Royal Falconer British Pub

106 Orange St, Redlands
(909) 894-3200

Recent Reviews

Bryan Vergne

Loved the atmosphere, service was great. British style pub with good food.


EXCELLENT Fish & Chips!!!! Yummy crispy batter & moist flaky fish!!! Steak fries are fresh & delish!!!! Our server was attentive & cheerfully accommodating!!!! Also luv the "old world" charm of the decor. Reminded me of Chicago. We'll definitely be back!!!

Mark Ortega

Originally went to The Royal Falconer when they had their past owners. Had a better time then, New owners seem to be focused solely on making the place a sports bar, This place was originally great for conversation, drinks, and brooding. Now, it's suffering from gentrification, open atmospheres, and quiet bartenders.

Sarah W.

Wonderful service and a great menu! Came here with a group of 20+ people, including kids. You can reserve the upstairs room which is great for a large gathering! Our waitress was on point and got orders in right away, and was constantly checking on the drinks. Super friendly service all around. Had the steak salad which was tasty, though next time I think I will try the Guinness tacos: those looked amazing!!! Everyone was very happy with their food and drinks, and the kids all had a great time. Very good draft beer selection!

sadie nichols

Mike landers is playing good music on Tuesday nights. He has a rough and delightful voice. Oh and the bar has a nice selection of gen. There's like six choices? Mmmm. I have not tried the food.

Analise M.

I loved the old style and charm this place had. They recently remodeled it and it's not the same. I still go here occasionally cuz beer will still get you drunk regardless of decor.

Jennifer Z.

I have been coming here since the 90s. I have since moved to Hollywood and only get out here twice a year or so. I look forward to it every time. My visit last week was extremely disappointing. They have gotten rid of the curry fries and the shepherd's pie. what English pub doesn't have shepherd's pie? I ordered the Guinness pot pie. It literally was 4 and 1/2 in in diameter, a paper thin wafer pastry across the top, mashed potatoes on the side, carrots on the side, gravy on the side. The meat inside the pie was dry and tasteless. Literally the worst pot pie I've ever had in my life. That's if you can call it a pot pie. The waitress came by in the beginning and that was pretty much it. We finished eating and had dirty plates sitting at our table for at least a half an hour while we conversed, she never did pick them up.when I got a refill of my iced tea she poured more tea in my glass and never refilled the ice. I had a lukewarm cup of tea for my meal. I'm really hoping the new management pulls it together because I really miss the old Falconer service and it's food.

Constance Mensen

Really good food, had the fish tacos with elote' so much I couldn't finish. Got me some for tomorrow, yum. It was a pleasant surprise for lunch.

Bee M.

Samantha, the manager and bartender for my birthday party was super Awesome! She helped me book and plan dates for my party and helped with everything I needed. Very punctual and kind throughout the entire process in planning my event. The staff are all so kind and helpful. I appreciate you guys! High five!!!! Will definitely be back for future events.

R. Contreras , MA

The fried cod was moist with light, crispy batter but chips seemed soggy and old; I had to order fresh. The tartar sauce was superb.

Kailey Garcia

Love the new renovation. Much more room. Always have a good time here

Lynne H.

Thought we would try out the newly remodeled Falconer pub on market night. Happy to say that we weren't disappointed. As a Brit and frequenter of the old Falconer I was interested to see the changes that had been made. Pub is much more open, streamlined and elegant now. Has lost a bit of its olde English charm, but the new decorative touches give it a more modern feel. They still have the soccer scarves on the beams & I enjoyed seeing my fav Man UTD team up there Loved the new hanging beer list on the wall.-bright and easy to read. They still have Harp lager on tap so that's a definite bonus. We had a pint of Harp (then tap ran out ), pint of Smithwicks, Mango cart, red ale and then a delicious nitro blonde. The bartender Sam gave us several samplers drinks to make sure we found one we really liked! She was very friendly, personable & made us feel very welcome. We had the corn beef egg rolls which were delicious. The Falcon talon chicken strips which were very tender and really tasty. We also had the tacos which were full of flavor and very filling! We loved the old Falconer and it was our "local" pub, but change can be a good thing and we look forward to making this modern Falconer our new "local"!

Chloe S.

