Rok N Fondue

25 E State St, Redlands
(909) 793-1919

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Jony Petrila

Called in over a week ahead of time for my fiancé’s birthday, and they canceled on me with no warning. I tried calling 2 days before the reservation but no answer, same thing one day before, and the day of. What a shame, I always wanted to try this place.

Jonny Petrila

Made reservations to eat here. Showed up, restaurant was closed. I didn’t get a call or anything letting me know that my reservation was canceled. Ruined my plans for the whole day. I even went back to see what happened, and they said that they did try to call me once, THE DAY OF my reservation, which I think was a lie, because I verified the number they had saved, and pulled up my call history for that day.

Amanda J.

Very pricey, but really cool experience. The food is great, and the bartenders are wonderful. They have a cozy vibe.

Edwina W.

New experience of dining, i ordered the food that i need to cook myself, a shabu2 style, just throw them all inside the soup. Good service and nice vibe.

Lisa Marie

This was our first visit. The service was amazing, the fondue was delicious.

Mylesha D.

*Visited business before COVID-19; appreciation post* This is my all time favorite local restaurant spot. Some days I go just to hangout with friends at the bar and listen to the live music (which is also amazing), or my bf and I will do date night. I've even had a birthday dinner here one year in the upstairs room. The meals are just really fun and unique which is what I love most. I've tried many things on their food/drink menu. I usually start off with a cheese fondue, I've tried almost all of the different types of cheeses but my favorite is the sun-dried formaggio. At first I was hesitant but the sun-dried tomato gives the cheese so much flavor! If I'm feeling really hungry I will also order bruschetta. For my entree, most of the time I order the same thing...manhattan new york filet rok entree. I've tried chicken breast fondue entree and it was A-MAZ-ING! The chicken was so juicy and tender! The difference sauces that come with it are one of my favorite parts of the meal. I love their moonshine drinks. I've tried a moonshine mimosa, margarita, mule...I've tried them all. My favorite flavor is black cherry. I've also had a lavender drink that was so good, but I can never remember the name of it. Needless to say, this may be the first place I will go after everything goes back to normal.

Eldine M.

My husband and I had a really fun experience during a date night here. I'm not a fan of fondue for an entree, so we both that the Rok options. We got the sirloin and the shrimp/scallops. I was a little concerned at first, but it was surprisingly a lot of food and was quite full. For dessert we picked the fondue and it was so yummy. The pear flower martini I got was very different and very yummy.

Dana Swift - Hernandez

The food was great but this was our 2nd time there and both times we were upstairs and it us so unbelievably hot up there everyone was sweating, not just our table. It made it hard to enjoy so we rushed through my daughter's birthday dinner just to get out of the heat, it was miserable honestly.

Ralph P.

First time in and I wasn't a fondue fan but the wife was. If we were scoring on waiters alone Seth ( I hope that's right) would have got 5 stars. He was very helpful, explained everything so I could understand, (even with several shots of moonshine) and checked on us frequently. By the way the moonshine was the highlight of the night. Drinks were good food was good. Wish I had a little more of the cheese fondue to match the items provided. I can't remember what I had for dinner but it was basically the sampler platter. This brings me to the only fault I had with the place. "Shrimp 2 minutes". Did I remember my watch? Moonshine! "Steak 2 minutes. ". How many Moonshines did I have? "Chicken just over 2 minutes. ". These things are warm and smooth! "And the pork....blah, blah, blah. ". With the wine, now I can't remember what the hell to do. Did I over cook? Under cook? What am I even eating again? What sauce goes on what again? Yes, I might have sampled too many of the Moonshines but my wife didn't. And she was just as confused. So I hope the next time we remember pen and paper. Overall, 4+

Ralph Pietropaula

Neat little place. Highly recommend the moonshine shots

Jasmin T.

Back to being a great bar and hang out. Happy Hour is good and bartenders are way better.

Kathy M.

Nice place to celebrate special occasions staff is very friendly Matt & Cameron were our just and server both are amazing

Ezekiel M.

By far the worst attitudes from bartender and hostesses not willing to be helping guests coming in. Definitely the worst experience especially as I was raving about the food experience to my friend, just to experience the disappointment in customer service. Never coming back

Alison Ashford

Food, glorious food. delicious and fun!

Rae V.

We came here for the first time tonight after wanting to for years. MEH! Is all I have to say. First, the place is so hot you can hardly breathe or see anything with all the smoke. There is no way breathing the air in there is healthy, they really need some vents or fans sucking the bad air out. It was awful, we shouldve walked right now it was that bad. After finally getting acclimated to the inside smoke show, we ordered the rok cheddar fondue, another meh, there is more flavor with velveeta cheese I think! Then Rok entrees, be ready to sweat again...I got the shrimp/scallops and my husband got the ahi. It was absolutely miserable. Smoke in our eyes and having to scrape off pieces of the $30 scallops and shrimp the entire time was definitely not entertaining at all. Wish I had something positive to say about any of the meal and I really don't. We couldn't wait to get out of there so we had to skip on dessert.

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