Old Port Lobster Shack

900 Middlefield Rd Suite A, Redwood City
(650) 362-3556

Recent Reviews

Esperanza Tovar

Worst place ever and racist too! I would love how you are going to explain the reason for accusing someone of stealing something just because he doesn't understand English... Disgusting!!!!!! My Dad doesn't deserve this humiliation...

Katie Carlson

The food was delicious! The waitress was super nice and even brought out a bowl of water for our border collie.

Sylvia S.

I've gone to the one on 900 Middlefield Rd., RWC. Food is great and Adrian provides awesome service!!!

Yasha N

Each time we come here, they seem to put less and less lobster meat in the rolls. Paying $37 for one roll with such little meat isn’t worth it.


the food here is put together very poorly. old port used to be the spot for lobster sandwiches but maybe their expansion onto franchising ruined their quality. I'll not be coming back to any location ever.

Laura Kassovic

Come here if you want to be disappointed and leave with a lighter wallet.The portions of lobster were so dismal I had to find leftovers using a toothpick.The bun was laughable; even Sara Lee would have cried.The lobster was cold and soggy; clearly frozen minutes before.The fries tasted exactly the same as the giant bag I buy at Costco and make in my air fryer.Please save yourself and let me be the last person to ever eat at this wretched place.

Connie M.

For Uber Eats food it was pretty good. The sandwich is small so thank god it came with fries to make the meal a little more filling. I wish they would have given more pickles or something acidic to cut through all the fat. The lobster wasn't very dressed or flavorful tbh. The clam chowder was thick and tasty. I preferred it without the crackers since it was so thick and filing.

Chris C.

I've eaten at the woodside location many times and it's always excellent. This order came from the Middlefield location and it was so bad I ended up getting a refund. Maybe they are cutting costs or just don't care today. The French fries were cold. The blueberry cobbler was practically frozen. The clam chowder was more like runny potato soup without much clam. The lobster roll was 5" and inside was mostly crab or fake crab with a few small bits of lobster added. 2 bites and only bread was left. Whatever is wrong with these people and this franchise, I hope they fix it.

Benjamin Arcibal

Not as good as the older locations. Nothing special about the food. Can't even count it as a relatively pricy treat. Server was nice enough but dress was too casual. Think too tight biker shorts worn around the house with open toe fuzzy leopard print slippers. Not too sure about the combined business of Indian Pizza and a Lobster Shack. Don't want to sound like that person, but I don't want the smell of relatively overpowering Indian spices when I'm in the mood for Lobster rolls. Maybe the Indian Pizza is good. Kind of bummed, because we got our kids excited about the food from here only to see them disappointed. Lastly, not sure why but there were a decent amount of ants crawling around the place. We moved from our initial table but it wasn't enough to escape them.

Amy Webber

One of our favorite ❤ spots. We always order the Chef Louie salad and mugs of their delicious clam chowder.

Troy Flynn

Prices have gotten expensive but the food quality will fill you up.

Damaris Q.

The lobster rolls were okay by themselves but in comparison to the old port lobster shack on wood side road, it's almost as if it is coming from another restaurant. The taste and quality are completely different and I would advise to just drive the 10 minutes to the other location. The rolls themselves are okay, but I was disappointed in the quality compared to the sister restaurant.

Jessica Alejandra Gutierrez

On Saturday 15 of January 2022 I met with Russell Deutsch and two other partners of Curry Pizza and The Lobster Shack in downtown Redwood City. They orally agreed to hire me as a consultant Chef. I worked the next several days cooking, organizing, and creating menus. I agreed to work for less money with the promise of getting a percentage of the earning of the upcoming menu. On Monday, January 24, I requested payment for services rendered. We exchanged texts for several days. At first I was given excuses, then insults and finally Mr. Deutsch threated “to go to the authorities” if I came by the restaurant. His partners from Curry Pizza are well off and aware of this. It is clear to me now that they deceived me with false promises of payment. I have only text messages and a verbal agreement with the owners of Curry Pizza to start the job as Consulting Chef. I need your help to get paid and if that is not possible, I need help to stop this from happening to more people. I found out working in his several establishments he likes to trick, lie and doesn’t like to pay to his employees what is fair. And I heard he is already trouble with the authorities for tax evasion. The people that introduced me to him had lots to say too but as a professional I did the best to my knowledge to do good by the establishment. Jessica Gutiérrez

Abdullahi Yahayaa

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Shari B.

I used to go to the Veterans Blvd location all the time, but so much has changed -- and not for the better. The quality has sadly gone down, while the prices have gone up. I ordered the ritz-cracker crusted haddock, and my sis ordered the fried oysters. The ritz-cracker crusted haddock was not actually crusted and was bland (see images). The clams had sand in them. Fries and mac & cheese were fine, but sides alone can't sustain a good rating. Bummer.

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