El Mirador

187 Pomeroy Ave, Pismo Beach
(805) 773-1972

Recent Reviews

Joel Craighead

Best breakfast burrito hands down. I've about eaten them all. Not so large that it requires a nap but also won't leave you hungry for more.Food: 5/5

AngieJason Trujillo

Great hole in the wall Mexican food. The workers were nice and the place was pretty empty because it was late. The next day we went by and it was pretty busy.Food: 5/5

Brandon R.

I had two Al pastor tacos from this place and in just a few hours I became so sick in the stomach I had to come on here and warn you to stay as far away from this place as you can

Alia B.

Great service. Chicken taquitos are excellent. Nachos chile verde are excellent! A few types of bottled beer.

Doua Moua

Awesome Mexican food. The kitchen staffed by older men who can cook well.

Antoinette Davis

OMGosh some of the BEST Mexican food since arriving in SoCal! Hands Down!!

Monty Elistratov

It's not all that, authentic Mexican food? Nah, prices doesn't match to flavor of the food, if you want to charge $14 for a plain torta ahogada then you are definitely taking advantage of the people that doesn't have idea what a torta ahogada taste like, so yeah not impressed, you might impressed white people because they don't know better but a truly Mexican person won't agree with the food here. Over all nah, I don't recommend this place, plus why would you want to eat Mexican food in this part of California? So many more choices to pick from. Get out of the box.


Not what it was 2 years agoAnd not for the best.

Stacy Speel

Best tacos! Maybe the best fish Taco I've ever had! If I ever come back I will definitely get the fish tacos again!

Claire J.

Easily a new favorite spot. Right by the beach and perfect for a quick meal. Everyone enjoyed their breakfast!

Marjorie D.

We had some great Mexican food here! The fish tacos use grilled fish & were very good. My DD had nachos with carne asada that was also excellent. The salsa & guacamole are fresh & extremely tasty. The beans are fat-free, a huge plus as far as I am concerned. The only thing I thought was off was the rice. I am used to brown rice & olive oil but it seemed to have an off taste. Maybe this was from the canola oil or just our tastebuds? The service was excellent & quick. It was a great alternative to Splash Cafe whose line was super long. I would definitely go here again, I would just order double beans. ;)

Davina L.

We were so happy that the food was authentic and delicious. Will definetly come here next time we visit Pismo.

Wes E.

Eat Mexican food in pismo beach period. Automatic Mexican food at a reasonable price. Limited seating but take out an sit on the beach.

Leena Patil

Really tasty burrito and enchilada plate. Do try if want to have authentic mexican food. It is small place next to pismo yogurt.

Rebecca O.

great food! really good. it's a hole in the wall but doesn't disappoint. i especially like the breakfast burrito.

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