Oh Baby Sushi

2139 Roosevelt Ave, Redwood City
(650) 366-1688

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Tudor Achim

Just incredible vegan sushi. I've eaten here probably 100-200 times, it's always great.

Neelie S.

the sushi is absolutely delicious and the presentation was gorgeous! It’s a bit loud and crowded inside but this place is popular for a reason ?

Axl V.

NOWARA IS THE BEST SERVER THERE!!!! Best service ever! We had the greatest 30 minute experience! Food came in quick and she always checked up on us every minute!

Virginia Huffman

Delicious and fresh sushi. Friendly service but needs to be a bit more attentive. Had to find someone to take my order. Could be because they do a lot of two out orders and focus on that side of the business.Will definitely come again.

Cath F.

Really good sushi. Great service. Inventive menu. It would be nice if they had more sitting outside, but I understand the limitations of the situation. I will definitely come back


1st dining experience was on May 17th, 2nd one on July 22nd.1st time was amazing. I was in a group of 4 and we tried pretty much every vegetarian menu item.2nd time, unfortunately was not so great. It was almost like their batter was old.Please note that vegetarian sushi is mostly tofu, lots of fried goodness and mayo+hot sauce. Don't come here for the nutritional value. They are generous with their ginger and the serving staff is great.

Erlinda C.

I picked this sushi spot hoping that my bf (a vegan) & I would love it... but it was a FAIL!!! I gave 2 stars because the chirashi was OK, the fish was fresh. What bothered me was the extra decor that was added to the bowl... unnecessary :-/ But to have spent $$$ overall especially on the vegan sushi was just not worth it! The prices they charge for unnecessary "bedazzled" sushi was very disappointing. I rarely give a bad review but felt that I needed to this time.

Serina L.

I came here with my boyfriend on a Monday night at 7PM, an hour before closing. We were easily able to get seated right away, yay! Their menu is extensive, organized but crazy. We ended up ordering a lot but we had a good time! My boyfriend ordered a sprite for himself and I asked for the strawberry mango lemonade. Well I asked the waiter to mix the the two lemonades for me and it was pretty good! It was extremely sweet, I diluted it myself with water lol. But not rly any taste of strawberry or mango. I wouldn't order this again, but it was fun to try! We ordered the Oh Baby Roll, 49ers Roll, Mango Salmon, Rainbow, and Rock n' Roll. The 49ers Roll was super cool because it had a slice of lemon on top, and it adds a spritz of tanginess to your bite. I definitely enjoyed it, it's a more unique roll I haven't tried before. Oh Baby Roll is one of their house specials considering it's named after the restaurant. The roll comes with ahi tuna, avocado, and salmon so deliciousness in every bite! The Mango Salmon roll was my favorite roll of the night. I LOVE mango and it's not often you find mango in sushi. The pieces with the mango on top were just....chef kiss. So tangy and sour, yet it paired so well with the spicy mayo and salmon. OMG delish I recommend this roll if you're a mango lover like me. The rainbow roll was actually not on the menu, but I had requested it since it's my all time fav roll. Neither was the rock n' roll but my bf wanted an unagi roll and they were able to make it happen! Both rolls were okay. All in all, I loved my time at Oh Baby Sushi! Friendly and quick service. Prices were reasonable. We did order a lot so our bill totaled $91....but we were celebrating that night soooo... :-)

Nancy L.

SO FREAKING GOOD!! If I could give it more stars I would! My friends and I were craving sushi and with a couple of us being vegetarian we decided to try this spot and we will be coming back! EVERYTHING WAS SO DELICIOUS!! You have to come try it for yourself! So many vegan and vegetarian options and so flavorful! I can only speak for the vegetarian rolls and you have to trust me when I say this is the BEST vegetarian sushi place! As you can see, we were excited and went a little overboard with ordering. For the vegetarian group, we got the spicy vege, mango secret, and vege tiger rolls. Every roll has its unique flavor and textures and their sauce is vegan friendly made from vegan mayo! Every piece of the sushi is like an exploding tasteful bomb in your mouth! My non-vegetarian friends also loved their food and agreed that this place was DELIGHTFUL! A great place to bring your vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian friends. It will not disappoint!

Neil S.

Been coming here with my sister for years, only thought now to leave a review. This sushi place is phenomenal for its quality and ambience - wholeheartedly recommend. Lots of custom crafted rolls, but for me the noodle soups are a real standout and the bento box options are perfect when you can't choose among the selection.

Jyoti B.

Hands down one of the best vegan sushi and Japanese food options in the Bay Area! Absolutely must visit. We got there before 5 on a week day abd we got a seat immediately. The service was also good and fast. Loved everything about it.

Ainhoa Indurain

Good place for sushi, ramen and others. I had the bento box with vegan options and it was really good! The vegan options are unique and delicious. We sat outside and had a really good time. It's slightly expensive but similar to others in the area

Jade T.

Neighborhood sushi café serving up spanking fresh fish in a corner shopping plaza of a residential part of Redwood City. Not wanting to wade through the endless items on the menu, I selected something that would give a proper sample of Oh Baby's best seafood. Deluxe Chirashi Bowl is an omakase of sashimi over sushi rice. Compared to the à la carte rolls and nigiri, the chirashi is better value. Fifteen pieces of sashimi feature Sea Urchin, Hokkaido Scallops, Spotted Shrimp (including Edible Crispy Fried Shrimp Head), Salmon Roe Caviar, Chef Choice Fresh Fish Belly of the Day, Different kinds of Chef Choice Raw Fish, Home-made Japanese Egg Omelet, Seaweed Salad, English Cucumber, Shiso leaf. Spanish mackerel, fatty tuna and yellowtail were in the bowl, so were enormous cuts of salmon (1" x 1.5" x 4") cross-hatch scored and seared lightly. Not sure which fresh fish belly the sushi chef chose. All the sashimi was fresh, tasty, perfectly garnished and seasoned. The crisp cooked prawn torso-- replete with eyeballs and spindly legs-- was a little spooky staring right up as I'm eating its surrounding seafood. But that didn't stop me from munching on most of it.. mm extra calcium. Miso soup and a simple salad of iceberg in sesame dressing accompanied the meal. I love watermelon radish, which is in both chirashi and salad. Ambiance is light airy with kawaii posters and pictures adorning the walls. Table setting, dishware and utensils are equally cute in design. Smooth jazz circa late '80s early '90s plays overhead. If you happen to be anywhere around the mid-Peninsula and crave quality sushi and sashimi, Oh Baby Sushi is worth seeking out.

Pavel R.

I'm a big chirashi fan but often times, Japanese restaurants put little effort into the presentation. While this restaurant's name, "Oh Baby Sushi", repelled me from trying their food for years, I recently decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed. Check out my photos of their Regular Chirashi and Deluxe Chirashi. The deluxe has over 18 pieces of high quality fish and seafood. They don't skimp on the cuts and selections either, with uni and ama ebi sitting front-and-center then surrounded with toro, sake, hamachi and more. The deluxe does come at a higher price ($39.95) but given the assortment of seafood and quality, it's a great value.

Paul K.

We have been coming to Oh Baby Sushi for years. The quality/presentation of the food remains first rate. However, as others have noted, the portion size for many dishes has decreased by 50-66% . As an example , one piece of their seared salmon sashimi is now about 1/3 the size as prior to the pandemic. I realize that it has been difficult to survive, but for the prices charged, we are exploring other Sushi establishments as well. I hope they receive this feedback constructively.

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