Burger King

1300 Macdonald Ave, Richmond
(510) 231-0572

Recent Reviews

Melvinn Earl

Great service great people working at Burger King drive-through service was excellent

Mathew Holzschuh

Like every other Burger King the Whopper is a good burger. However unlike other Burger Kings, the service here is slower than any other restaurant I have ever been to quite literally. They will take one order at a time and walkaway to a line stretching out the door for more than 5 minutes at a time. Unacceptable.

A Broom

Convenient good customer service. They always take the time to make sure my order is correct. A2BMedia ? Big Broom A2BMTM.

Alma V

The people there are very nice!

James Lane

Good deals ?

Raquel Castro

Breakfast sandwich are good

Michelle T.

I walked in one time and it smelled like feces. Do. Not. Eat or drink anything from this joint. Not sure how this place could ever get sanitized. It's nasty and putrid. Who owns this thing? It's disgusting.

Dustin Rodriguez

Great place usually dont have ice cream other than that there good

Nathaly Marquez

It's definitely fast food

Ashley Smith

Too many homeless and indigents present during dining experience. Drive thru or takeout is fine

Giselle L

15 minutes in the drive thru and still haven’t reached the speaker.

Poker Tone

Food does not seem to cooked when you order. Fries were cold and burger was not good. My stomach hurt immediately after eating there.

Van Olsen

I love this restaurant! They offer sensational food, their menu is nice, The chief cook in that spot is a real pro, I like very much tasting all their dishes. The dishes are consistently of high qualtity, the attitude towards the customers is agreeable. I visit often this place and I not even once was unsatisfied. I recommend it to all.

Augustino Przygocki

Why don't I "love" Burger King? Because they make fast food that tastes like fast food and they're "restaurants" fast food establishments. I've had real burgers and fries so it's hard to lower my standards to that level.

Greg Poynter

Fairly spacious with good service.

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