Juice and Java Express

55 W Angela St # 101, Pleasanton
(925) 846-0887

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Lawrence H.

Fantastic juices to start our morning. They juice every ingredient per order so it takes a little bit of time. But well worth it! Thank you for such a healthy breakfast

Raul Piscoya

Been trying to come here for a while now and liked it!Really helpful and nice service.Had to try a few drinks the acai bowls and a breakfast sandwich.Everything was pretty tasty.

Bennett S.

I come here for the sandwiches, specifically the California sandwich on ciabatta bread. Takes a bit longer to make than other things on the menu, but the cheddar, mayo, avocado, bacon, and ciabatta work together to make something much more than the sum of its parts. Oh, smoothies and bowls are good too, I hear. Nice to come during the Saturday farmers markets to get something and walk around admiring the booths, but it's a bit impacted then too as one would expect.


Hate to do this, but SHEESH!! Walked in on a Tuesday morning to being greeted after standing there for 4 minutes by the new owner. Asked if they had regular coffee, "Yes". Asked what kind of sugar free sweeteners they had, was immediately asked, "which do you want?".... Ummm what flavors do you have? Took the poor woman another 4 minutes to figure out what SF syrups she offers . Okay, perfect.. then asked if they had heavy cream... my heavens I started feeling bad for the woman. Struggled finding heavy cream. Pulled out Coffee Mate Original Creamer . Then regular milk. I saw a can of whipped cream on the counter. Asked for some whipped cream on top my coffee. She came back to register to ring me up looking suuuuper lost. Started 'trying' to write on the cup, asked me if I wanted espresso, I said "no thanks, just a regular small coffee with SF vanilla & whipped cream". Confused look again & finally told me she doesn't have regular coffee during the week. HUH?!?! After alllllll that. I finally just ordered the Green Machine juice, no celery. Of course I walk out with my juice, take the first sip & it was straight celery. I just gave it to my friend. What a waste of time, money & effort. Came all the way from Tracy to meet a friend there because we used to LOOOVE this place. Needless to say, I won't be back. The new owner seemed CLUELESS. It was the Coffee Mate original creamer for me LOL!!! After working at Starbucks for many years, I was excited to try my old fav JAVA SHOP, but nah!!!

Jessica H.

Great juices, smoothies, and food. Staff is always so accommodating. All the smoothies can be made into bowls too! Their tuna & chicken salad is made in house and the owner knows what she's doing. They're SO good. My favorite is the veggie sandwich, it takes a couple extra minutes to make since it's hot, but it's worth the wait. I love that they use fresh ingredients & a great stop if you're ever at the Pleasanton Farmers Market. Beware, the line can get long, but that's because their items are amazing!

Dafa Z.

This is a cute little juicery with a bunch of drink options. Menu offers juices, smoothies, lattes and many more choices like açaí bowls and snacks.. I am usually a die hard Frappuccino lover and would typically to go a coffee shop for my morning pick-me-up but decided to come here for a healthier alternative. I ordered the Mocha Madness which is a smoothie that has bananas, chocolate and expresso blended together. It was really good and kept me energized the whole day! The taste was semi-sweet and chocolatey with a subtle hint of banana. I would order it again for sure. I like the fact they brew the expresso fresh and use quality ingredients. It was really busy when I went and the drink took longer than I expected. Interestingly, other peoples orders were ready before me even though I was ahead of them in line. I wasn't in a rush but if I was then I probably would have lost my patience -- LOL. Despite that, this is a good place with good drinks. Definitely give a try if you are in the area.

Tamara Lopes

Delicious!!! I go once a week and the owner is really nice.

Linda Olivo

Delicious acai bowl made to order.

Dalia F.

I loved their Dragonfly drink, everytime i try to come eat here its closed but i finally got the chance to try it. It was worth it.. sort of lol I also ordered their mozzarella sandwich i think its called Caprese? Idk but it was decent. They didnt have tomato so she added turkey to it instead.. it was mid but i still ate it. The cashier girl was the only one working but she was really nice and she tried her best so i appreciate that. Sometimes when youre stressed working at a high volume store by yourself it gets hard to smile. This girl was patient and she didnt let it get to her. Very good hardworking person! I would hire her lol

Annie T.

Cute earthy vibe. There are a couple small patio-type tables and chairs, a sofa corner, fun signs to look at. The chalkboard menus showed a variety of natural drinks and a handful of healthy food options, but you have to look around because there are several boards. Since they specialize in juice drinks, the sound of the blender is cray cray LOUD in the small cafe that they must not have heard our order. We ordered 2 drinks and basically received 2 similar drinks that were of the wrong sizes. They were tasty, but it would've been nice to get what we ordered. I would return when I'm in the area. I would just double-check to make sure they got my order right before they made it!

Desiree O.

Their menu needs to be updated. This is not a panini. Very overpriced and not flexible with custom orders.

Amanda I.

This used to be my go to place for something healthy as I work in the area.. the food quality has always been decent but ever since they got a new owner the service has been awful. It takes around 20 minutes to get a bagel and a juice, I understand good things take time but I ordered a bagel and the owner walked into the back to complete other tasks before even starting on the food

Kavita P.

I love their juices, especially the green machine. I am disappointed however in their refusal to change over from plastic packaging. I have asked to even use a coffee cup for a juice, but they refused to put it in a paper cup.

John Izzo

My go to place for smoothies. Been going here for years. Overall good experience. Wait times can be a bit much at times even without that much activity going on ?? but if you like supporting small local business this is the place to go to.

Lisette A.

The smoothie I ordered was not blended at all. There were obviously a bunch of fat chunks in it and looked like a five year old blended it. Whoever made it was lazy af.

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