8133 W Manchester Ave, Playa Del Rey
(310) 302-1200

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Wade N.

If Subway is going to insert politics into its advertising then I will vote with my feet and patronize restaurants that don't. Subway franchisees should insist that Subway corporate keep its political opinions to itself and concentrate on high quality food and exceptional service.

May Cohen

Delicious sandwich, large selection of toppings, everything is fresh and clean and the service is good.

Aaron C.

I've never met anyone working at Subway as stellar as Guillermo was. It sounds crazy, but this man is seriously representing "service with a smile". I'm not sure if he is in a managerial position, but invest in people like this, please! I know it's just sandwiches, but it's getting harder to find the kind of work ethic this gentleman provides.

fire nation fire claw

They have the best sandwiches that I have ever had eaten I'm my whole life ????

Joanne Erickson

Very nice people!

Monique Warren

Staff is polite

Jenairo Trujillo

i wasn't happy with the women helper she had a attitude and not friendly.

Lucy Lundegard

If they could incorporate a good tasting gluten free bread or a NON-GMO bread, they could make a fortune!

Lucy Rodgers

If they could incorporate a good tasting gluten free bread or a NON-GMO bread, they could make a fortune!

jim pratt

Good service good sandwiches

Christian A.

Guillermo is one of the most genuine down to earth person he always comforts every guest remembering them by their names he makes the process to perfection I've been coming here for years and today bought my food because it was my birthday please give him a raise he deserves 10 stars always love the positivity he spreads :)

David M.

I haven't been in a subway in a long time. This is a small one, but very friendly and not disappointed after finishing. They must truly do a good carry out, as there was only 1 table I believe. Again, good food made with a smile.

Clay Walton

This spot is worth trying. They have large portions for fair prices. Consistently neat and with great vibes. Will come visit again.

Brien Biggs

Good food good staff

Bon S

The "sandwich artists" here have their days. Sometimes customer service is amazing, other times it's terrible. Same with the sandwiches. My advice is don't go in there when it's really busy.

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