Century Plaza Shopping Ctr, 4493 Century Blvd, Pittsburg
(925) 778-2760

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Martina Lopez

Service very good. I will love to savor more new flavors.

Randy B.

The manager was out behind the counter helping customers. The place was spotless. I tried their new flavor with ghost peppers in it. It was great! Not nearly as hot as I expected it to be, in fact tame but you could tell there were peppers in it. Their ice cream ranks with the best I've ever had... Maybe better.

Reyna C.

I found hair in my ice cream... this place is so unorganized and the servers are rude. I don't recommend.

Graciela C.

Hubby, daughter and I went to Baskin Robbins on July 24, 2022. Ice cream was tasty (coconut pineapple, flavor of the month [smores] jamoca fudge and strawberry cheesecake). Service was great. Attendants were nice and professional. I gave them 2 stars because the counter, leaves much to be desired. The cone display is broken and stickers are peeling off. The whole visual is unappealing!! I was looking around as I ate my ice cream and thought, "I would be embarrassed to bring someone who had never been here, here." Sad.

Alex Gordillo (Dragon45)

Arrived at 9:48 pm and store was closed. Sign says store closes at 10pm but store closed early. False advertising. I know I arrived near the end if the day but if the business is open to a certain time they should remain open until the time that is indicated.

Zoey B.

Spent over 40$ on a cake and Caro was super rude slamming stuff all cuz I asked her to write on the cake and she said " she's not trained " girl if you don't write HBD on this damn cake horrible customer service do not recommend!

Carlos Melendez

The girls that works serving are super fantastics make me feels good my wife and me are satisfied for their service

Raider Gater

Oreo ice cream cake. Mmmm..

Steven Burks

It was good on this hot night. I had to eat quick before it melted though

Jason Hornsby H.

Service by employee named Shelby was horribly rude. We were missing a banana royale sundae out of our order. We called to let them know, & Shelby was so rude, repeatedly insinuating that we were lying, saying they have no way to confirm if they threw away the missing item or it was given to a different customer, etc. After a 10 minute confrontation, we were told, "You can either come & get another one, or I can't help you". My cousin went back to get it, & was assisted by Shelby, who rudely told him she would make the missing sundae this one time, but wouldn't do it again. Once it made it to the family member who was missing her ice cream, she began to eat it & found that strawberry & pineapple puree was put on the sundae, when the banana royale does not call for it. It was then thrown away. We will continue to follow up with the manager Shelby told us would not be working tomorrow, so there's no way to contact him/her. Seriously??!!!!

Rickie Curcio

Still slow not fully opened up yet can't see all the choices, but it's ice cream.

Renee V.

This is the worst Baskin Robbins! First off they have a sign IN THE WINDOW that reads if you buy a double or triple scoop you get a free waffle cone, but the employees argue that it's not a current promotion?! Not only that but if I purchase a double scoop.... give me a double scoop! They are just ripping their customers off!!

paolo moreira


Soaledad Flawers

No good that's all

Marcus Binion

There customer service seems friendly but really they just want you to hurry up and choose your ice cream. I walked into the store and they greeted me then asked me if I was ready right after...I just walked can I have a minute or 2. Then I was lost on where there menu was and they pointed it out then, asked me if I was ready again. Polite, but they were very IMPATIENT. Instead of asking if "Are you ready" they should just greet there customers and show them where there menu of Icream and cakes are located then, ask the customer to let them know when they are ready...Last time me and my family are going back and with that kind of customer service they should just close that branch down cause they obviously want people to leave.

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