Taxco Restaurant

28152 S Western Ave, San Pedro
(310) 547-4554

Recent Reviews

Kenisha Walker

Literally, the worse tacos of my life. I ordered two shrimp tacos that end up costing over $16. They had nothing but peppers and a huge side of oil. They were gross. Save your money and your tastebuds. Please do better!

April N.

I have been out of the South Bay for awhile so when I saw that they moved I got scared. The food was scrumptious just liked I remembered it to me. The Fajitas for two is always a must and extra guac. The seasoning on the fajitas was on fire . I enjoyed it just like always. The service is always great. Whenever I am in the South Bay and wanting Mexican this is a go to.

Janettee Pearson

What can I say about Taxco. The food will speak for itself absolutely amazing ? ?. Homemade taste that will knock your socks off! And the cook Luis will make sure that you enjoy it he takes pride in what he serves his guests. Alex also will make sure that you are satisfied with your food, I give him an A++!! And that doesn't even top my experience of my visit. I was saranaded with wonderful guitar playing and beautiful singing from Luis Moreno he brought me to tears because I just recently lost my Dad to covid and he always played the guitar and sang. It was like an angel was sent just for me. Not only did I get outstanding service to satisfy my tummy but I also got a blessing for my heart ♥. Thank you guy's for my amazing experience ❤

Yvette R.

Been going for years, it's my go to when it comes to a quick easy meal. My favorite is the enchilada & chili rellano combo plate

Thelma D.

I am craving machaca enchilada plate. This place has the beat enchilada sauce I have ever tried. Everything we got waa delicious, my favorite spot anow in San Pesro.

Veronica T.

First time coming here. We did a to go order. Ordered two carne asada wet burrito combos, food was ready within 15min. The food was delicious, the carne asada was flavorful. We will definitely be going back

Erik J.

1st time customer. Ordered the #11 lunch special. Food was excellent and very tasty. I will be coming back

April G.

Food was awful. How is this place still in business. Like food was traumatizingly awful. I'm wondering if it's a cover for money laundering. I'm kidding. But how is it still in business?

Wendy girl

Always good. Usually order barbacoa or carne asada. But once in awhile I get huevos ranchero's or steak tampiqueno. All are very good! My husband loves the carnitas and my friend always gets the chicken tortilla soup. Service is very pleasant and quick.

Lynn L.

If you're not looking for this place you will pass it by. It's a tiny lil spot that's uneventful from the outside but it's am powerhouse on the inside. My daughter found them online and I'm so glad that web stopped in for our meal. Alex, our server, has the sweetest disposition and did not mind keeping their delicious salsa flowing at our table. Their authentic Mexican food made my soul feel kissed by the sun. There's a nice assortment of beers that Nicely complement the food. Go have some. Treat yourself.

Sean K.

Tasty food and the staff is very nice. I usually call in orders for pickup but occasionally dine in and have always had great experiences.

Shane C.

Great little Mexican food place with a very unique and yummy style. I absolutely love their enchilada sauce! Sweet and smoky! Delicious!

Jane McGuire

FALSE ADVERTISING!! Be aware!! The menu prices online are NOT accurate. When you go to pick up the food they will charge you the in-dining menu prices. The price difference is typically $4.00 more per item ordered. I asked and they told me they “haven’t gotten around to changing the website!” Very sad for an establishment that’s been in Pedro for a long time.This review came from the SAME place I found the menu.

Jen Es

Ordered the menudo, Tuesday special & a wet burrito. It was something to fill you up for dinner.

D J.

I was reminded on Super Bowl Sunday why so many people in town refer to this place as Trashco. We made the mistake of choosing it over all the other fine Mexican restaurants in town (Maria's, Prontos, Pinas, the guy who walks around town selling tamales out of a cooler). Food was supposed to be ready at 2:00. A family member was there on time and called me to say that they don't have an order under my name. 5 minutes later he calls back to say they found it but have not starting preparing it. He left the restaurant at 2:30, arrived at the house 20 minutes later only for us to find out that they forgot to include the orders of taquitos, chimichangas and quesadillas. They also packed the tray of beans on the bottom of the bag so it got crushed and the beans where all over the bottom of the bag. I called the place and the guy who answered the phone blamed the mistake on the owner for writing up the ticket wrong. Someone had to drive all the way back across town to pick up the missing food which turned out to be over cooked. The tray of barbacoa was also dry and no one touched it. Tried giving some to the dog and she walked away from it. I called the restaurant twice since and left messages asking to speak to someone about the bad experience but no one had the courtesy to call back.

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