Angel’s Restaurant

12469 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 234-9939

Recent Reviews

Dayton Andrews

Great breakfast spot. The service was fast and the staff are very friendly. I really like the chorizo eggs Benedict

Penelope Yamauchi

The staff here was incredibly kind and welcoming and the food was delicious. I had the Angel’s omelette and it was a huge portion! My boyfriend also left his yeti water bottle inside and the staff ran out to our car before we left to give it to us. If you’re looking for a local family feel spot with good food and good energy, this is your spot!


Great food and service! The excited they brought when serving food made all the more excited to taste it. It did not disappoint!

Ana R Salguera

Love the atmosphere, food and service of this place. Always available to change something on the menu for my family since we don't eat a lot of spicy.

Glenn Stephenson

Wonderful place to experience excellent service & great food: American & Mexican. We enjoy taking friends and sharing with them the great food choices.

Nikki Raeburn

One of my favorite spots. Excellent food, good portion size, and very friendly staff who make you feel very welcome.

erick wong

Very friendly staff the coffee was good and the portions was very good size

linden d.

This place is terrible. I don't understand why it gets such high ratings. There are a ton of awesome spots in Richmond to go to, so it's quite confusing to see the high marks. The food tastes like the cooks don't know what they're doing. Flavorless.

Xtina Galore

One of my best restaurants experience. Felt like I was at home and the food was amazing . Cooked with love . Ate everything on my plate. Came back from Mexico a week ago and this place beat the whole country.

Darrin Anderson

Nice and well worth the time to eat a huge breakfast burrito and good coffee lots more to choose from Mexican Restaurant

Breanna L.

Mama cita always prepares the best breakfast and customer service anyone can ask for & they are extremely affordable!!

Jake A.

Came here to try the breakfast burrito and it was just okay. I got steak and chorizo, but I don't think chorizo made it into the burrito. Service and staff were friendly and the place seems cozy and relaxed.

Allan H.

Wanted to try a new place for breakfast. The reviews and pictures looked good so decided I would get the veggie Eggs Benedict and a asada burrito for later. I went into this place knowing it was a hole in the wall joint but I should of left as soon as I walked in and discovered how filthy it was.. it was disgusting . There were holes in the walls that had just been patched up all sloppy with blue masking tape, probably to keep the rats from coming through the walls.. I sucked it up and order, the woman was very confused when I said I wanted my eggs HARD not runny. She said she could do it, but once getting home I discovered she couldn't.. runny eggs , no bueno for me.The Hollandaise sauce was white and tasted like flour mixed in water. Hollandaise should be a yellow if it's made correctly with yolk , butter and lemon juice. . So I couldn't eat that dish and went for the burrito. I have no clue what the hell that things was.. who puts mashed potatoes in a burrito?? Once I tasted the asada I immediately spit it out , it was just wrong! The 2 starts are for the cool dude that was working the front. Im pretty sure they call this place "Angels" because you better pray to yours that you don't get sick.

Ricardo C.

Ordered Lupita's Benedict and I highly recommend ! Super flavorful and filling ! We also ordered the breakfast croissant which was really good and definitely bang for your buck!

Rev Dr Joyzy Egunjobi

Enjoyed my fish tacos with my dear friends. The services are great..very hospitable and cheerful. Thank you Guadalupe...

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