Costco Bakery

4801 Central Ave, Richmond
(510) 898-2003

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Marylou Golondrina Vender

High quality goods, excellent customer service

Roshawna Young

One stop shop great customer service fast and easy

Eric O.

I want the Combo Pizza. I love it. Cheese and Peporonni plain suck.The Combo rocked. The rest just plain out and out suck.

Lori W.

Share reviewEmbed reviewWrite an updateEdit review 9/5/2020I went to "Senior Hour" at Costco, Richmond, CA. I arrived at 8:10AM and the door was just opening. I stood behind another senior thinking we would be allowed to bypass the line of ~50-100, obviously non-seniors, young to middle-age, most with small children in tow. "No", we were told. "Get in line". I can't "get in line" even though I was there to pick up a painkiller that my husband, who has a heart condition, urgently needed. May I recommend that you change the misnomer "Senior Hour" to "get a vulnerable population sick during the pandemic hour"? Because I would never have come to you in my emergency had I known your policies at the door are diametrically opposite the "Senior Hour" catchphrase I see everywhere.So far as I could see, we were the only two seniors there. He risked "the line". I wish him well ...Other stores let seniors ahead of the line; why not Costco? When I am allowed to bypass lines, I always sense that the younger, less vulnerable people in line acknowledge the extreme risk to their elders and want to do this small thing.But not Costco? I never thought of Costco like that ... I'm saddened to post this.I will be happy to remove this post if informed you have actually aligned your policies to reflect your catchphrase.

L Z.

Darn it Costco! You were my go to for so much and now you decide to compromise quality! The latest TP and paper towels, your biggest sellers have completely changed! Paper towels are thin and less absorbent! The TP has completely changed 1/2" more narrow lesser quality and also flimsier. Totally noticeable as soon as package was open! During a pandemic when you probably sold more of these two products ever, you decide to chince to make even more money! You compromised quality and didn't even lower price. Higher profits when your store was still the busiest then any other store. Shame on you! Prior to this you may have been 5 stars. I would love to hear your reasoning on this decision!

Fred T.

Look we have an obsession with Costco. Its to the point that we will always stop if we are outside of our normal area as they all are subtly different. It also gives you the opportunity to grab select locally made items that may be unique to that particular store. In this case I had hope they stocked Oakland Coffee but had no luck, but a favorite local beer was available so it was not a waste. This is one of the larger stores with a huge freezer area. Aside from that it follows the familiar U shape they all seem to employ. The staff was friendly and on point. While we did go on a weekend and it was crowded the location has limited entrances to the parking lot so it has the potential to get gridlocked in traffic. On a side note it is right along the bay so you do have a nice view of the water. There is a gas station as well. As I stated in my review of the Mountain View location, we do have some rules to help keep my Costco obsession under control:1) NEVER EVER go in hungry. That 25 gallons of dill pickle chips is much easier to resist on a full stomach.... true story there.2) Avoid the free samples. People seem to lose their minds with this stuff. They abandon carts with crying babies, block isles, etc all to get that tiny portion of hummus. I have been shoved aside by someone desperate to get a free piece of cheese. Honestly I have seen more dignity from actual starving people in a disaster zone but I digress.3) Avoid the weekends like the plague.4) See #15) Go often. Costco uses alot of psychology and the fear of missing out is one of them. Odd items you must have pop up then go never to return. I CAN'T MISS OUT AGGGGGGG6) Know your codes: At costco any price ending in 0.97 means it has been marked down. Any price that is not a 0.99 or .97 such as say 0.49 means it has a manufacturers discount. and price with an * on it means its done and will not be reordered so stock up. If it ends in a .00 or a 0.88 a manager has reduced the price at that location to clear it out.7) When in an unfamiliar city head to the Costco. They always stock local items you can't find at yours (like two pounds of single origin Kona coffee for 30.00 at the Kilaua / Kona store etc.) and have cheap gas.

Kimberly C.

