Venga Empanadas

822 Main St, Redwood City
(650) 549-8932

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Lisa H.

4.5 Stars A neighborhood hidden gem and I was so excited to see that they had Gluten Free Empanadas! Woot woot! handmade and delish! I ordered the night before and it turned out that two of my empanada choices were not available as all as the salad I had chosen so that was a disappointment. I ended up with the Green Bean salad with olives, potatoes, cherry tomatoes - which was ok but I was really looking forward to their version of potato salad that other yelpers had recommended. It was a very generous portion. We got to try the scrambled eggs, spinach and cheese - which was nicely balanced but definitely needed the perking up with their house made roasted salsa. The other breakfast one was the eggs, bacon and cheese which looked great but I didn't get to taste it. The spicy chicken with cheese was mild but quite good with that salsa. My daughter and my favorite was the roasted peppers with cheese combo - that was definitely worth ordering again! LOTS of veggies options as well as meat ones. Very friendly customer service and some nice tables and chairs out in front if you want to eat yours while it's still warm.

Deepika S.

On a chilly Saturday morning I really wanted some masala chai and samosas. Sadly that place was closed. Hmm what's the closest to samosas I wondered. Oh my goodness so a few weeks ago we got some empanadas from Oakland and I was blown away. It was fresh and tasty and made with quality ingredients. I thought I would have to go all the way out there everytime I was craving empanadas then and I found Venga on yelp. Right there super close to home not all the way out in the East bay. When I got to Venga, I saw that they had a wide selection. I ordered a Spicy beef, Ham and cheese, Caprese and Gaucho chicken. The lady quickly tossed them in the oven for me. I also got a cappuccino. It wasn't great. But as I sat there sipping on my warm coffee on a cold day waiting on the empanadas. I looked around. The place was clean and their refrigerator was stocked with a variety of salads and drinks. I ate the empanadas at home, still nice and piping hot. They were all so great. I loved them and they were even better than the place in Oakland. My least favorite was the caprese. I'm waiting for a nice day to get these again and go for a picnic. :)

Diva Ward

Empanadas were very good. They also have salads and soup in the fridge in the store. They have a great variety of empanadas. Be sure to go early in the week.

Kathryn B.

So yummy!! I've tried the Aji Gallina, Argentine Beef, Spicy Beef, sweet corn, and Argentine chorizo, and gaucho chicken empanadas. They are all so delicious, I love them all. Pro-tip: there are a couple letters stamped on the edge of the empanada that indicate what type of filling is inside! Super helpful for when you order multiple kinds, and they all come in a single box.

Matt S.

Just grabbed lunch from Venga today and boy was I glad I did! As a vegetarian, it's not always easy finding awesome options. Venga has a LOT of vegetarian empanadas and they seriously were all absolutely delicious. We also ordered the cold cilantro rice salad which was excellent. The owner was really warm and helpful. I would probably grab lunch here weekly if I worked nearby!

Ronald Ying

I can't really imagine how amazing their food here. It looks great and taste so good. They also offers so flavorful drinks.

David Vibat

My favorite go to empanada spot. I always leave their place with at least a dozen...yes they are that dang good!!

Rigoberto Muñoz

lo recomiendo. esta. mui ingienico. asen sutrabago bien elaborado

Taua K.

I met the owner Paula tonight and let me tell you she's a sweet lady. My 2nd time eating these bomb empanadas and I just became a regular customer here. See you soon Paula. Thank you again

Brian H.

Such a pleasant surprise to find this place! We wanted to check out the local spots, and this didn't disappoint. I don't normally go and seek out empanadas, but since we were just a little peckish, this seemed like it would be just the right amount of food. It's not a hole in the wall, but it's not super fancy. When we arrived in the mid afternoon on a random weekday, we were the only ones there. Frankly, we were almost the only ones on the whole street. But the only employee (owner?) there was very attentive and helpful. There were plenty of filling choices, many of which I hadn't seen in an empanada before.. bleu cheese? amazing. The three pepper one was also a kick (but not too much of a kick). We had them warmed up to eat outside, and the dough was light and flaky, the cheese gooey and melty. I can't wait to go back and try the other ones!

Amy D.

I had a mixed experience with Venga Empanadas, but the empanada crusts were flaky and delicious, and their sauces were also fire, so rounding up to 4 stars overall. I placed an order through a food delivery service for work. The delivery driver let me know that they placed one of my empanadas in the same bag as my coworker's empanadas, so that the 3 savory empanadas were in one bag and the sweet empanada in it's own bag. Apparently, the driver tried to explain to them that this wasn't correct, but they ignored her request to put the empanadas in the correct bags. This was crazy to hear, especially given the current pandemic. Luckily, my coworker and I were able figure out our orders, but I hope they fix their food delivery process going forward. I tried: -Breakfast Empanada w/Bacon ($3.95, Just ok. The filling wasn't very flavorful, but the crust was nice and flaky. However, their chimichurri and salsa were delicious, and helped make the empanada taste delicious. -Apple Empanada ($2.95, Yum, surprisingly really good! The apple filling was the perfect consistency and not too sweet, and their crust was extra buttery and flaky. They actually swapped this out for the Argentinian croissant I originally ordered, but it probably was a good thing. -Alfajore (Small/$1.75): Solid alfajore, with buttery and sandy cookies and a not too sweet filling. I would come back to try their other savory empanadas, and also order the apple empanada again. Make sure to specifically request the chimichurri and salsa for your order, since it doesn't seem like they are consistent with including them.

michael p.

Consistently awesome Irresistible Argentinian empanadas, soups and Alfajores. And friendly service, owner and staff!!

Dougllas Motorista

Bad service, turtles on the kitchen. Very rude people. I really not recommend.

Andrea L.

This place had delicious empanadas. My favorite is the spinach empanada. Perfectly crusted and absolutely delicious. Definitely coming back here again. Try their cookies! Can't remember the name. But they have coconut shavings on the edges. Was t sure if I'd like them. But they have the perfect balance of sweetness. 100% coming back here again. And the staff was friendly.

Arturo H.

Empanadas are really good (solid 4 star territory). My gripe is delivery. Whether you order 3, 5, or 12 empanadas you only get 1 or 0 salsa and chimmy. Just comes across as cheap. Also, no labels or way to tell which empanada is which. So you have to cut and guess. A little annoying. But food is really good and have never had any sort of quality issue on numerous orders.

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