Rok N Fondue

25 E State St, Redlands
(909) 793-1919

Recent Reviews

Kojo Mccallum

Awesome place. Awesome experience. Rave to Ethan and Jen

Kandi Dixon

Just drive here all the way from San Diego to go to lunch. I?m sitting in the parking lot right now fuming. They are supposed to be open at 12:00 on Fridays. I double checked the website last night to make sure they were open for lunch. We get here at 12:30 to find a sign on the door stating they are closed due to a meeting. I?m beyond upset.

Michael Callahan

The portions are large. The staff is knowledgeable and the atmosphere is wonderful

Destiny Duffy

two thumbs up for this place. certainly worth a return visit. prices are decent for the quality.

Jeff Dale

Had a great time! Brought my parents for their first trip and they loved it.

Jim C.

My wife and I have been here twice now -- the first time was a couple of years ago when we sat at a booth downstairs, while the most recent visit was this past Saturday and we sat at the bar. Although we arrived at around 12:20 p.m. (they open at noon) on our last visit, the front door was locked. After checking and double-checking the time, I was able to get the attention of a waiter who was setting things up inside, who let us in. Several people who arrived after us faced the same problem. It wasn't until the waiter told the bartendress about the problem that it was fixed. For drinks, I ordered an IPA off of their smallish-but-decent craft beer menu, while the wife had a couple of different glasses of wine. For food, we opted for the mushroom bacon swiss fondue and added the sausage and pickles for $4.95 extra. The fondue was good, but not quite as rich as I would have expected. Also, although we ordered the double portion, we ran out of cheese well before we ran out of food to dunk in the cheese -- and I wasn't even dunking most of the veggies, like the apples or carrots. When the fondue was first delivered, we had to ask the bartendress to heat it up some more, because it wasn't very hot at all. All told, this is a decent place to come for a meal, and the hot rock idea is kind of fun. In the future, if someone I was with wanted to stop in here, I wouldn't object.

Tanya Fry

We were gripping over the hour and forty five minutes it took us to get there but honestly we really enjoyed ourselves it was totally worth going. I definitely recommend

Zaid M.

I was dieting for a bodybuilding show but i still went out with friends. I told that to my waiter. Later he comes with some food and said, "i felt bad" but then i repeated what i had said earlier about dieting and he said "i thought you said something else" Knowing the prices of this place, i knew he thought i couldn't afford anything. He misunderstood me but it still doesn't mean you assume those things let alone bring me a plate of food for free. That's disrespectful. Even if you misunderstood me. Ask me if I'd like to have it because it had bacon on it. I don't eat bacon. I immediately asked for a menu, ordered 3 times and tipped well. Kill them with kindness. Yes, i ruined my regiment to make a statement. A bit petty but not going to let someone disrespect me in front of my friends. Could've been the way i was dressed or, could've been because of the following... I waited 1 hour to be seated while others were getting seated left and right. I thought maybe they made reservations until a couple of color were yelling about not being seated. Literally yelling. At that point i knew what was going on. Never coming back :)

Robert C.

I love this place and will be back for any and all special occasions. My wife and i celebrated our 10 year anniversary here and it was perfect. We had a party of 5 and it was our first time trying this style of restaurant. The food was all amazing but the only issue we had were that there was some delay in between ordering and receiving anything. From ordering the drinks to actually getting them and then the wait between apps and entree and entree to dessert was a pretty long wait but that is my only issue with the place. IT IS WELL WORTH THE WAIT! I strongly recommend the popper fondu and the cookies and cream dessert. Both are so so good.

Daniel R.

Incredible service, Ethan did an incredible job! His cheese fondue mix was incredible, great suggestions for food and also wine! If you visit make sure to sit with Ethan.

Rose L.

Gave this another chance. The food quality is top notch. The prices are worth it. Started with spinach artichoke cheese was a good starter. Main course was the ahi tuna while my husband had the scallops w/ shrimp. Both delicious. His only complaint was the serving size. Finished our meal with milk chocolate fondue. We couldn't stuff our face fast enough.

Rylee L

I surprised my boyfriend by taking him here tonight- it?s a fun date neither of us had tried before, but we both absolutely loved it. The food was delicious and the service was great. I definitely recommend the bananas foster dessert! Definitely will come back

Diann Kisselburg

Fun way to eat a meal. My filet cooked on a Rok was delicious and the service was great. They make yummy cocktails and have a good wine selection.

Jorge R.

Hands down best fondue I've ever had! Best way to spend our 6 year anniversary. Huge shout out to our server Ms. Beth, she was amazing! Explained the menu and options to us as this was my first time here definitely Went above and beyond to make sure our anniversary dinner was special.