The bouncer Doug is so sweet & super cool. Bartenders are a ton of fun and I come to the falconer just to see them. Keep the fun vibes

Maggie Macro

It has been refurbished and lost any pub atmosphere it ever had. And that was not much. *I am a Brit)

Benjo mujanovic

I was a regular at Falconer for 7 years, three times a week until the bartender Kelly charged me an extra beer that I didn't drink. After that I deiced not to go there for 3 years. Tonight 10/28/19 I tried to give another chance to falconer . I came there with my wife, very nice karaoke night and what happened, they changed me again an extra drink. This is the last time I put my foot in that place for the rest of my life. If you drink more than one round, keep a track of what you are drinking.

Robb Glietz

Got there Saturday morning at 11:30 they open at 11:00,bartender was still counting drawer and didn't say anything when I walked in. Several minutes later said hi. When I was done I had to get his attention after about 5 mins of waiting for him to come over. He was busy putting up Halloween decorations. Sadly I was the only customer in the place.

Ben s.

I was a regular visitor at Falconer for many years. in last 15 years I've visited many bars and I was never, ever charged and extra drink except at a Royal falconer (three times). I stopped going there some three years ago'. Tonight 10/28/19 I tried to give another chance to Falconer . I came there with my wife. Very nice karaoke night, and what happened, they charged us again an extra drink. If you drink more than one round, keep a track of what you drink.

Sam K.

Under new management and still rocking Redlands, CA. They updated and cleaned up the place. Check it out if you are near downtown Redlands! Sean & Sean (Salt and Pepper) the Bartenders are great and strong pours.


I loved the old British pub decor and old-world style. I just don't get the logic in tearing it all out and going all modernism. It was historic and famous. You play on your assets, not the competition or cater to youth. The name is a British pub! Patrons who loved the Old World identity are so disappointed. Place has lost its identity and any reason for returning. It was a relaxing, dark, cool, Euro-style place before to hang out for normal folks or discuss business. I noted it is going ghetto with hip hop and stuff blaring on the juke. Maybe I hit a bad day. Food was always great. We're now going to Rok n Fondue, Romanos. We need a real lounge British or Irish pub for the professionals over 35.

Jason Hine

Fish and chips as good as I remember from years ago when I lived in Redlands. Staff super attentive; food took a while to come out, but we were kept appraised and supplied with tasty beverages. One of my faves in Redlands!

Jacky I.

Just went here for the first time and it was awesome! Such a great vibe, awesome decor, good lighting (great for pictures), and delicious food! The chicken strips were super tasty and the servers were hustling and super friendly even though it was packed. I will definitely go back again soon. Heard it's under new management and that they've put a lot of time and money into making it amazing and it shows.

Gale O

Great food, plenty of room to have friends join you for live entertainment or sports screen. Right in the downtown city of Redlands,plenty to do if you wish to go shopping after your meal.


I loved the old British pub decor and old-world style. I just don't get the logic in tearing it all out and going all modernism. It was historic and famous. You play on your assets, not the competition or cater to youth. The name is a British pub! Patrons who loved the Old World identity are so disappointed. Place has lost its identity and any reason for returning. It was a relaxing, dark, cool, Euro-style place before to hang out for normal folks or discuss business. I noted it is going ghetto with hip hop and stuff blaring on the juke. Maybe I hit a bad day. Food was always great. We're now going to Rok n Fondue, Romanos. We need a real lounge British or Irish pub for the professionals over 35.

kate s

This place has tons of long time regulars. Really good bar food and a good beer selection. Fun neighborhood.

Susan R.

So sad with the new look !!! Completely took away from the old Irish pub everybody loved . Even changed out the actual bar top :( . No juke box , no pictures , removed the old fridge that held all the cold glasses and replaced it with a ugly low slide fridge. The vibe there is just not the same! It's now bright and open , time to find a new spot ! Very disappointed

Andy Wiesmann

Awesome wait staff with a great low key atmosphere. Had the Fish&Chips, and it was perfect!

Holly Newton Blackey

Great cocktails. Excellent food. Fun atmosphere.

John N Dawnyelle D.

The Royal Falconer in Redlands is one of a kind! If you live in the area or are just visiting, you can't pass up seeing the longest bar top around! When you walk in this swanky hip pub, the lively atmosphere and awesome people are consistently welcoming and friendly! The Falconer has a great tap beer selection, killer mixologists, plus tasty and unique foods! Don't forget to say Hi to our favorite server, SaVanna! She will take care of you with her fun personality and infectious smile! Great place to catch the game or meet up with friends! Don't miss it!

Fantastic F.

