Cafe McBryde

4925 McBryde Ave, Richmond
(510) 231-9192

Recent Reviews

Arielle M.

After a long Saturday night that rolled into an early Sunday morning, I found myself needing a bite to eat after a miserable morning at the casino and Cafe McBryde has great reviews and was around the corner-The cafe is on a side street and there is ample parking. Unfortunately there are only 3 tables set up outdoors so unless you're ok with waiting, takeout it is. Our server was a sweet lady, very attentive to our needs. I did ask what McBrydes specialized in and she gave the 2 worst answers you could hear 1) "everything on the menu is good" (highly doubt that realistically) and 2) "Honestly I'm probably the wrong person to ask" (who else do I ask about menu items if not my server?!)I ordered French Toast and cheesy eggs combo and it was perfect. The eggs was fluffy and not dried out, plenty of cheese, just yum. The French Toast was just as good as my fellow helpers have suggested it is. Fluffy and light and perfectly browned on both sides. Great job on the food! I'm sure I'll be back some time after my next casino adventure

Juan G.

Absolutely love this place! An ideal early Sat. morning routine. Great cust. serv., food is great, great atmosphere. 5+ Stars!

Amos Merritt

The food is constantly fresh and delicious, workers hands out good customer service. I really like the cleanliness and mood. Keep up the good work.

Larry Nguyen

Great ambiance. Eclectic food choices. Terrific staff that is knowledgeable and friendly. Fabulous bar menu. Great find!

Mandy M.

Ordered take out breakfast and lunch for my construction crews working in the area. They said the food was amazing and I think the staff was great to work with on the ordering process etc.

Laura Gonzalez

Walked in one day, had the Denver Omelette and loved it! Great coffee too!

Marcia Piniol

Everything is delicious, if you love great home cooking & don’t want to cook your own!!

Allen J.

Yummy place, went here this morning for pick up because during these times still need to support local businesses. I will be back. Enjoyed are meals. It hit the spot.

Adrienne Rosenfeld

Owner is super friendly and seems to know her regulars. Very quaint & cozy!

Patricia Manchouck

first time eating here, they were very nice, service was prompt,portions were great,and the food was good. Can't ask for much more!

Tiana W.

This was my first time visiting this establishment and I was pleasantly surprised. It is a quaint cafe that offers outdoor seating and is well lit with natural lighting. The service was great. As soon as we walked in the door, one of the waitresses immediately offered us a table and we didn't have to wait long for our order to be taken. The waitress was very attentive and stayed on top of refilling my friends coffee without us having to ask. Side note: my friend said that the coffee was "really good". I ordered the Chorizo Scramble with house potatoes and sourdough toast. Everything was sooo good and flavorful. Maybe I was just hungry but the sourdough tasted SO FRESH with the melted butter and strawberry jelly, I had to stop myself from ordering another slice. I think I may make this my new brunch spot. The only negative is that the cafe does not serve mimosas.

Jay Z.

Little hole in the wall sized place. Gives you the feel like you're in someone's kitchen/dining room. Good portions, great servers/service. I came here as a little kid often with my parents. Under new management/ownership, but same great local Richmond family feels. The fries are bomb, the potato salad is perfect, and their clam chowder was not only had no sand!!!! Come here early, gets busy fast. Feels like a good home cooked meal!

Michael Malone

It’s a great, comfort family cafe. Children are very happy with their options. Lots of options available for requests for any special diets, allergies etc.

Karl Howland

Excellent place to get something when in a hurry. The customer service is rapid, prices are convenient, excellent vibes. Highly recommended

Cecilius Douglas

It's easy to miss Cafe McBryde. It's a small, hole-in-the-wall off busy San Pablo Avenue with no big signs, no splashy displays. This is an old-fashioned no-frills interior kind of joint. But it has the two most important things we all look for in a restaurant: good food and good service. The Asian lady (owner?) who waits tables and sometimes cooks is a delight. She's friendly, attentive, and luckily is very tolerant of children. On one occasion we came with our then 3-yr-old grandtwins, who can sometimes be noisy.

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