C J's Barbecue & Fish

2401 Macdonald Ave A, Richmond
(510) 235-7471

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April S.

The food never disappoints. If you are lucky CJ will be there with his welcoming smile and boisterous personality. I'm glad he is successful and enjoy the food so Much!

Tamila J.

I'm a one stop kind of person when I get my sold so this is the place to be. I love their food if I don't feel like cooking it's my go to spot. You better know what you want before you call bland they'll handle the rest. I read the reviews before trying them for the first time and thought to myself wow, but when I went and witnessed the type of people they have to deal with it all made sense. I love the last who answers the phone, she don't take no stuff! Try them before you allow the reviews to speak their praise. I like the links and the potato salad most.

Jessica R.

They always hit the spot I love their food brisket is good the links are good their deserts yummy everything there is always on point

Ayden W.

CJ's is awesome. Their regular menu is bomb - and they often have in house specials that are worth calling in for. I once saw a woman who was ordering a catering tray of their macaroni salad to take on a train to her family in LA. That is no joke - it really is that good.

James K.

I remembered why I didn't go there. This place sells food that they made from two or three days ago. Their prices are horrible and they just went up again. $19 for a one meat plate. $24 for a two meat plate. Something ridiculous for a three meat plate. And I think something more ridiculous for some other plate. Oh and don't let me forget. The $12 super week lunch special that they're trying to force on you. I couldn't change the sausage for a different meat on the lunch special. I wonder why? Is it because you're trying to sell old sausages? I know that trick.Almost forgot. Everyone that works there has an attitude a horrible attitude. Like they don't want to work there. And it's crazy because I see so many different people working there, "the few amount of times that I've been there". No face is the same, I wonder why???I'm sad that there's only two barbecue places in Richmond and both of them are horrible. I grew up in Richmond all of my family is here in Richmond. In north, south, and central. Every city in America should pride itself in it's barbecue. Today is a Sad day

Terrisia Robinson

Their BBQ came highly recommended. But, my first experience wasn't great. I called and spoke with a very lovely lady who was eager to make it right. I'll update with my do-over.

George Bell

C Js has the best bar b que within a 100 miles. I know this because I drove a 100 miles to get it. Matter of fact he is a friend from years ago.

Myisha A.

My Food was completely inedible after paying $62 yesterday for our meals. Chicken was burnt and definitely cooked in old grease. Ordered extra sides and only got 1 which after paying extra which was the baked beans and they were also inedible. The beans were hard and had too much chili powder in them , also very soupy . Not sure who's recipe that is but get rid of if. Threw most of everything away except the beef ribs and potato salad. Disappointed as hell after they hyped their food up. Customer Service was mediocre at best , very unprofessional. I wouldn't serve my dog most of this stuff, presentation everything !

John Gouig

About to get some right now. This place is pretty good

jeff scott

Best bbq on the area!

Erica K.

will never go there again you would think with covid 19 going on they would be aware of what they do but not this place the lady that takes your order at the front she also bags your food up as well but instead of wetting her hands on a wet sponge or paper towel she licks her fingers to bag up the food when i seen that o walk out of there

Christie M.

Was disappointed when I picked up my phone order. With the shelter in place due to Covid 19, I really want to support local businesses. I ordered a 2 way combo with pork ribs and hot beef links and a small order of pork ribs. First, there were no beef links.. all I got were ribs.. I asked for a side of potato salad and beans.. but all they gave we're beans. It would of been nice if they would have communicated this to me and not charge me for a 2 way combo... if they are out of certain foods on the menu.. let us know.. let alone the pieces of ribs were skimpy AF. Didn't find out until I got home and opened the trays.. normally they would open it and show you the food, but with this virus going around, it couldn't happen, which I get! Don't get me wrong, I've ordered from this place several times before and it's always a hit or miss. Please have more of a consistency with your food. At this point, I'm sorry but we won't be returning..

vernon royal

horrible barbecue, I paid 25 bucks for beef and link combo. Beef was tough links were over cooked beans were nasty

Dave F.

Best ribs around, really love the rub! Great slaw and potato salad too! But the brisket, I asked for fatty brisket and how someone could slice, pick it up, and package in the tray without realizing that the moisture content is in the negative, says a lot about that person and how far away from their position they should be. I've had dry brisket before from other joints but this brisket is simply not edible. I would love the opportunity to watch any of their staff put a piece of this brisket in their mouth, chew, and swallow without drinking anything. They do show you the box open before giving it to you, I wish I would have paid more attention then.

Giovanny S.

I love this place. I don't come here all the time, but every time i do, it's always the right choice. I even had them cater for a company lunch one time and we had TONS of leftovers. These guys know what they're doing. 5 Stars!

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