Loved this place forever. New ownership .. no more DJ FRIDAY NIGHTS! new bartenders OK. ones that have been there for a while - I go there because of them. I hope there will be some great changes to this place. - especially for football season. Fyi - food is great with chef that has been there for a while. New chef. Not so much. They changed the size of the steak sandwich ( smaller) was the only reason one of my friends ever went to eat there with me lol. Food has always been good there though. Hope that doesn't change. The 4 stars is not because of service or food but only because the DJ is gone :(

Cynthia Daniel

I understand now they have new owners but we were disappointed because there menu was limited, they didn't have drink menus, it was over priced and the ambience just wasn't there. After we ordered our drinks it took like 15 minutes before we got them we decided not to eat there and asked for the bill it too literally forever and they never came back to pick the check up we had to take it to them. Not going back!!!

Orjeana Ruybal

Good food and drinks! The bar is transitioning with new owners. Excited to see where this goes.

Celeste Dunlap

Our waitress was super sweet and very helpful. It was a charming atmosphere. Food was great.

Gavin P.

I'm still hopeful, as a Brit in Redlands, that The Royal Falconer will become the British pub as advertised. I gave it two stars instead on one because of the service behind the bar. A very friendly lady that was eager to please. The food, and menu, has left me disappointed again. I ordered the sausage roll appetizer, basket of fries with a side of curry sauce. The sausage roll basically has no taste. The meat is dense and just tastes like cooked meat, and the pastry is blah... it was served with a side of what I was told is supposed to be gravy! It was more like brown gelatin with no taste. Just an FYI, no one serves sausage roll with brown gravy in Britain (as far as I'm aware). Serve it with HP sauce or ketchup. The fries were over cooked and had some kind of seasoning on them. The curry sauce was like a Thai red curry, decent taste, but probably too spicy. Items missing on the menu, Sheppard's pie, a good chicken curry etc etc.. I'm still hopeful that someone will take over the kitchen that has actually eaten in a British pub and understands what the menu and taste should be.

Bj F.

Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to one of the new bartenders, Jenn. She is so great. Always a positive attitude and attentive even when it's busy. I will also say that all the new bartenders are fantastic! Sam, the new GM, knows what she is doing! Changes are good. The place is looking awesome with all the upgrades. And still keeping the old pub vibe.

Michael L.

They sold all of the original wall paintings and prints that were the hallmark of the Royal Falconer that Gabby designed and Richard (deceased) created. Just my opinion, but the place has had a following of old timers that loved this pub and it was our mainstay. I hope it keeps its identity and doesn't go the ghetto or hip hop route that most local places are going now. All of the old bartenders like Gabe are gone and the place doesn't have the cozy, Brit,low-light, relaxing feel and identity that it used to have (in my opinion). The food has always been great at this establishment! On my recent visit, the bartender was great, but I simply am tired of the hip hop, rap, and Mexican music---even though I am Hispanic. Oh well. All things evolve. We started going to the Tartan.

Samuel Daughtry

Utterly dreadful now! The owners should be embarrassed to call this their own.

Casandra R.

First off....the bartender Eric was very very attentive....his house-made michelada mix is life!!!! Having a house-made mix really stands out to me!!!!! It was fresh tasting and not over seasoned!!!! Me & my husband ordered the scotched eggss (so yummy!) The deli mustard was great! We also ordered zucchini fries....perfectly crispy on the outside....perfectly tender but not overly tender on the inside! They had tacos today only...not sure if it was a Wednesday husband said they were crazy good!!! I will be back again & again if the food and service remain the same! The waitress was sweet & very nice to our service dog....her personality was so lovely and authentic! Thank you Royal Falconer!!!!!!

Kim B.

This was one of our favorite spots before new owners took over. Tried it last night....service was awful and unfriendly. We ordered drinks at the bar a beer, cucumber mojito and the featured drink they were offering (Red Bull and rum). Beer was delivered .... I asked about the mojito and was told they were cutting cucumbers for it. The other drink was being made as well. The mojito finally arrives, bill is delivered but still no third drink.... we ask again and she said yes we are making it. Finally 20 minutes after ordering we get the third drink apologies or anything. We then proceeded to pay which took another 10 minutes. They were not short staffed if anything maybe over staffed!

Richard Aguilera

Very cool bar! Great beer selection. I didnt get any food but it looked like a good bar menu. There was live music and the bartenders were really friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for a place to hang out, grab a couple drinks and be able to talk to and hear each other

Daniel Davis

Your classic watering holeð??? this bar is a great place to relax and chill if you're not into the big "club crowds" While it fills up here too the crowd is so mellow and the bartenders make great drinks, they'll make whatever drink you want if they have the ingredients and you show them the recipe. Love the games and music they play. Great place to grab a drink.