In-N-Out Burger

1417 Fitzgerald Dr, Pinole
(800) 786-1000

Recent Reviews

Rose Marie J.

I ordered a cheeseburger, fries, and strawberry shake. My cheeseburger was warm. Fries were warm, too. I asked for ketchup, but I did not get any. There are two employees outside taking orders. The line went quickly.

Goku U.

Pretty standard in n out. Great service, food is always fresh and hot.They recently opened the inside for inside ordering during covid. You can dine in your car, eat outside, or just bring the food home.Always a line here, but they're fast to get you in n out!

John G.

This might be my first review of In-N-Out, and I find that hard to believe. Can't tell you how many times In-N-Out has saved us, but it has on numerous occasion. This location is along I-80 between El Sobrante and Pinole. You've probably seen it on the freeway if you're driving on this stretch of highway whether you are driving north of south since it's hard to miss. Especially if you're driving at night since it looks like a beacon of light like a lighthouse - glowing, shimmering and shining night light that you want to follow. A couple of weekends ago, we had to drop off our son in San Mateo and planned on picking-up some food there. However, everything was pretty much closed and the only thing that was open was a Japanese joint in Burlingame, but it required more than an hour wait and it was getting pretty late. We decided to drive back home and thought of grabbing some burgers and fries from In-N-Out. Knowing that both DC locations usually have long lines on their drive thru, we headed straight here. By the time we arrived, it was around 2300 hours and I found a parking spot right in front. The drive-thru line was also long, but there was no one in line ordering inside. We quickly dashed in and ordered our usual of Double Double and extra crispy fries. Before you ask, yes, they are operating under COVID guidelines and restrictions. Just like any other In-N-Out location, the layout is similar and familiar. While waiting for our order, I decided to look around and take photos. Did you know that every In-N-Out store has a set of crossed palm trees? The owner and founder, Harry Snyder, decided to add them based on the 1963 comedy film It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World. X marks the spot, and the cast head to search for buried treasures underneath four crossed palm trees. You'll definitely get more than buried treasures at In-N-Out. And the number one thing about In-N-Out is their consistency. Their burgers, fries and milkshakes all taste the same no matter where you go. I started munching on the extra crispy fries while driving home as those things are hard to resist. If you don't like soggy fries, I suggest you get 'em extra crispy as they will also last longer. And as for the burgers...divine as always. It wasn't our first time at this location, but I'm glad they are open late and made a "Hangry Wifey" very satisfied.Quick update: I did write a review for the Daly City location 10 years ago. So this isn't my first rodeo.

Timothy Gonzales

Good old fashion burger for a great price! All fresh ingredients, great fries too

ramtin mehraban teymouri

Quick and kind, simple words to describe this in-n-out place.

The Round Robin Effect

Happy the inside is now open for pick up the line thru shell was getting rather frustrating none the less I'd still would sit and Wait for some good old double double with spread and grilled onions only.

Daniela Silva

The hamburger was great, the long line I had to do for 40 minutes not that much...

Kailey F.

So so good, must try Customize the orderGet animal fries with crispy friesTry a lemon up with pink lemonade

Ryan S.

I came in at 4:40 pm at July 27, 2020 the cashier (white dude) fucked up my order and gave me two shity plan burgers. It was my fault that I didn't double check but come on. I originally ordered two hamburgers I never said plan. The burger wasn't good. BETTER SERVICE PLEASE!

S. Kisa Updike

In-N-Out is always a treat. Pretty sure inside dining is not available (July 2020), only drive-thru and carry out. The Pinole store is always super busy, so allow time to wait in the line, don't block driveways and neighboring businesses, and don't even think about cutting in line.

RL.360 C-

with all these fast food giants, it makes the average consumer a hard to pick choice. But you can never go wrong with In N Out. be more specific with how you order, because of such a high volume, of course.


Every. Single. Employee. Was wearing their mask correctly.

Stanislav Doskalenko

Good and very fast service. Every few minutes they clean everything up with sanitizers.

Gabriel B. G.

After seeing the drive thru line wrap all the way onto Fitzgerald, I figured finding a parking spot and walking in to order would be faster, and it only took just under an hour for two milkshakes and two animals fries. I'm not sure what happened with my order or why it took so long. I walked up to the counter twice to make sure my order was still being made. Once after about 25 minutes and another 15 minutes later. The milkshakes had been sitting on the counter the whole time. The employee getting the drinks for the orders being placed stopped what they were doing to make the fries and new milkshakes because no one else was. The food was subpar. Only thing worse was the service experienced today. Placed my order at 8:18pm didn't walkout with my order until 9:06pm. #inNwait .....

Noah Lowry

The fam and I always love us some In&Out. This location has the best French fries I’ve had from any one of their many locations I’ve dined at. If you like a good cheeseburger, hamburger, fries, and a shake this is the spot to be here in CA! Highly recommend checking out any of their locations as you expect greatness from any one of them, imo. For me it’s always two double doubles, animal style, with hot Chile’s. Every time I order it, and every time it either meets or exceeds my expectations.

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