Leonardo G.

LOCATION IS CLOSED! They do not bother updating their voicemail, website, Yelp, google, store hours, etc.

Chelsea D.

This place is always amazing. Good company, snacks, food and drinks. The real MVP that makes the place special is Claire. Shes amazing, awesome with customer service. Always makes you feel welcome. Would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good time.

James Harris

This was a unique and lovely date night experience. Goes a little faster than typical dinner date since you cook it yourself on a hot rock or in a bowl of broth. This isn't like work, it's fun and makes for a fun date. My wife considers herself clumsy and she didn't burn herself. Dinner for two, no drinks was about $75 tip and tax included. There's a free parking garage a short block south on Citrus at 5th St. Easy 5 min stroll from there to the restaurant.

Michael L.

Service: 5 star. And I don 't give that out without true merit. Our server was Bailey, a charming, polite professional. Food: Stunning, absolutely no flaws. Served efficiently and with Manhattan NYC professionalism. Shocking for our area, the Northern IE. No mediocrity here. I noted that Swiss chef Peter is here! We can taste his decades of Euro-professionalism in the food!!! And I have eaten on 3 continents. I get it. We appreciate this depth of quality and experience. The most under-rated chef in So CA. Value: High. Pricey, but worth every penny! Non-pareil. There were absolutely no flaws in the presentation, ingredients, flavor. Ambiance: nice subtle lighting. Would be nice to see "warm" colorful theme art on the walls to match the food and experience. Needs more warm visual embellishment in this charming historical building. Restroom air dryer is inefficient (low air cfm). Clean though! Clean restaurant. Btw, art on the walls would reduce the echo noise. Noisy game watchers drinking beer made it hard to carry on a conversation. I recommend you sit upstairs, away from the bar that plays sports. Parking: good. You can peruse historic downtown Redlands. Summary: this is the first restaurant I've seen in many months where you can see that having "older", more experienced team leaders super using and training the younger Millenials. ALL great restaurants I've experienced have classy senior experienced management in charge. Poor service and food is practically a given when young, nonchalant servers and bartenders are put in charge prematurely. I feel like the msnagement here has a caring, fair, instructive insistence on detail from employees and is training them in the arts of excellence in client service. And I can taste the difference in the cuisine since Peter has returned. Wine: I had the Napa Provenance merlot, 2015? Wow, an intense, black fruit n clove perfectly integrated balanced wine. 92+ points. Awesome. The red glasses are a little thick n heavy to handle in order to examine the wine and appreciate it. I'd prefer a thinner, longer stem Bordeaux glass... Perhaps they have these on request. I get it. This is still the northern IE. People probably wouldn't appreciate it. Comment: I hope the management keeps up the diligence and does not lose touch, because in the past service has been a little hard on the edges with some lesser sophisticated yokel servers. Keep hiring servers like Bailey. She was not in your face nor arrogant, nor unattentive, just professional and helpful. Thumbs up. Summary: 5 star. No questions. Finally, a great overall experience at a professionally run establishment.

Justine B.

This review is about two months late, as we had our wedding in August. We had made reservations at Caprice across the street for our after wedding lunch, a party of 25. When we showed up at our reservation time, they said they misplaced our reservation for the following week. We went across the street to Rok n Fondue, and we are so thankful that we did. They took our walk-in party in the middle of the day and they truly turned our whole day around. The chef was so thoughtful and came out to help us pick a menu for our private party. The food was absolutely delicious, and we enjoyed every minute of our time. The service was impeccable, even though they were understaffed since they had just opened for the day. They even gave us a complimentary champagne toast. Kudos to the manager, chef and team members!

Mike S.

My uncle and I where looking for something new fun and delicious so we came here. And Wow what a Treasure no really Treasure was awesome and Matt as well the wait was brief we were seated and Tyler was awesome this being our first time we really weren't sure how this would turn out. Hmmmm very well I must say I had the Duck very delicious and yes the peach habanero duck vodka I was one duck away from a goose. Anyways haha the atmosphere the service the food everything was great I will be returning and I recommend this place to anyone looking to have good food, fun and enjoyable service as well as ambiance come here.

Audrey Biles

I love the Rok entrees so much. The service from Bailey was amazing. Sheâ??s pleasant and inviting and very good at her job overall. It made the experience memorable and the food was incredible as always. The merlot butter needs to be for sale by weight, itâ??s SO good. Thank you Rok â??n Fondue for the experience!

