Pie House Restaurant

2901 High Hill Rd, Placerville
(530) 644-1973

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Cannibal Girl

food was okay, portions were smaller from the pictures on the menu. service sucked, staff was pretty rude. wanted something on the menu and i was received with "we don't have that" in a condensing tone.

Jennilea D.

I have been coming to high hill since I was a child. my fondest memories are eating a warm pie with ice cream or cheese with my family. We would get a whole pie, they would give us plates. silverware, and a pie spatula to help serve the pie. It was raining yesterday, but we thought we would go enjoy some warm apple pie inside the restaurant with some hot chocolate after walking around shopping. I went to the window at pie house asked for a whole Dutch Apple pie, heated with ice cream, paid and waited for my order. Talk about disorganized chaos. I picked up my waters at the register told that my number would be called, so I went to have a seat. One window called me for my nachos, another called me for my ice cream without my pie. I asked the lady why my ice cream was served separate from my pie, she said they were still waiting for my pie and walked away. called back to the window where I got the nachos from to pick up my hot chocolate. While we were waiting, mind you this was around 3 pm, the staff were cleaning tables and putting the benches on the tables even though there was a crowd waiting in line and they were not closing soon. One of the girls putting benches up became frustrated because people kept taking down the benches to sit. Well of course they are taking down the benches as the place was not closed and they wanted a place to sit inside as it was raining outside. After 15 minutes go by we are still waiting for our pie, so we wait another 5 before asking the staff about my pie, and she says well this Dutch pie is sitting here, and I said but it's cold so it's not mine. I explained that we ordered the pie warm, she said we don't serve it warm only refrigerated or frozen. I said then the staff should have told me that and why did I have to wait so long for a refrigerated pie? I asked about them microwaving a couple of pieces and I was told they were too busy. When I asked about the plates and the pie spatula she pointed to the utensils and was about to walk away and I asked about the plates and she grabbed some plates put them on the table and walked off. I get that you are busy, but not that busy as it was raining and there wasn't the usual crowd. Sadly, this experience of poor customer service looks to be a trend now, and I will be going to one of the other farms now. Thankfully pie house is not the only one to serve pies. You would think they would know that you need to have customers to have a place to work and if you treat your customers horribly they stop coming.

Alejandra D.

This place is found on the grounds of High Hill Ranch. This place caught my eye b/c of the deck view. Inside was packed. You order in one line and then they call out your order. After we ordered, we went over to the drinks area. My husband got their light apple beer ($8) and I got the apple wine ($8). The lady serving us was unfriendly with me but friendly with my husband lol. I asked for the apple wine. As she was pouring it, I noticed they had 2 apple wines: regular and seasonal. I asked her about the two and she goes "we have apple wine and an apple slushie", meaning, she didn't understand me. Once she poured it, she started on my husband's apple beer. She poured some beer but then dumped it - to get rid of the foam and then started again . That's what I like to see. It was then topped off with apple juice or something from a gallon - this seemed odd to me, but okay, I guess that's the "apple" part. I asked her if my wine was the seasonal one and she rudely said, "you said you wanted the apple wine". I'm over here like, uhh..that's why I asked you about the two wines. She didn't offer to give me the seasonal, which is the one I wanted and didn't seem willing to - she had an attitude. We took our drinks outside to a table meanwhile my husband waited inside for our food order. Our order took about 25 min to come out. My husband is a pretty patient person but he had to ask them the status of our order b/c it was just taking too long. The $47 lunch here was okay and a little pricey. We ordered: - 2 Ranch Cheeseburgers ($11/burger) - 1 chili cheese fries to share ($9) - apple wine ($8) -apple beer ($8) Apparently, they make their own chili in-house - but I didn't taste any difference from chili in a can. I liked that they use that fake nacho cheese sauce on the fries. The burger was good, everything was hot but nothing special. We snagged a table with view of the fish pond. I didn't try their desserts. Maybe they're stronger in that area. I would go elsewhere for lunch next time.

Mark R.

After years of visiting something during this visit was off... the pie was between soggy and slightly warm vs cold and firm... I don't recall this ever being the texture. Either way the taste was good, but texture was off. As a side snack, the fries were only slightly warm. We didn't return them and since 4 of us shared everything it wasn't worth the time. I'm m sure they would have obliged, but if that's the standard which they send out food it's too late lol Coffee was hot and good. Next, hot apple cider : )

Christine Marino

Pie was great

Kevin McGhie

Nothing! The traffic sucks! All the farms are the same thing. The lines are long. Wanted to leave while sitting in traffic before we got there. Nobody where’s masks!

Joshua S.

They tell you masks are not allowed, and your told you much take off your mask to order a pie.

William M.

They make you take off your mask to order while actively discouraging masks at all. On top of that the food is 1/10 and the pie is 2/10, also they charge $5 for the very laborious job of cutting a pie. Spend your money somewhere else.

Jenny L.

The cashier was rude, did not look or talk to me, others were clearly upset with her. Food took ridiculously long, kitchen clearly unorganized, unqualified, and slow. My pulled pork sandwich was dry, tasteless, even season less! Thw meat was somehow cold yet also warm at one end? It was not edible, comparable to middle school cafeteria food.

Krysten B

Visiting High Hill this year isn't really worth it. The lines are forever long with a ton of people just everywhere. The food and even bakery desserts are over priced and the staff is not friendly. The line for the alcoholic beverages was very long only to find out when we got to the register most drinks were sold out.

Mercedees Edwards

Their food was delicious, but their staff was rude. One of them yelled at me to back up because I was in the way, and then apologized because she realize that I was waiting in line to order food. It took 50 minutes for my order of french fries and a hotdog to come out. I know that they were busy, but this is absolutely insane. It was really hard to find seating because they were so packed. They are also overpriced. I will likely not be returning, unless I go to their outdoor spot where you can pick up a whole pie.

Minerva L.

Lots of small shops. Apple fritters was the best! Would come back again! They ran out of hard cider though, cone early.

Veronica G.

I went in August and it was nice, November and all the workers are rude. They don't have most of the donuts they advertise. Their big sign listed "blackberry, raspberry, cherry, pumpkin apple fritters, apple fritters with nuts" and they had none. The girl was so rude when I asked for these new donuts. I don't know why they don't put a sign out that says they're out of all those donuts. They also don't even sell apple cider and they try to claim their apple juice is the same as cider because it's "gently pasteurized" and it's not the same. The only nice worker was at the cantina.

Rosy S.

Everything is pretty nice! They have flushable restrooms, a huge parking lot, all the apples you can possibly eat on a lifetime, friendly folks etc. But the real star is the amazing caramel apple shake. I will admit I am generally terrified of calories, so I stay away from shakes. HOWEVER, I will down that shake in 5 minutes without a single care. It's just perfect. I look forward to spending more time here soon!

Geneva W.

Spot by for a quick peek at the farm and what goodies were available. We didn't buy anything and decided to just stretch our legs and stroll along with the other visitors. They had a cute display areas of crafts and food. Best part was watching the big geese ducks in the pond

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