9325 Whittier Blvd Suite F-2, Building 1, Pico Rivera
(562) 699-2300

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Anthony helped me out. Full confession: My wife has a very particular subway order that is difficult and tedious for even the most seasoned sandwich artists. But Anthony nailed it! Nailed it like he could have won a sandwich artist competition. Just goes to show that enjoying your work impacts the customer experience. Thanks, Anthony!!!


Very rude and disrespectful and acts like untachable and that's the person in charge

Bryan W.

Do not go to the subway that's next to Starbucks by rite aid. The worker from there literally cursed at me infront of other people. I ordered online and when I got there he told me they didn't have any veggies so I asked him to cancel my order. He tells me I didn't charge you but yet gives me the receipt that says paid, checked my account and the charge was on there. So I showed him and literally said I was stupid because he didn't charge me. He started screaming at me while other customers were in there eating. Asked to speak to a manager and he said he was the fucken manager so when I walked out I was like this isn't gonna stay like this. And says that's what they all say! So I'm more than sure he's done this before. I went in calmly but once he started screaming and saying bad words I had to defend myself.

Jessica J.

Right when I walked in the girl employee with pink hair was screaming at the other employee to help her with our order. She didn't want to make the sandwiches that we asked for. Then throughout the whole service she had a bad face and was doing everything fast. The chicken was very cold. She had a very nasty attitude the whole time, she shouldn't be working there if she has that attitude with customers. Never coming here again.

Luis M.

The young kid who attended me seems like he bought the veggies. I asked for alittle more lettuce and he said something I couldn't hear. Plus not enough veggies at all. Not coming here ever again

Virginia CruZ

This is the absolute worst ever subway. The worst food quality, the worst customer service. Each time I went there the same lazy sloppy looking server says that the register is locked, therefore he can't make the sandwiches. I've seen him lock the door during business hours. Customers complain all the time about this subway, but the franchise owner doesn't care. I boycotted this place.

Bob Barajas

So my wife went into this subway today to pick up some sandwiches with a BOGO coupon. This guy tells her that they're short staffed and only allowing 1 sandwich per customer. There was NO ONE else in the store. He walked away from her to do something else. When she asked him if he was going to make the sandw5 he said No, go to f'en Food 4 Less and make your own f'en sandwiches. When I got out of work I went into the store and asked him if he is the only one who was working at the time. He said he just got there so I proceeded to tell him about what happened to my wife, he then changed his story and said Yes, she cussed me out. I truly hope she did after being talked to like that. This jackass needs to be fired. There's another Subway about 1/2 a mile away. Go to that one. Better service.

Jenny Serrano

They open at 8am and is 8:21 and they are still close, employee inside won’t even acknowledge me.

No Name (noname)

Really disappointed this store puts such a small limit to how many sandwiches you can purchase. Walked in to get 4 foot long sandwiches for a family of 4 and was told their store policy limits each customer to 3 sandwiches. The store was empty, no other patrons for the entire duration I was there. My sandwiches were simple, just meat cheese and sauce no veggies and no extras. They were fully stocked with bread and ingredients, no shortage that I could see and it was later in the day. Sadly if you have more than 3 in your family you will need to shop elsewhere as they do not make any exceptions to this rule. I did not complain to the employee because I assume he doesn't make the rules but I do hope that the franchise sees this and makes changes.

Esmeralda Robles

Horrible ugly experience a man with long hair looks dumb doesn't know what's his doing. He was throwing back the veggies after touching them with the gloves .ugly bread by the way. Not making good hot sandwiches like other places. I prefer to go now on Washington and Norwalk way better service.

Alma M.

Wednesday morning,The first time I visit this subway, the lady who attended me, did not welcome me, and I spoke to her in Spanish and she told me that she did not speak Spanish at all, I do not know the name because she did not have a label, she is fat, I told her that I was going to eat it here, and put it to go, not a good attitude, by the way the hands sanitizer empty

Laura Guzman

The worst subway I ever been. As I walk in the lights were dim and it looked like it was closed. As I walk in there I say Hello? And a man comes out with a nappy hair and looks lost. I asked him why are the lights out? He goes because it’s bright. Then the girl comes out and turns the lights on. The glass on the counter is smudgy and the food quality looked sad. The same man who was going to make my sandwich just didn’t look clean nor sanitized. Thought I Gave this a shot and once I got to the register the girl comes out didn’t looked properly groomed nor sanitized either. It was already late that I paid my food. I wonder what was behind the sandwich I had but I definitely got rid of it after 2 bites just thinking how disgusting the place looks. This place needs better maintenance and management.

Christina D.

When you pay extra for avocado you should at least get quality not all the browned avocado. I ended up taking it all out if my sandwich.

Patrick G.

Went in today for the first time in a while. They had two employees working. 1 employee had her earphones in and pretty much ignored everyone while she was fulfilling a phone order. The other employee brushed his hair out of his face a couple times while making my order. Food was just ok. They did not have some of the basic vegetables to put on the sandwich. Never came across that issue at subway ever. I live in between this subway and the one on Washington and I will definitely be going to the one on Washington from now on. I am all for hiring young adults to work, but the training has to be up to par, especially when you are dealing with customers face to face.

Daniel P.

Worst service ever, the dude was alone with 6 people in line.. took me 40 minutes for mine as I was the third. The man also needs a hairnet for his long hair he also had no urge as making sandwiches, he looks miserable.

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