Chef Ming Chinese Food To Go

1190 Macdonald Ave # C, Richmond
(510) 236-2162

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M B.

Went here to get some food for the family. First bite my bf took and there was a BONE! It was very pointy as you can see and it cut him. (This chicken isn't supposed to have bones as it is "boneless".) He called to let them know what happened and the lady's response was "Well what do you want me to do about it?! Call 911" with an attitude. Like seriously?! No sense of compassion or ANYTHING. We weren't looking for anything in return aside from having them check their food more thoroughly and received that rude response instead. Unbelievable!!! Never going back here again, ever!

Gom.fugzy631 Gom.fugzy631

They offer a fantastic variety of delicious food. I enjoyed eating here. Staff members are always nice, prices are reasonable and the spot is always clean.

Brayam Ramirez

Favorite place to go and order a huge meal, glad they opened up again??

forgive_not_forget 510

I used to work there is clean food is bomb Good price

Endi F.

The owner is very rude with costumers someone ask for a straws lol and she respond back saying California Law don't allow us to give you straws lol ‍‍what about the Paper straws ?? and maKe sure you bring cash she would charge you 1 dollar for using Your debit card the place needs cleaning i also notice while i was there they put the food back in the tray when a costumer didn't hes order i was shocked

James Adams

I prefer this place a lot. theres a special ambiance. The food is superb. the service is effective and the crew is polite. The pay is fair. profoundly recommend.

Nai Saevang

Great fast and convenient food. Prices are very reasonable and the portions are huge! Several people had to tell them to stop piling it on the trays. I’ve never heard of that before. Lol. The places was busy, but the lines moved along at a fast place. Food was delicious.

Adrian Brandt

Certainly a spot worth visiting, the food is fantastic and well prepared, the rates are reasonable and it is always well organized there. Kudos.

Rosemarie Villela

Quick and fast service in and out . I got what I needed and was on my way out the door .


I went in there and I ordered some food by the time I was done I owe $33 and I let them know I only had $25 so I told the Asian cashier to take off something or the Shrimp Box and her response was you have to pay it she made me feel humiliated and everybody at the restaurant was staring at me it's not that I didn't have the money I just didn't have it with me so I didn't end up taking anything I told her she can enforce me to pay if I don't have the money to pay as I was walking out of the store she was still talking to other customers about me that is so disrespectful it doesn't matter if she was using her fake sweet voice to talk about me it's still disrespectful

Damian b

Bad customer service I just came up there too pay $38.51 for a order today and the lady that was serving me was rude and the food was dry I wish I could get my refund the lady need too work on her Custmer service and her attitude as well period and they charged me for 4 forks period and I paid for my food that’s not right 😞💯

Alfhonso D.

The manager is extremely rude and has zero customer service skills. Avoid this place!!

Chase Mcdowell

This place is one of my favorites! Reasonable prices, big dishes and the employees are regularly very kind.

Victor Manuel Esperanza romero

An abusive place that does not mind giving poor customer service why it has impunity in the city of Richmond California where city inspectors are sold to abusive corruption.

Scorpion TV48

I like that chine food nice

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