Burger King

550 Cutting Blvd, Richmond
(510) 232-3731

Recent Reviews

Michael Harvey

Served melted milkshakes that spilled all over my car seat.

Anthony De Sousa

Very slow service. Don't come here if your lunch break is only 30mins

yose serano

Came here waited 30 min+ drive thru gave me wrong stuff

Natalya Staritskaya

25 minutes for an order of fries and a standard burger. Messed up the order and can't answer anything about why it was taking so long or what the total was

donna Smith

No lines, food always hot, have value meal choices


I always like going to this particular Buger King, because the lettuce is fresh vs other ones that I have gone to, the lettuce is brown and soggy. They always get it right. And the brown brothers and sisters are cool. They touch a black guy's heart with courtesy. I'm getting emotional right now, thinking about.

Dick Coleman

I constantly come getting some food in this spot. I liked the fast customer service and well made dishes. Great work.


Food here is great, but the staff will take your credit card at the first window and disappear for five minutes with it while they're getting your order ready. I don't like letting my credit card out of my sight, the managers here should change that policy ASAP. If anyone gets any fraudulent charges on their credit card, you can bet that it's from a place like this where somebody disappears and maybe copies or credit card while you're not looking. I'll be happy to fix this review if they stop doing that in the future.

Mac Nguyen

Messed up my order twice charged me an Extra $1.10 and forgot my chicken nuggets Accused me of already having it when i didnt even receive it in the first time. Rude staff members. On top of that they dont have ranch, hand soap, the hand dryer doesnt work. Theres trash on the floor

Mrs P

Staff was ok, food was warm! Location was DIRTY and smelled horrible when you 1st walk in.

Paul Richert

I visit this excellent restaurant once a month since I like the good mood that is part of this restaurant. The staff is very attentive and professional. The service is remarkablywonderfully rapid. Most important, the food you eat is outstanding. I came often and I was always delighted. The cost is honest. I highly recommend this restaurant to to everybody.

Ronnie Martinez

Not then I'll tell you when I'm done 5 for 4 Burger King

Jae M.

The people at this Burger King are SO NICE. You do need to check your order. But that is true for all fast food places. The amount of shit I have seen the people here put up with and still be kind is truly impressive.

MarkRobert Murphy Sr

Having yorr way all day EVERYDAY

Patricia Dove

what can i say burger king got the burger beat for that area. reason it only burger place around but they dont fry there burgers and they are not grease so not much pounds put on that day (i am joking) all fast food is a heart killer just eat one that way you can have the chocolate shake nice but the place is not to clean uner the table people leave there gum. for when they come back but oh well i havent been back someone can have mine . the bath room is locked cos of all the drug people who cant wait to get around to the back of building. oh well another day gone so im gone i hope people dont get mad at me for me telling about there place but its ok ive been in worst . try Macdonald's on Norwood it was gross one day just terrible but that is another story take care just clean up after yourself. then you will be happy for the next person who gets to eat at a clean place and will appreciate you

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