Kl├╝ddes Kitchen & Bar

110 Orange St, Redlands
(909) 894-4171

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Ray Bowman

The tacos are fantastic, duck tacos and elk w/pickeled jalapenos were superb

Michelle Mann

A total disappointment.

Colleen Whinery

Great edemame and Moonshine Moscow Mule! Also great service! My son and wife had tri tip tacos and salad and really liked.

Alexandre Osborne

Good food and the elk tacos are the best tacos on Taco Tuesday. I definitely make it a tradition

Ronald Moore

Good food and beers..awesome gastropub...the duck tacos...amazing

Kay Gee

Fun place to hang out with friends. Decent enough beers and food.

Licia Len

Robbie is awesome and personable! The kitchen is a scratch kitchen, the food is amazing! Almost as amazing as their bartenders! Edwin is also awesome. I see him every week and he is the most respectable bartender. They have a great vibe and itÔÇÖs a fun and vibrant place to hang out. I highly suggest going there weekly or on the weekends !

Nick Espy

Edwin and Matt are simply the best, they took care of us and we're on top of everything we ordered. They are so impressive in the way handled such a busy place while juggling other people yelling what they want. Honestly we will always be coming back here because the service is simply fantastic. Thanks guys

Matthew J.

OK - so my family and I had the most hilariously bad brunch here a couple weeks back. And when I say hilariously bad - I mean the brunch we had was so bad that we ended up laughing about it mid-brunch... like, "Wow! This is the worst brunch experience ever! HAHAHA!" And not in an ironic way. It was like we got through the mad/rage-ful part of being ignored by servers and not getting our food and not having proper seating even though we'd made a reservation and not having anything good to say - and mid-brunch were reflecting back to when we started brunch AS THOUGH IT WERE A JOVIAL TALE FROM OUR PAST! It was bizarre... it took a long time... there was one woman working there who saved the day (sort of)... and I feel badly that I don't remember her name. OK - so we found this place on Yelp because we knew we'd be dining in Redlands on a Sunday and they: 1. had brunch 2. were listed as Good for Kids 3. would take a reservation So, yes there is brunch at Kluddes (kluudz). But, no... this is not a place that is good for kids. No, please change that, Yelp. This is a bar with tables that serves food. All of the tables here are hightops except two. My guess is those are only lowtops because they need to comply with federal regulations and have them for those who might be disabled. They do not have booster seats. They have only two high chairs... and those are the correct height for the lowtop tables and NOT THE HIGHTOPS... which cover 85% of the establishment. So... not good for kids. But they have a kids menu... so... cool? We did have a reservation. We were informed later that the guy who took the reservation should not have done so on a Sunday for brunch-time. So, train your staff better, Kluddes. Anyway, we park ourselves - with a 3.5 year-old and a 1.5 year-old... at a few hightops pushed together. And we take turns holding the baby. I know, I know... a baby in a bar. But, you guys... they advertise themselves as a restaurant... a gastropub and "New American Restaurant" according to their Facebook page. So, we're keeping the kids contained - a woman eventually brings us some water... and we're waiting. And then I realize she is, like, the only employee I've seen. And she's the bartender. And there are about a dozen tables seated at this point. I then see someone working in the kitchen. So... there are roughly 30 guests and 2 employees. Not a good ratio. We see this blonde bartender/server lady once more at our table. She drops off a beer and an iced tea. She's then at the bar or at another table - but not ours... for a long time. We haven't had our order taken and we've been there 30 minutes. Finally, my brother flags down this lady who is, maybe, a manager-type and asks if we can get service at our table... she's on it. And she takes care of us from that point on. We order. We wait. And wait. I start to look at the tables around us who have ordered and realize that they, too, haven't gotten their food. We wait. There are restroom breaks taken, a few of us take a walk around the block. No words on what's going on with our food. Then, passing the restroom I see that their kitchen is the size of two park benches back to back. At this point there are 2 guys working in the kitchen, 2 managers (neither of whom set foot in the kitchen) and 2 servers. And probably 45 guests. Still not a good ratio. It takes more than 1 hour from the time we order to the time our first entree is delivered - we ordered 7 entrees. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes total - from when we ordered until the last entree is dropped off. They did bring us some chips while we were waiting... after our stares caught the attention of someone on staff. It was right before the final couple of entrees were dropped off that the laughing about the terrible brunch experience started. We were chuckling about how everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. Later, the manager lady said - you know, it's a be

Michelle M.

