Inklings Coffee and Tea

530 Main St, Pleasanton
(925) 399-6746

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Forest Donovan

Inklings in Pleasanton, California is a great spot for coffee, pastries, and sandwiches. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, with plenty of seating and outlets for laptops. The staff is friendly and the service is quick. The coffee is always fresh and delicious. Highly recommend!

Iram M.

I went to Inklings for the first time today with a friend and was incredibly impressed by the beautiful interior. However, the coffee was a complete disappointment. Both of us ordered hot caramel bourbon lattes, which is a special drink and is raved about in other Yelp reviews. We were taken aback when we didn't taste any caramel and instead our drinks only tasted of milk with a subtle hint of coffee and no flavoring whatsoever, even after mixing the drinks vigorously. The only saving grace was the ambience and the ample amount of space available to sit and talk or do work.

Joyce L.

I stopped in when I was in the area by recommendation of my brother. Inklings serves Devout Coffee and has the most adorable vibe. It's warm and cozy, surrounded with books and cool art. There were a good amount of seasonal specials which are fun. I couldn't decide but the cashier was more than helpful in sharing her favorites and her recommendations. I had to give the fig oatmilk latte a try and also grabbed a vegan gluten free eggnog muffin to-go. The pricing wasn't too much out of the ordinary and thankfully they didn't charge extra for milk alternatives which is a bonus. I'll definitely be back to try the other specialty drinks and vegan gluten-free pastries!

Jamee S.

I haven't been here since they opened years ago! So many things to love about Inklings: 1. They know how to make a cappuccino! And it's pretty too. 2. Lovely and personable service. 3. Warm and inviting space with rustic ambience. 4. They have artisan baked food and serve breakfast and lunch. (And partner with local business - Salt Craft). 5. Homemade syrups. 6. Vegan / Vegetarian friendly on menu and milk options. I ordered a Caramel Bourbon Cappuccino with Oat Milk. It was delicious. I wish it was warmer though. If you want more caffeine, get a double shot. I think the standard is 1 shot.

Valley C.

Great coffee, the pastries and sandwiches were all good! They have a great assortment and large seating area

Kam S.

Don't order here if you want coffee in a reasonable time. I brought my wife to treat her. Her latte drink was ready in 2 minutes & was not hot, meanwhile my drink took ten minutes. I even enquired where the drink was and they shrugged. They weren't even busy, no line and handful of customers after us. I read another recent review and agree that the issue are the staff. They don't care. We locals try to support independent establishments, but there is no point if the people they employee do not care. Philz, Peets are far far better coffee shops in the area.

Leo L.

I decided to grab a warm latte here. It is pretty spacious inside and plenty of outdoor seatings available, a great spot for working while having some drinks. The latte I got tastes amazing. Definitely a hidden gem in downtown Pleasanton.

D B.

I no longer will patronize the coffee chains and seek out individual local shops for delicious beverages. The shop while visiting Pleasanton did not disappoint!! The interior space is very welcoming, the service friendly it's a place where you'd want to stay and sip and enjoy your beverage.

Rawan Abdo

This was such a cute place in downtown Pleasanton. The vibes made me want to stay their all day. I had to also order seconds of my latte. I ordered a lavender latte once and the second time I got a pumpkin cream latte. I’m glad I didn’t stay there for any longer or else I would’ve finished all their coffee for them.

jas k.

We stopped by here to get our caffeine fix after an awesome lunch in Pleasanton downtown. We got the seasonal Caramel Bourbon Latte with regular milk. The taste of the latte was fabulous and amazing froth. The temperature was not too hot and will ask for extra hot when I order. The decor inside is very charming and has an amazing rustic vibe to it. Overall amazing coffee here and would highly recommend!

Elatra C.

I stoped in this coffee shop to try something new in the area. I wouldn't step foot in this establish ever again. A coffee shop in a competitive arena should offer excellent customer service and good coffee. They offered neither. They replaced the customer service with a distaste for new customers. I observed 2 employees chat a regular for 6 mins while I waited to order. I waited an additional 5 mins for the coffee to made, while they still chatted. I was made to feel invisible and as if my business did not matter. And the coffee. Get a cup from McDonald's instead. Not warm enough and the taste of an Americano should not be a waste of money.

Rachel M.

I so badly want to give this place 5 stars, but I haven't had consistent good experiences to give it such. My friends love this place, and I get why. The decor really sells it to me. I love all of the books, and the overall vibe. Can easily be the perfect first date spot, or where you want to get work done. My best experience was getting a caramel bourbon latte. The caramel was sweet, but it had a kick to it, and the espresso perfectly balanced it. As for my not as great experiences, I've had my drink forgotten-- despite only having one person ahead of me, and one behind me. Otherwise, I'll have drinks that either don't taste like any espresso is in it (too milky), or I can't even taste the caramel bourbon. And that's a bummer when I paid almost $7 for my drink. Still down to retry and update my review, though.

Lyn C.

I walked in and fell in love with the place. Such a cute, cozy shop with BOOKS (I love books) and plenty of seating in the open space as well as in nooks. The person at the register was very polite. I ordered the caramel bourbon latte, and that's when things went south. I stepped to the side to wait for my coffee. Service was slow. At one point, one barista stopped making drinks to talk to friends that walked in. I am in no way against socializing at work, but maybe wait until the orders were not piled up? The coffee was not good at all. The coffee did not taste freshly ground, and neither flavor of caramel or bourbon stood out. Perhaps it was just the drink I ordered. The shop was so comforting (again, the books!) so I will probably go back again to try a different drink.

Bunny B.

Went in here the other day solely based on the 600 plus 4 star reviews, walked away with an iced coffee which is what I wanted though never finished it. The coffee tasted bitter & old, not fresh, refreshing or satisfying by any means. Inklings took over the space that Round Table pizza once occupied and they made use of the oversized space as they're are plenty of nooks & crannies to sit in. The counter staff was pleasant, the space is dark yet welcoming however their coffee needs lots of improvements.

Mylene Leard

Love this cute and unique cafe right in the middle of downtown! The chai latte was so good. They have variety of dairy-free substitutes for those with a dairy sensitivity / lactose intolerance.I've only gone a couple times in the past 3-4 years, but the staff seemed to know a lot of the customers that were coming in on a first name basis. Definitely a nice, small community feel.Can't wait to be back to try some of the sandwiches, pastries and other drinks!

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