Klaudia R.

The service was horrible especially for it being not so busy at all. The pupusas were all masa not good at all. Our little one got a hamburger the bread was all broken and hard as a rock. There soda was all carbonation no syrup told the waitress and her response was we cannot do anything about that cause only the owner and he isn't here. The waitress not once came to ask if we needed a refill or anything at all. Very disappointed and do not recommend.

Imelda R.

Popusas are good. However it seems like they only have 1 lady cooking. Every time I go I wait average .40 min for food to be ready. And I'm only ordering 2 popusas.

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