A total disappointment. I called in advance (about 5 days before) to make a reservation for our party of 8 - including two kids and 1 highchair. The guy on the phone was helpful and energetic and paired with the reviews of this place I was so excited to come for Sunday brunch. We arrived for our 1pm reservation to find our reservation was at several high-top tables. In fact, in the entire place - there are only 2 or 3 tables at regular height - so I'm not sure why this place is listed as kid friendly. If those tables are taken, you can't really use a highchair and they don't offer a booster seat. BUT, my family was celebrating so we took it in stride and decided we'd take turns holding my niece who is just over 1 year old. 5-6 minutes went by. A girl who was bar tending came to the table and said she'd be helping us. We asked for waters while she dropped off the menus. At least another 8-10 minutes went by. Waters came to the table. Several of the adults ordered drinks and we waited at least another 10 minutes before drinks arrived at the table. The bar tender said she'd be right back for our order. But instead we waited. And waited (10 more minutes). Sigh. Finally my brother-in-law stopped another server (there were to people running the entire place and it was busy, so I think part of the issue is that they were understaffed) and said, "Could we please have some service here? We've been waiting at least 30 minutes or more and we still haven't had a chance to order our food." The woman (who I'm assuming was a manager?) said she'd absolutely help us out. She came back a few minutes later an took our orders. Now, in the meantime I should say that little things we asked for never came. A lemon wedge, an extra set of silverware we were missing (which we never did get - we ended up sharing because we didn't want to ask again and risk more waiting), lots of "odds and ends" that the ball was dropped on. Okay - so here we are about 40 minutes in and we just ordered. I wish I could say that things turned around after this but apparently the kitchen was backed up and we waited another 40-45 minutes for our food. When it arrived, it was just okay. I had french toast and bacon. My husband makes better french toast at home. The bacon was greasy and blah. Everyone in our party had a similar experience. None of the dishes came out at the same time, so half of our party was done eating by the time my dish came out. And my bacon came out separately from my main dish. Why two stars? Well, the second server was trying to help us. She was apologetic and comped our drinks, and she brought us some chips so munch on after she realized we'd been there over an hour without eating anything. She said our reservation should have never been taken - and they don't accept them on Sundays. But that's hardly an excuse for the experience we had. Never coming back.

Matt D.

I came in here because a friend recommended the hotdogs I came back because of the waitress Cynthia. Normally when I eat places I put everything into consideration, the food, the environment, and the employees. The food here is great, the staff is friendly, and the restaurant has a great vibe and allows dogs to be seated out front which is really nice. I was greeted by a woman named Cynthia with tattoos, she was extremely nice, friendly and accommodating. I would 10 out of 10 recommend everyone eat here and make sure you tip Cynthia she deserves it.

Dan Broadhead

The chicken sandwich wrap on their lunch menu was excellent and fairly inexpensive. Looks like they have a lot of beer choices. I'll have to come back for dinner sometime.

Andrea S.

I loved their Moscato wine and their carne asada fries!! Sooooo bomb! I would have given them another star but the wait time was over an hour and a half due to their kitchen staff being short that day.

Louis Means

This place is awesome! Great beers on tap and creative and delicious food. Try the tacos!

Keith M

Great beer, great food. Nice people

Marta Crofut

Great food, great service, lovely space for sports watching or conversation, great bar!

Cherie Orozco

The good was really good definitely get the edamame

Daniel M.

Came here tonight after Darby's refused to put on the FREE UFC fight..the bartender put the fight on, and turned the audio way up for me..super great service..good food..great selection of food items..large beer selection on tap, and bottled..this is the place to be!

Becky B.

Love love love this place! And I just so happen to come in accidentally on taco Tuesday! My bacon duck tacos which I love are even tastier and I'm having the elk and the bacon ranch chicken tacos tonight! Marisa is the best!!

Liz D.

Devils Bacon. Can't even explain it. Better than any other bacon I've ever had in my life. Ever. That's 35 years of different bacons. Their bacon is so good I drive an hour JUST to get their bacon. Their Brussels sprouts are also pretty good, and duck tacos, elk sausage, and boar... love their pickles red onions. Kluddes is just a great place. Happy to have found them.

Kl├╝ddes Kitchen & Bar

110 Orange St, Redlands, CA 92373