Breaker's Cafe

270 Woodside Rd, Redwood City
(650) 369-9162

Recent Reviews

Denise P

Love Breaker's! Great meals for good prices. They serve only breakfast and lunch, but what a treat!

Simon Molloy

2 days in a row I've waited over half an hour for a basic omelet. The 2nd time I gave up and left to go hungry for the rest of the day. If you're a working guy, forget this place.

NL Gonzalez

Great food! staff is always friendly and attentive.

Vasudha Duggirala

Good food friendly staff, seating is a bit cramped and wait times can be long however. They don’t accept Apple Pay or Google Pay.Edit: It seems they do accept Apple Pay.

Curt K.

This is a well run family style old fashioned breakfast and lunch coffee shop that used to be a mainstay in this country. Now they are not so common, especially in the SF Bay Area. Breakers Cafe has excellent food and service. We love to have brunch there on the weekends and it is really great. The food is outstanding, as is the service. Prices are very reasonable. We love this place.

Vincent Chunka Villagomez

killer food and an even more killer host. Thanks alot

Mohammad ElDaouk

Friendly staff and delicious food. I ordered the special egg skillet which is a big portion

Justin Shaffer

Traveling from Texas to California to visit family and we always stop here. It's some of my favorite short order food of all time. Great breakfast! Looking forward to stopping when we come back in June. We've stopped at this café for decades and not one time have we had a bad experience.

Trielle R.

This place reminds me of an old breakfast joint that might need a few remodeling. But hey why fix if it isn't broken. The staff were all really nice. As we walked in, the gentleman informed us we can sit wherever we'd like. They offer outside and indoor seating; but the only outside seating that was left were directly in sunlight so we chose inside. The menu has your classic breakfast choices. I decided to go with the breakfast burrito( can't go wrong with a burrito, in my opinion) and I wanted to try their biscuits and gravy. My meal was awesome, no complaints. Food came out super quick and I love the fact that server automatically brought the condiments out with the food( hot sauce, ketchup) instead of us having to ask. Food was for a decent price as well. I really enjoyed myself and will try other stuff on the menu and possibly have more of the biscuits and gravy because it was fire.

Lamont J.

This place had a nice set up and great customer service all the way around but unfortunately I most likely won't be back. The food was just okay in my opinion. Nothing special about it at all. Needed more seasoning in my opinion. If I do go back maybe I'll try something else. However great customer service is why they still get four stars.

Eddie Dominguez

Great place for breakfast or lunch.

Antonio P.

Food is good, but prices were raised recently. Unreasonable price for two eggs, two pancakes and two pieces of bacon. No coffee no hash browns. $14.65. Previous week I paid $10.00. I'll go to Dennys instead.

Ronald Schloss

I go for breakfast. It's great..huge menu, good food, friendly people, and reasonably priced. I imagine it's equally good for lunch. ?

Cliff Keith - SF Bay Homes

Good food @ an affordable price.

Danny N.

My review is based on breakfast only. Been coming to Breakers in a regular basis. Before, and during Covid. The staff has done a great job especially during Covid. Food is great and so is the service.

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