The Cheese Steak Shop

Century Plaza Shopping Center 4581, Century Blvd, Pittsburg
(925) 706-0625

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Vernon W.3

Worst experience ever, the cashier was complacent, ignoring my order answering the phone, an taking other orders while bypassing my order. Then my order came to me wrong an mixed matched. I ordered two Phillies one mushroom with everything an one king spicy, my order came back very light mushrooms spicy an the king came back with nothing, my wife is pregnant an she wants what she wants, so if shes not satisfied were not satisfied. I will be there tomorrow to get my full refund. An i will never return to this establishment ever again! I award this place no stars due to the poor and disrespectful customer service an the poor preparation of her order.Parking: There was none i had to park very far from the store location


I have been an original customer since the 80’s when they were only in San Francisco on Divisadero st and Berkeley on San Pablo.It sad this Antioch store is horrible, they seem mad when you go in there, not friendly at all. And the sandwiches just aren’t good. Concords shop does a really good job, customer service, food and management.Antioch step yo game up.

Jahan Vijeh

Do yourself a favor and go to the Brentwood shop instead. This is the worst cheese steak shop I’ve been to. Absolute garbage, please do not waste your money here.

Jack Cannata

Spent lots of time in Philadelphia, and even though these guys claim to be authentic, these are not authentic Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwiches! That said, they're good! But if you want a real one, go to Pat's Steaks, or Gino's Steaks in South Philly and enjoy!Food: 4/5

Goldeneyetuna B.

I have always bought my cheese steaks from the cheese steak shop in pittsburg century blvd i ordered two cheese steaks the order cane back really fast the curly fries were hot but the steak fries were half cooked the cheese steaks were cold it was disgusting I left a 9dollar tip im finding problems with fast food in general. i will think twice before going back there

Shawn Kaschafsky

I've had better cheese steak sandwiches elsewhere but these have been the best in the area I've had. Pretty good overall without question. The girl who took the order talked so fast it was hard to understand her, the downfall was I got things on my sandwich I didn't ever hear her say (so did my friend on his fries). They did fix it and was our only issue.

Edward Hyman

Worth the wait cheese stake sandwich was delicious I don't eat chicken that much but it was awesome and the sweet potato fries were the best ever great employees no problem leaving a tip

Mondo M.

Disappointing the Philly cheesesteak I had no cheese basically just all dry meat. I got the Philly one it's supposed to have sauce and mushrooms I didn't notice them. Asked for onions and peppers all I got was peppers. I haven't been here in a couple years I won't be going back. Go to Charlie's it's way better

VicToRioS Raise

Fast, good service! Good Philly Cheese Steak, yum yum

Eric S.

Came in and ordered my food. Five people behind me ordered after me and got their food first because the employee said they had smaller orders. Shouldn't it be first come first serve

Hub Hubner

I used to like it here but i just dam near got robbed 2 sandwiches 42.26$??? Then i asked for ranch and a drink 5.00 more dollars i got upset after the bread was old and asked for my money back and she said my money is not going back to my account till monday they litterly took my last money do not go there save your money And I asked her to show me it totaled out to $30 then she didn't like that and she made it turn into 45 they're robbing us.....look how the " owner" left me a message saying sorry for your recent visit please leave me you contact info so he can contact me....I did 2 times so far I think he is playing like he is a Concerned owner but he is not thanks for nothing

Kathleen T.

If you spend $30 on a sandwich you shouldn't have to pay a dollar for a side of ranch dressing! I will not eat here again ! Then to add insult to injury they got nerve to give you this for a dollar!

Kaitlin S.

Always absolutely delicious without fail. Soooooo good and good portion sizes as well. They're very kind and if they don't have something in stock they take it off their doordash menu but if you call on it and they have it they'll hook it up! 10/10 would recommend

Lloyd Ellis

Good service and the food was great! Liked it with the Provolone cheese ?

Kola Girl

Tasha is so kind and makes the best cheese steak sandwiches!

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