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Jerry B.

I am a regular and figured I owed them a review. I always order in advance on-line and my pizza is reliably ready on time. I think that is the best way to go rather than sit in the store and wait. Generally the preparation is very good. Sometimes it is better normal, but I can't say I have ever been disappointed. They offer good pizza at a good price. Tuesday specials of any large for $12 and any family for $15 is a really good deal.And I would rather bake it at home and have it really hot than pick up a hot pizza and have it only warm when I get home. It takes less than 15 minutes to cook. Maybe 20 minutes with preheating.

Barbara Fernandes

The food is good. They accept EBT. Due to Covid, there is no longer a bench to sit and wait. Order online, then pickup is the preferred method they have posted.

Lexus Stevenson

Not as good as Vallejo and the workers aren't as friendly!

Roger LaClear

Loved the idea of baking it at home during this covid crisis.

Jung Kim

Worst service from the staff. Trying to support local businesses but place like this needs to be weeded out. Placed online order and went to pick up. Weren’t ready so we waited another 30 min. And when we asked for a status only to find out that they don’t have thin crust. This was when they just opened and they are out of crust? Also they can’t even tell us that they are out while we were waiting right there?

Matthias Hawkins

last night was our first time we went to this restaurant. But It is no doubt not the last time. We enjoyed the evening a lot with the generous service, with the great meal and booze and with the modest pay. We will surely go back there again.

Toni R.

We generally order from here quite often. Pizzas are generally good. I'm not writing a review on the food today. Today was a big let down. I walked in for my pick up order and started to pay the cashier and noticed a young lady with dyed green hair making pizzas with her hair in a loose ponytail and it was waving over the front of her shoulders and over the pizza crusts she was putting sauce on. .... I was instantly grossed out. I asked the cashier and quietly just said , " Don't you guys think she should wear a hair cap?" I mean that's kind of gross " He replies, Oh they don't provide us with those. ...I said" Wow! Okay who's your manager Id like to speak to him about that". He replies that he's not here. I asked for a business card, and he replies he doesn't have any. So pretty much I was shuffled off. This is unacceptable and against Health and Safety Code. I'd like to see hair caps and better hygiene being practiced in this location. This will be reported.


I love coming her when I want to indulge in pizza. My favorite is the gourmet veggie. The only con I would say is it can get very busy so be patient.

Ernesto U.

My partner loves pizza. So, even though we had Valentine's Day plans I thought I'd surprise him with Papa Murphy's HeartBaker Pizza the day before. That morning, I had heard about it on the radio, I researched it online, and it seemed like for at least 2 years now around Valentine's Day they have this deal for a heart shaped pepperoni pizza (for about $9) with the option to bundle it or even customize it (for more money). Anyway, a friend had previously mentioned this place and raved about their take and bake. I had never heard of it or the concept before and thought I'd give this special a try. The online ordering was easy enough. Upon arriving, I was warmly greeted and my pizza was ready. Upon first seeing it, I was kind of disappointed. I knew the heart was there but if I didn't tell my partner to look for it, I don't know if he would've seen it. The pizza was on a flimsy plate which made it hard to keep the pizza level when driving alone. When I got home to bake the pizza with my partner, we found out that the ridiculous Bay Area rent we pay doesn't get us a normal sized oven. We had to curve the pizza plate to make it fit, but alas it cooked. It came out and looked slightly more heart-like than when uncooked. Now I am not usually this picky about my foods presentation but let's be honest, I only came here for the heart. Also, I've ordered heart shaped pizzas from one of the larger chain pizza spots and was impressed. Overall, I'm unclear if I would go out of my way for this deal again. The pizza itself, however, was yummy. It seemed oddly reminiscent of pizza from my childhood. I don't know what it was, but I would give the pizza another try and another review.

Stacy P.

I was going to a Super Bowl party in the Bay Area and was asked to pick up a couple Papa Murphy's pizzas on my way down. To prevent me from having to wait I ordered them online figuring I'd save some time. This was not the case. My pickup time was 1:15 and I got there around 1:20 and had 3 people ahead of me. They had pickup orders on the counter but I didn't see mine so I had to wait in line. When I got up there the girl said they weren't finished with one of the pizzas and it would be a few minutes. It was 1:45 when I got the pizzas and got back on the road. It's crazy that I still had to wait 30 minutes. The pizzas had all the toppings piled in the center of the pizzas??? We spread them out and the good thing was they were yummy which made up for a little of my earlier disappointment. I would order their Chicken Mediterranean pizza again but won't expect fast service.

Roberta K.

I ordered a family size pizza online, and it said it would be ready for pick up at 6:30. I get there at 6:35, and pizza wasn't even made yet. If it was busy, I would have understood, but it wasn't. So I had to wait for fifteen minutes. When I finally got the pizza, there were barely any toppings on it! There was barely any cheese and sauce, and the little toppings that were on it, was only placed in the middle. This employee who made it obviously didn't care. This is my first bad experience here which is why I wrote this review.

Sean McClure

The Tuesday deal is perfect for when the week starts off rougher than you expected. $12 for a large or $15 for family sized pizza is a great price.

Erick Bernal

Very good pizzas, along with their attention to customers and also the time one had to wait to receive their pizza. Another good thing is that you have home delivery (they already removed the branch that

J H.

First timer last week it was great! We got a deep dish and a regular large pizza, cheese only (various types). highly recommended the pan was my favorite but each and all was entirely eaten by the group !!

Cindy Brumfield

Great pizza ...fresh , lots of toppings

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Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

1502A Fitzgerald Dr, Pinole, CA 94564
(510) 223-3000