Yvonne Jarrett

Truly a great hidden spot in old Redlands, there is however a bit of a wait depending on the time of arrival and size of your party. I will say the drinks were absolutely amazing after trying a few off their specialty drink menu. We ordered the Rok w/ Seasoned Duck & a Fondue pot with a Tuna appetizer to start.... Was very pleased with the flavor combinations & some of the best hostesses I've experienced while dining out!! They made our time there truly feel like we were the only diners in the restaurant despite being in the middle of the dinner rush & packed. We look forward to our next visit.

Jim Glick

Such a fun and unusual place to eat. Cook your protein on a 900 degree lava rock or steep in tasty broth. An appetizer of cheese fondue is delicious.

Jen C.

I like the concept but the execution is lacking. The menu items are over priced considering the decor of the restaurant (fast food casual), the basic food you get, and the fact that you have to cook it yourself. The sauces are salty, the hot rocks burn the food (the smell/smoke was over powering from our table and other tables in the restaurant), especially when your server doesn't prepare you ahead of time, and your clothes will smell. I left still hungry.

James S.

Visited on a Sunday evening around 6:00. Surprised by no host and completely ignored for 5 min. only then bartender acknowledged us. Our server was very overwhelmed by to many tables. He did his best. Very sad because this business could be so much better. Obviously no manager on duty. Our server had to even go behind bar after noticing our drinks order wasn't even started after 20 min. Overall we had a good experience but could have been great. We discussed after leaving that we would be reluctant to return.

Todd J.

The best Steak in the inland Empire is the Rok Cap Sirloin!!! It's served with 6 dipping sauces. My wife and I use the Merlot Butter to cook the steak and cut off thin slivers. We sear the thin slivers quickly on both sides then take turns with all of the other 5 sauces. Green Goddess is my personal favorite. The best sides imo are loaded mashed potatoes and bacon green beans. Our favorite cheese fondue is bacon jalapeño popper. Delicious!!!!!!

Mike K.

My fiancé and I were excited to try this restaurant as we have never been to a fondue place. Given the ambience of the establishment we assumed highly attentive service and food quality. Boy were we wrong. Our waitress lacked the proper etiquette that goes along with a restaurant of such stature. Her initial interaction immediately skipped the "would you like anything to drink" dialogue and instead jumped to "are you ready to order". We had to stop her in order to request drinks. When we managed to order drinks I requested a rye whiskey, single ice cube just water, and was given something entirely different. I gave her 3 chances to see if she would get it right. But she did not. My drink was clearly infused with orange bitters. And was not to my request. As for the food, it was mediocre. Our broth was one onion and a sprinkle of gruyere away from qualifying as French onion soup. There was a $5 up charge to add wine into the broth (which we happily paid) but was clearly up charged to include their latest addition of midlife crisis boxed wine into our broth. As for meat quality, it was also mediocre. Rather than being able to enjoy our date night, we were forced to cook our food, time each meat to their recommended cooking time, then consume a Food-4-Less quality piece of chicken, steak and 2 sad pieces of shrimp. Lastly, upon checking in we were told we would receive a complementary champagne. When we brought it up to our waitress she mentioned it's not a bottle it's just 2 glasses. Nonetheless, neither was given to us. Which we did not care for, but why mention it, they set a standard than do not deliver. Conclusively, I would NOT recommend this place due to their lack of attentiveness, OVERPRICED menu items, and terrible, terrible customer service.

Mai Anh Lewis

We love Rok n Fondue. But our server today was horrible. She legitimately forgot about us. We were seated first in our section and we watched 3 other tables finish their dessert without seeing her for a good 30 minutes. We had to finally ask someone to get her for us and decided to skip dessert because she neglected us the entire night. Our entire experience was OVER 2.5 HOURS!!!! We've never left a 10% tip. She's lucky she got that.

frankie r.

Sadly wanted to try fondue. But couldn't, the bartender blatantly ignored us as many of us customers waited while she just stood there ignoring us. I know it's gets busy but ignoring customers is not a good business practice. Happy hour was ending as well so unfortunately we felt rushed and needless to say.... no fondue:( maybe next time we pass through town we may try again... it seems like a great concept perhaps they just need to train their employees that regardless of a shift change customers should not feel ignored. As for food, the one bartender is working her ass off but she was just coming on her shift... but the other lady could care less.

Holly M.

I will start with saying we made a reservation weeks ago. I called day of to see if we could push it an hour later and they said no problem at all. Upon arrival, we were seated in a table by the restroom and the kitchen. Terrible. I asked if we could move tables and the hostess said "well, you were the one who pushed your reservation back" basically blaming me for the poor table location. Okay? No. They were the ones who said it was okay to push. Slow service, good food. Just not worth the price and the not so nice employees who work there.

