Royal Falconer British Pub

106 Orange St, Redlands
(909) 894-3200

Recent Reviews

Thomas Christiansen

Fantastic burger, very friendly staff.

Carri A.

Love this place! Great food and the bartender Alizar is the best! Great food! Great service!

Edward Cowell

The drinks arenstrong and the food is amazing, cant ask for more with a pub! ^_^

Jana Nelson

Great food and the server Manny was so great, so polite. Would give 5 stars just for the server.

Jana S.

First visit since lock down, the food was yummy and the server Manny is excellent. Would totally recommend it just for the service but can say the food was fabulous. New owners, Fish and Chips with peas!!! Excellent food, warm welcoming staff, Chris and Sam, felt like having dinner with family you like. Will for sure be goin

Debbie Bramucci

Great food, drinks, service and atmosphere! We loved the Shepherd's Pie, salad and Falconer style burger! I feel comfortable hanging out with friends or bringing my kids (including a 2 year old).

Brittany Lamb

I'm a bartender here. I pay a great attention to detail. We have excellent signature drinks that have a nod to the downtown Redlands heritage. The food is amazing and handcrafted, the beer is cold. Perfect forblunch, dinner and drink or a late night hang with friends!! Drinks are amazing, bartenders are THE BEST in Downtown Redlands. Plus, we are open the lates!! You wont be dissapointed. Try our Pub Burger or Fish and chips and don't leave without trying a Mexican Candy shot!! Followed by a cold beer!! Support Local Always!

Kathy Hurst

Food was good but no social distancing.

Tara M. Strong

Absolutely great place, been coming here for years!! Celebrating my daughter's 21st birthday with friends! Great food, good drinks and awesome staff!!

Greg Johnson

it's a great place for excellent food and drinks. service is always great! Sean at the bar is the best

Bob Totzke

Very nice refresh of the place and good fish & chips.

Justin B.

I have lived in the Redlands area for the better part of the last 2 decades and the Royal Falconer was a must go to stop every night out in DT Redlands. Everyone I ever took there was always so impressed with the decor and authenticity of the place. Now it is just like every other watered down preppy place in Redlands; dull and unremarkable. TO put things in perspective, the upstairs used to be darts and a pool table, and now its a place to play beer pong, so that is the target audience they are apparently going for now. I don't know what possessed the new ownership to gut the place and turn it in to what it has become, but when they changed the decor, they removed it's soul.

Neil Herron

Great food. Good beer. And wonderful atmosphere and interior design

Judy Shields

Delicious food, excellent service and really great atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Ken M

A true authentic fish and chips place. This place is a modern well run eatery and offers a taste of Americam food.

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