12469 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 234-9939

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Kevin Nguyen

It’s solid. Great Mexican and American style breakfast. Really worth starting your day with. Food reminds me of being back on the border. Service is so kind and friendly.


Excellent food, great prices, very friendly staff. Moved to the area recently and think this might be my new regular spot.

Victor Castaneda

Great place to eat on the go and dine in

Miguel G.

Found this spot sunday morning as a recovery meal from the previous night out with friends! Called over the phone to order 2x Angel's Breakfast burritos w/ steak for a total of $15. First of all, the prices here are amazing (5/5). Second, the service is very generous and the workers are extremely nice! The food was decent (have had better burritos), but can't complain for the price at all. Will come back to try new dishes as the prices are amazing, so I do recommend this place!

Monique le Conge Ziesenhenne

Really good, tasty food. Had the Lupita's Benedict, with chorizo, avocado, and a chipotle sauce. Really full of flavor! We've been here many times and while it may seem a basic interior, the excellent, friendly service draws you in.

Rachel Tudor

Delicious homemade style food.

Junior Flores

This place is great! Been there 2x in a week. Very nice service

Joseph Allen

Great food and friendly service!

Raquel D.

Please be aware of this place, I been here 2 times before and I thought the place was good and was happy I found this place with my friend. The only thing we noticed from the last 2 times we came is that we never received a receipt but didn't think anything of it until I would check my bank account and noticed I was overcharged. Since I was never given receipts I decided to leave it alone and just check next time. So today my friend and I decided to come here again and upon leaving once again I was not given a receipt but this time I paid attention to what we ate and how much we were charged and we were once again overcharged $10. I politely asked the owner who was working the register (she was also the person who overcharged us the first 2 times and we know she's the owner because she told us) to give us our receipt and she was visibly upset that we were asking for a receipt so we explained the situation and she just stayed quiet pretending to look for our receipt and couldn't find it even though we had just paid and she didn't know what happened to it. While waiting on her to look for the receipt she very rudely waved/shooed her hand for us to move away. She then asked us what we ate so she can figure out what our check should of been and sure enough she charged us $10 extra. She was rude and said she would give it to us in cash instead of card which we agreed too but never apologized for her mistake which I'm sure it happened the first 2 times too. I will not be returning and if anyone comes across my review make sure to always ask for receipt or to check the amount on your tab vs the amount she charges you. I don't know if she always does this or she only does it to us but I advise everyone to pay attention because that's unacceptable.

Sebastian F.

Meh. I visited here twice. First I ordered a two pancake special and the other a breakfast burrito. The service was nice. The only problem is that the food is pretty bland, no flavor. The place is pricey, I would suggest elsewhere.

Phan H.

Nice little local spot. Got a breakfast burrito, but nothing to write home about. Came in august during the pandemic. The burrito was good, but it was a bit small for what you paid. I had the chorizo with the works. I'm generally used to the oversized burritos you get elsewhere. But I was just in the area and on my way and wanted to grab some coffee from across the street and something to eat. The sweet woman felt like the latina grandma of my friends though.

Jackie G.

This is hands down the best breakfast place near me. I love the way they make their Huevos Rancheros, French Toast Special with Bacon and over easy eggs, and their breakfast sandwich. My husband orders the All American and Veggie Egg Benedict. Delicious and good portions. We also tried their Huevos Divorciados but that's a big plate and couldn't finish it all but was so good. I def. recommend this restaurant!

Scott Harris

They make great breakfast burritos.

Selvin Valdez

The food is. Delicious ?? and costumers service is really good is the ideal place to have breakfast with the family I highly recommend

Renetta Demerson

Best breakfast ever!! I had a delicious! I ate the whole thing and it didn't leave me feeling stuffed!

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