Chris Hart

This is a cool, unique place on State street amongst several great restaurants and bars in and around the area. Public parking is free - crowded on the nearby streets but plenty of it in the nearby garage on Citrus one street over. Downstairs is a lively bar with a few small tables tucked here and there, and upstairs is a bit quieter place with regular table seating. They even have a room overlooking the street - but - there was a large party in there when we went and the noise was insane! It also gets kind if smoky in that room when the rocks all come out - so eat in the open area. The food is really good - every sauce we tried was delicious, appetizers main course and dessert - all wonderful. You can't go wrong. I gave it a 4 because the prices are crazy high. We shared an appetizer, two main courses, and one dessert among 4 people and had 2 drinks each - it was $240. Yikes. Is it worth it? Mmm - not to me. I'd go here more often if I could get away for under $100 for 2 people. There is value in the experience - just not that much value. I like my money.

Teresa Dennis

It's fun to cook your own food on the lava rock or in the fondue pot! Lots of good vegetarian options. Amazingly delicious dipping sauces.

Adetra Jones

Great atmosphere, loved the good and the fondue dessert! The music was really great, R&B tunes.. nice!

Stephanie Elmes

So my boyfriend and I were wanting to go on a date night in Redlands and stumbled across this place. We LOVE fondue, specifically from a restaurant called Shugrue?s in Lake Havasu, AZ and wanted to see how this place compared. 5/5 stars on ambience and decor and overall feel of restaurant. 5/5 on customer service. However, I was left with more to be desired with the fondue. It wasn?t bad at all but it didn?t compare to what we were used to. We got the double portion of the rok n cheddar fondue and it was not enough for two people. The bruschetta as an appetizer was amazing. I had a strawberry moonshine mai tai to drink and it was delicious!

Teresa D.

Kelsey is a great server! Cooking on the lava rock was a new experience - one I hope soon to repeat. The merlot infused whipped butter is worth every calorie!

Alison T.

This place exceeded my expectations! It was better than what I had pictured in my head. You can choose to have items prepared in the kitchen, fondue items, OR a "rok" item which is cooking it on a piece of stone essentially. We got a cheese fondue appetizer and got the double portion as there were 4 of us. We all got rok items for dinner including lamb, steak, and fish - they have a variety of dipping sauces on the side as well. Lastly, for dessert we got the bananas foster fondue which was the cherry on top, plus amazing dippers for dessert to dip into the fondue. What made the experience even better was our waiter (I believe his name was Matt!) he was so patient with our group, was friendly and very helpful in guiding us through the menu and our dinner choices. I loved the variety and options on the menu and would definitely come back, it's a fun dining experience!

Devon W.

Portion is just right!! Shrimp cocktail is very yummy. I ordered cheese Fondue (double portion), definitely not enough for 4 people. Surf n turf was great! I was expecting somewhat little amount of food but it was plenty! Atmosphere is rustic and cozy with live music. Cool place for a date.

Earl T.

Needless to say, my girlfriend and I had high expectations for the place and they were only partially met. The ambiance of the place was great, super professional definitely clean. The service was outstanding, the host seated us ahead of our reservation time with no problem, and the server was definitely accommodating. They do a very sweet introduction asking if we were celebrating something, which we weren't: we were just very much interested in the quality of the fondue. Wherein lies the conflict, the cheese fondue was fairly disappointing. Our server was kind enough to let us know the popular flavors to try: the main one with Cheddar and the Spinach Artichoke. We ended up going with the sun-dried tomato, and the Spinach Artichoke. We were underwhelmed by the pieces of food we got to dip into the cheese: the bread pieces were hard to chew (even when dipped) and the nacho chips were even a little stale. Spinach Artichoke is no different than a normal dip you can buy at the grocery store. I think our expectations were too high on this. On a more positive note, how the cheese is prepared in front of you is a fun show - again our server was great. The Moonshine choices they gave you were great as well, tasted sweet and stronger than I anticipated. I probably won't visit this place again, but if you want to impress a date that is more classy bring them here - just don't expect the food to wonder your taste buds.

Tina Henderson

Absolutely wonderful! Food was great. Good vibe. Our server â??Dâ? was the best!!

Michael Purpura

I went here on a date with my girlfriend. We had a great experience and our server was very patient while explaining all of the options. We found that 1 fondue starter, and 1 main course was sufficient for the two of us to share.