Rok N Fondue

25 E State St, Redlands
(909) 793-1919

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delaney rood

This is my new favorite restaurant! I went with my sister for my birthday and it was such a fun and delicious experience! I went back with my boyfriend a couple weeks later. We made a reservation but we ended up having to wait 20-30 minutes for our table when we arrived. It honestly wasn't that big of a deal because I knew it was so worth it, but we were really hungry and very ready to sit down. The manager took such good care of us! We really appreciated the above and beyond service we got and we will be back many more times in the future.

michael Dimmitt

Nice dinner spot, loved the outside seating which is available Thursday - Sunday.

Jennifer H.

Melting Pot is one of my fave restaurants, but sadly there are none in Riverside. When I came across this restaurant on Yelp, I was super excited since it seemed exactly like Melting Pot! We came here to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday, and I was happy they were open for outdoor dining amidst the Covid pandemic. We made a reservation for 6:30 pm on a Saturday night and were seated within 5-10 minutes. When I had called to make a reservation, it was a little frustrating since I had to call 5 times before reaching someone to make the reservation. It would be nice if there were a way to make a reservation online. For the appetizers, we ordered the rok-n-cheddar fondue and the clam chowder. Clam chowder was solid, but would have liked more clam pieces in the soup. The cheese fondue was yummy and came with veggies, apple slices, bread, and chips. However, since the fondue was outdoors, there was no stove to keep the fondue hot. The cheese quickly cooled down and wasn't as enjoyable as a hot cheese fondue. Also, our fondue holder fell inside the water, so when we tried to scrape the cheese, some water entered into the bowl. Good thing we finished most of the cheese before this happened. I also thought the amount of cheese for the dipping items was a little small since we had left over veggies, bread, and apples. Next was our entree. My boyfriend ordered the lamb, and I got the duck breast. This part was unique since you cook the meat on this super hot slab of stone. There was also a variety of sauces to dip the meat into so that was fun. The duck breast was quite enjoyable. I was surprised that it tasted just like steak. The entrees also come with two sides. The sides were surprisingly not hot, so we had to cook the sides on the stone slab (maybe this is how you're supposed to do it??). Lastly, even though we were stuffed, we could not say no to the chocolate fondue! The dipping items were strawberries, bananas, apples, marshmallows, pound cake, rice crispies, and pretzels. Chocolate fondues are always a treat, so we enjoyed this dessert. The chocolate didn't taste like the highest quality chocolate, but chocolate is chocolate so I still enjoyed it. Again, since it was outdoors and there was no stove, the chocolate was luke warm most of the time. For this fondue, the amount of chocolate was just right for the items on the plate. We only had left over pretzels.Service was a little slow (our dinner lasted 2.5 hours). Normally wouldn't mind the long dinner, but it was chilly outside! Our waitress was friendly and explained how everything work, so definitely appreciated that. Overall rating is 4/5 across the board for most of the dishes. I would have enjoyed the meal better if the fondue remained hot for longer, and if the sides were hot. The fondue experience is always fun, and the Rok experience was super unique. Even though the fondues and the side dishes were not very hot, we still enjoyed the food and the experience.

gabriella gray

the bill was reasonable. atmosphere is similar to a place in columbus i loved.

Jennifer B.

This review is strictly based on the head chefs response to a question about an allergy. Our waiter Jacob was fantastic and the food was decent, portions for the lamb chops were underwhelming but overall left full. My fiancé and I asked our waiter to check whether their 6 sauces had any walnuts and or sesame because of an allergy. He came back and told us the head chef is stingy with his recipes and wouldn't tell him. So the line cook told our waiter to just stick with the non oil based sauces. This is ridiculous. The head chef is that much of an asshole and couldn't confirm or deny for a costumer asking about an allergy. Absolutely lame. It's unfortunate to have such a jerk as a chef . So if you have allergies...beware.

Amy R.

Our party of four was served dinner last night by Jeanette. She greeted us with a warm smile and answered all of our questions about the menu. We started with the bacon cheese fondue and decided on the Rok Shrimp , Caesar salad, wedge salad and the Rok Filet Mignon for dinner. All the food was excellent and the service superb! We will definitely be back. Rok n Fondue is a must for dinner if you are visiting historic downtown Redlands.

Lydia M. Salinas

fun and very friendly staff

Chelsea Hughes

Very unique experience. The fondue is excellent. Highly recommend getting a Rok plate. It is a cool yourself meal for the main course so be prepared to slice and cook your food. They provide plenty of sauces for and will happily explain each one and what it pairs best with. They also have an extensive drink menu and salads and vegetarian options for any people with dietary restrictions. Just be sure to be extra careful around the Rok plate. It is a volcanic stone heated to 900° degrees.

Becki D.

Management needs to review their outdoor service strategy. Cold cheese fondue appetizer. Cold fries. Meat was already very cooked on the stone upon arrival to table causing it to stick. Hostesses we're just chatting - get them to work and start shuttling the food. Service was not efficient. Drinks were very small. Our servers goal was to get them in, get them fed, get them out. Even after explaining this was our first time in and asking for menu clarification, our server did not have the time/desire to explain, whereas an adjacent table had an excellent server who explained every piece of the meal - making this an experience more appropriate for the high prices. Absolutely loved the outdoor setting.

Tessa R.

First timer!! Although the food was very delicious, I had to knock off a star for the cheese fondue. Without the constant heat that they provide at their indoor tables, the cheese lost its gooey-ness pretty quickly, making it harder to dip the food in. Since they're only doing outdoor seating they're not able to provide the heating element at the tables. Other than that, the ambience of a live jazz band at the restaurant next door was delightful. MUST make a reservation. Despite hours listed online, the earliest i could make a reservation for on a Friday was 6:30pm (sunset). We enjoyed the bruschetta with balsamic glaze added as an app, the rok n cheddar cheese fondue, and the cookies & cream chocolate fondue for dessert (DELICIOUS). We were so surprised by the chocolate fondue because apparently they light it on fire right in front of you! Our waiter didn't mention this so we were initially confused but then delighted by the outcome. Will definitely go back to try one of the rok entrees!

Ayden Buck

do not leave if it's busy, it is worth it. prices that are reasonable. this place has great reviews for a reason.

Damaris Koi Nicole M.

Ahh not the best service. Their cheese fondue was out and their chocolate was subpar.

The Results Group 909-345-0909

I’ve visited here a couple times before with my husband and have really enjoyed the times that the two of us had. We really liked how unique the experience was and thought it was cool how they let you cook the food yourself, so you can have it exactly as you like it (and it’s delicious). It’s great if you’re looking for something different. The service is always excellent and everyone who works there is immensely helpful; if you ever have any questions, they are more than willing to assist. I would certainly recommend anyone in the area try this place out and give it a shot!

Amanda Dandy

I absolutely love this place! They can do no wrong to me. I patiently wait to go anytime they are open especially considering whats going on in the world its always good to have some amazing food whenever possible! I love coming here! Outside dinning is still great in the evening.

Ana P.

I very recommend coming here we had the BEST food and service ever thank you so much Bailey you made me feel very comfortable and helped us a lot if you guys want a amazing steak I very suggest you to come here and don't waist your time this place has to be the best place I've ever been too in my life thank you thank you! If you haven't been here yet your missing out!

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