Peet's Coffee

349 Main St, Pleasanton
(925) 474-9301

Recent Reviews

manny morad

Very good location ,Good people serving you welcoming you ?Food: 5/5

Rasheeda S.

Peets is my all time favorite coffee place in the bay. I specifically love this coffee shop the best because they remember me and always make it taste good for me.

Shawn Moe

This location is great, friendly staff, and always gets your drink right. Is clean and very organized. Food is not baked in the house but in house but everything has good turnover and is fresh.Food: 3/5

Frances L.

Great Peet's location on Main Street! Large location with friendly employees. I come by frequently and recently stopped in close to closing. They welcomed me in and I got my coffee and beans. Love Peet's coffee!

Dave H.

THE Best just NO Drive Thru'$ except one (1) north of El Sobrante and east of Hercules. Charming warm woods always a good place to do a quick Biz MTG as well! Even met our Mayor here and Co. Board SuperV here and lots of Law Enforcement (off and on includ C hips). Great brewed coffee doesn't taste burnt alike Bux. Will say only gave 4 Stars as SO Many locations (X3 in 94583/2), is tough to park!! Again due to no driv thrust. New people all the Time but good ones long term like Nicole! They have her on Rover status, I've seen [email protected] diff stores!! Yes, I usually go to at least two (2+) a day today three (Bollinger) due to travels daily). Wish they would have EV Chargers in the prop lots they pay Leasees to monthly! The Teas are SO Much better and LOOSE LEAF, they might of bought out Mighty Leaf in North Bay Marin Country. I DO MISS PEET'S BRANDED TEAS, Alike Russian Caravan and Snow Leopard. Fave caffe'....Women owned Estate ... ANNIVERSARY BLEND Hands Down, shuttle Raspberry with Lots of dark chocolate Notes. Excellent. Last year they had a contest I bought twenty pounds, gave as gifts. Expensive non-contact year for my ACLS Clients. Loved it And so many raves, for those thought bought Grinders (Burr). So much to say, miss the Italian Orangio del Oro syrup in their limited Chocolate Orange Mocha! Classy Euro!!!. So SO Good. Dessert in a mug! Peet's cup, resumable of course. Can we talk PLANT BASE morn sandw?? AND drinks? Peet's allows you to purchase Breakfast sandwiches or egg tart ALL DAY! YAY!!

Isla G.

I decided to go to Peet's to get some work done. I ordered drip coffee, which they said would be a few minutes because they needed to brew more. The employees were extremely nice, helpful, and efficient. I sat down and started working in the cool air conditioning. After a few minutes passed, I still hadn't heard any update on my coffee, but didn't go up and ask about it because I have anxiety and didn't want to bother the baristas. I worked for about an hour and still no coffee. I don't blame them because I was too scared to go up and ask about it. Super nice workers and wonderful place to get things done! Wish I would have asked about what happened to my caffeine though :( UPDATE: I finally worked up the courage to ask for my coffee and they were super nice and extremely apologetic. Would absolutely recommend this location for coffee, a nice workspace, and very nice staff.

Josh Wolff

A good spot for a coffee before work

Ritika Ghosh

best place for coffee, wonderful service and wonderful environment

C Castle

Clean bathrooms with diaper changing table. Plenty of tables/chairs inside and out. Great staff and fast service. Conveniently located downtown Pleasanton, near the entrance to the Farmer's Market on Saturdays.

Alaric S.

My dad didn't notice that coffee prices went up to $2.65 I didn't realize myself a cup of hot coffee was that much nowadays

Mary M.

Let me start by saying I am a big Peet's fan. This is a very busy cafe. I ordered my decaf drip on line and was fully aware that they were very busy and it would take longer than normal. No prob. I ordered at 8:40. After a half hour I went up to the counter and was told I needed to wait for a fresh decaf to brew. Finally at 9:20. I received my order. Kinda crazy and if I would have just walked in and ordered I would have been on my way in no time. So to Peets I think a drip should not take the backseat to the espresso drinks, which we're going out in a very timely manner.

Joshua Horst

First off I am a peetnik. I love Peets coffee and have been a loyal customer for 25+ years. My comment is about the service at the Pleasanton Peets. They have become snooty uncaring about the customer and unconcerned about the coffee. Used to be a friendly kind caring group that worked here. If you want Peets coffee with out the attitude make the drive to Livermore or San Ramon

Nate H.

Ryan was a amazing barista helped me and my lady with what we wanted. He also helped her out with what kind of drink she could have cause she is lactose intolerant. He even came outside and handed us our coffees , quite a worker you have the best barista I've ever had the pleasure

Sumo M.

Great coffee and even better baristas!!! I love that they know my drink and treat me like royalty every time I show up... the beat part is that they greet every customer with a smile on their face

Thuy V.

Pretty disappointed! Walked in at 2:45pm on a Saturday and got upsetting looks from the girl who was packing up the pastries. My boyfriend and I stood there for a bit, waiting for her to say something because we really just wanted a simple cup of Joe.

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