Chuck's Donuts

801 Woodside Rd, Redwood City
(650) 368-0161

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Aparna V

Their specialty donuts are really good, but they could be a little more flavorful than sweet .. all donuts are sweet but if the flavor is more forward than the sugar then it will last until the last bite. Loved the ube donut!

Claudia Ramirez

The friendly family vibe, place is big with plenty of tables, compared to other donut shops, and the donuts are delicious!!!! Their jalapeño popper donut!!!!! Yummy!!!! This place was highly recommended, I see why!!!

George Holland

Chuck's on Woodside is hands down the best donut shop in Redwood City. Their donuts are superb, and you can taste the quality. They have vegan donuts too, and not just one or two, they have a whole row. The croissant breakfast sandwiches are to die for! So flakey, so buttery, so amazing.

Rob L.

Never coming back. I asked for a box. The woman went to ask the manager. While standing right in front of me, tells her to use a bag instead. She said bag? He said bag. I was literally like wtf . BTW the matcha donut sucked. Super artificial flavoring. Wouldn't expect anything less.

Karen S.

Solid. First visit, wow they have a huge selection. One might not think they can maintain freshness with so many choices, but the doughnuts are very fresh. And the doughnuts are of substantial size. Doughnut partners were happy with their choices as well, though on the sweet side, especially if you get the glazed. Tried a small variety including Ube, blueberry cake, plain cake with coffee cake crumbs and more. Parking lot was fine. Visited on an early afternoon. Cash only.

Adam Lasnik

Seriously some of the best donuts I've had in my life, and I've, er, eaten a lot of 'em.I tried several (!) today and was super-delighted by the flavor and texture. For instance, the chocolate donut was lightly crispy on the outside, incredibly moist on the inside. The bacon maple donut had the perfect ratio of baconness to maple. And so on.YUM!

Cayla K.

honestly, chucks is my favorite donut shop in the area. i often order them via uber eats to my office and everyone here loves them. i love them. I've never been to their shop, so i can't speak much about that, but their donuts travel well and taste great. Cronuts and Apple Fritters are my default must adds - everything else i just let talk to me in the moment.

Audrey A.

Chuck's is a small 24/7 donut shop located in a small strip mall-ish area. Parking can be tight, but the turnover in cars and other nearby parking helps. Chuck's serves up a wide variety of pastries, from cronuts to fritters and beyond. They have HUGE donuts and delicious breakfast sandwiches/bagels/croissants! Service was quick with no fuss. BRING CASH or prepare to use Venmo.

Ashley R.

I didn't even like doughnuts like that before. I don't have much of a sweet tooth so I was surprised at how quickly I became addicted to chuck's.Their raised doughnuts taste so fresh and fluffyThe doughnut holes are not too sweet, even the glazed, and the powder isn't as dry as some other spotsI live in San Francisco so this was a hard habit, driving all the way to redwood city but I was able to order this box on the Jingle App!! I got it in 15 minutes and was delighted.IF YOU GO IN PERSON, KNOW IT IS CASH ONLY! THERE IS AN ATM INSIDEPictured:1 chocolate boston cream "Football" design, 5 Red Velvet Cake plain, 2 Glazed Raised, 2 Maple Raised, 1 Chocolate Old Fashioned, 1 Double Chocolate Cake, 1 Cinnamon Sugar Cake, 12 Powdered Sugar Donut

Ryan M.

Chuck's in Redwood City is really a special donut place. They have the largest variety of donuts and danishes out of any of the Bay Area donut stores I've seen. The donuts seem to be very good regardless of what you get. The staff is always friendly and despite how busy this place can get, they have a lot of help and still manage to serve customers quickly. This place is of such high quality for their food and service, but there are however, a few things preventing them from a five star review. Their parking lot is very small, so small that a full sized truck barely fits in any parking spot. The only other parking is on a side street which isn't the most convenient. The other issue I have is they only take cash, and in a modern world carrying cash is uncommon. They do however take Venmo as an option which saves the day for some people I'm sure. These donuts are also a little pricier than most donuts but as a whole not outrageous enough to lower their review score.

Betsy Martinez

Chuck’s has truly evolved over the years. I remember coming here as a child back in the 90’s. One thing that hasn’t changed is that they are CASH ONLY they do have an ATM inside and they also take Venmo so that’s always a plus. The donuts were delicious and I highly recommend people to come by early because that is when they are the freshest. This little set did cost me $30 ? if you’re looking for unique gourmet donuts this is the spot. PS The Maple Bacon donuts were killer good.

Yushi H.

Chuck's Donuts will always be so special to me! I used to come here all the time when I lived closer, but I still try to visit once in a while! Something I love about this place is that it's a small business (support small businesses!!) and that it's open 24/7, which makes it really convenient. Another thing I love about this donut shop is the unique flavors it offers. Two of my favorite unique flavors here are the Matcha Green Tea Donut with Pistachio topping, and the Ube Donut with Toasted Coconut! Matcha and Ube are two of my favorite flavors, so when I saw they had these, I was shocked and had to try them! I'm typically not a coconut fan so I was afraid I wouldn't like the Ube donut, but I actually ended up loving it! The donuts here have the perfect amount of sweetness and are always SO FRESH. I love coming here and ordering a few donuts and a hot coffee. The service here has always been wonderful. The staff are friendly, hardworking, and quick. It's also a nice vibe in this donut shop. Super chill and relaxing, so it's a great place to sit down and enjoy your donuts and coffee in the morning. I wish I still lived closer so I could come here every day. It's that great! If you're in the Redwood City area, please to try Chuck's Donuts!! It is definitely one of my favorite places and will never disappoint!

Quoc H.

Our group came around 11:30pm. Parking was super easy with their spacious lot. Inside was empty and plenty of indoor seating. Some donuts ran out but they still had great variety! Worker was really helpful in deciding what to pick.8.5/10 Ube Frosted Ube $4 - Ube dough was super light in flavor but the ube frosting was bomb! Not too sweet at all and dough was still soft and cakey.7/10 Matcha Frosted Ube $4 - same dough as above but the matcha frosting was below average. Matcha flavor was extremely light and you barely taste it so it was just kinda a glazed ube donut.8.5/10 Creme brûlée $5 - Crunchy sweet shell with light and airy dough and not too sweet custard filling. Just personal preference for more cream filling compared to dough ratio.7/10 Blueberry Fritter $4 - just an average fritter in taste but pretty large piece. Blueberry flavor is light.

Arvi K

Such a cute family owned business, SO MANY FLAVORS!!!! I can't choose a fav!! the Cronuts are AMAZING!!! I took donuts from here to work and everyone loved them so much! Definitely a small business worth supporting. I love that Zelle is a way to pay especially since I am not usually in the habit of carrying cash. So convenient. Def will return to try all the flavours!

Richard Campbell

Fantastic team here! Donuts are delicious and staff is very kind! You can't go wrong stopping in here day or night! Great breakfast options and midnight snacks! Fresh coffee too at 11pm!

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