E & G Chinese Cuisine

2141 Loveridge Rd, Pittsburg
(925) 439-8686

Recent Reviews

Mia Romualdo

The kind of Chinese food I'd recommend to anyone looking for delicious authentic Asian cuisine.

Sean G.

I've saw many different reviews about this place and from my experience. It's a nice establishment for grabbing lunch and or a simple but tasty dinner. I have not experienced what the others have as far as bad service. They workers are very nice to me and even remember what items i like ordering regularly. I read a review where the guy pretty much made up a complaint all because they didn't take his American Express card and that's very petty to as far as the negative comments go. You'll have to ultimately try the place yourself because some of the bad comments are flat out nit picking lies.

Sandra Perez

Food is good. Always good portion for a very good price.Food: 5/5

O Mac

I been coming here for over 15 years and now I might not ever go back.The portions are getting significantly smaller. They are serving food like panda express now, counting ever bit of meat and noodle.When you order chicken wings or shrimp they give you 3 little peices per order.It's not what it used to be.

Aulia T.

This place should be closed down! I went to this place yesterday, new to the Antioch/Pittsburg area. I wanted some Chinese food for dinner. So I looked up the nearest Chinese restaurant. I came across this place and decided to try it out. First red flag was you can't do half and half (chowmein and fried rice), second the lady scooping my fried rice gave me only like two scoops like WTH, you're stingy as hell. Then I got the broccoli and beef which tasted so damn salty and nasty, and last but not least I got the chicken wings which she only gave me THREE chicken wings. What the heck kinda crap is that. That was not worth $10 plus tax. What a rip. First and last time going to this place. The owner of this business needs to take a field trip to Richmond and visit Lee's Garden by Contra Costa College on how to make a proper plate with fresh hot food and cheaper prices!!!!This place deserves a negative star but since that's not an option one star will have to do!!!!!

Adrian Ramirez

Five stars all the way. This place is the reason why I fell in love with Chinese food to begin with. I been going here since I was born and everyone in Pittsburg can tell you this is the best Chinese food in town hands down.

Vinnie Lopez

This is your typical Chinese restaurant fast food but then again they have great food servings very large when you buy. I have to say my favorite thing on this menu has to be the pepper salt shrimp I keep the heads on trust me you will want more when you try there fire shrimp.

Laura Roberts

Love the food. Decent prices.

Brad H.

It's not gourmet.... But it's good and fairly priced. Service was adequate. Portions were sizable and made for good leftovers. Would go back.

brianna guzman

Great prices ! Great food !!! Super good & original Chinese!!!! Super recomend!!

Fred Wiggins

Best price in town food pretty good they're just limited on their menu but you can order different things

Steven Weitzman

Nothing Special. Big portions.I like their Wo Wonton Soup.It comes with Broth in container and and all the goodies in another.Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, BBQ Pork,and some Veggies?I order a side of rice and use the leftoverBeef and Broccoli for a second meal.

javier pena

The lady serving the food is very bad person she trys to serve small portions as posible

Michelle Hill

I've been going to E&G since my oldest son was 10 months old and he is now 21 years old, so yes it's my favorite Chinese spot. I even moved away but when I would come see my son I would stop by. I adore the owner and her late husband Eric. If you haven't been here then you should go.

Midori Kahlua

Although the times I bought the meals they were good. However, the last two times I purchased food got sick. Not only I got sick, so did my brother. I thought at first just a coincidence. I gave it about 2 months later went back and again we both came down with the flu after eating the meals. The person who is cooking is coughing or sneezing on the food. I no longer go there. I know it can happen anywhere, but this was too obvious for me. Sorry they're lucky I gave them 2 stars.

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