If I could give this COSTCO a NEGATIVE 5 STARS, they earned it. The rudest, most ignorant clerk asked my sister, in a LOUD voice before we approached the counter, "Are you guys paying with EBT"? Just curious WHY she made the assumption only to the Black family in line. My sister responded " I don't understand your question" and AGAIN she asked "Are you paying with EBT?" Loud and making funny faces. My sister asked "Do you ask everyone that question, I didn't hear anyone else get asked" her ignorant response was "oh I just noticed you separated the clothes from the food". My niece asked "do people mix clothes with food in their baskets?" RHETORIC but she was making faces still trying to back peddle out of her racist assumption. Thank you cashier that told her "stop talking". We should have asked to see a manager but we just left, disgusted and embarressed. I decided to YELP because this is an excellent platform. Hopefully someone at COSTCO reads Yelp and can offer better coaching and training for their employees. Personally we will not return to this particular location.

Charles S.

At Costco Tempe AZ, they make a big deal about strictly enforcing facemasks to enter the store. However, once in you can remove your mask and the store personnel will do nothing to enforce the policy. So, wear the mask to get in, then no problem, take it off and shop. Costco is only into our protection at the gate with all show, but no concern after you get in. I asked 3 employees at the store (one a manager) about asking a family to put their facemasks back on as they shopped the store. All I got were shrugges and one iffy wave of the hand. Nice.

Char Mina

Prices!!! I only have a house hold of 4 including an infant so I didn’t think the Annual fee and the bulk items were meant for us. I was wrong I’m so glad I have my card. The food court, gas and toilet paper are my top 3 not necessarily in that order hahaha! Also the rotisserie chicken, Bulk nuts, drinks, granola bars and household items...I can go On and on. Just recently the self service check lines are a new Costco favorite. Sadly no more free samples but still worth it. Oh yes and the 17 cent photos

Lena L.

I received the WORST customer service there today. I went with another party. We each have our own memberships. I only bought a pair of hand sanitizers, which was placed on the belt. The other transaction was in the cart. The cashier started scanning things while conversing with another staff who was assisting with the items. I told her 3 times the sanitizer is a separate transaction, but I wasn't being paid attention to. When she finally looked at me for the payment I told her again that the sanitizer is separate. She yelled at me and said "you didn't say anything." I told her that I did...3 times. Then she mumbled something. I didn't comprehend what she said. I asked her nicely to separate the sanitizer. She then turned to the other staff and asked him "didn't I just tell her that?!" Her whole demeanor was very hostile and plain rude for no reason. The bottom line is I'm a paying customer who didn't need nor deserve to be treated rudely. I understand that we are in the middle of a pandemic, talking with masks on with a plastic wall between us so it's hard to hear. Instead of communicating, being patient, and providing directions on what she needed done or to explain things, she had a lot of attitude and was very disrespectful in the way she treated me for no reason. I didn't leave Costco feeling good about the terrible customer service I received. I wish Costco would train their employees better and ensure that they do not act rudely towards customers who are there just to shop and pay for things they buy and not cause any problems. The cashier is a light skin lady with a name that starts with an "M".

Kirsten R.

I just received my first Costco grocery delivery. For the items I ordered 2 of, there were only 1 of in the box. No notice that they would be sent later. It's obvious whoever packed the box just didn't pay attention to the quantity, just the description of the item. There is no option on the website to report any follow-up on the accuracy of the order. Just a return option. So I have to actually call customer service during business hours to get it resolved. So...not convenient.

Dat N.

I got this gaming Laptop MSI GE75 Raider Gaming Laptop - 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H - GeForce RTX 2060 - 1080p, and my kid LOVED it! It work really great, he is no longer using his IPAD ffor gaming...I he played all day and it work great!!

Lindsy S.

I wanted to thank the gentleman working his 11am shift on Saturday, July 11th at the exit checking our receipt. He quickly drew a happy face on our receipt for our 4 year old daughter that asked kindly for him to do so. He was very respectful and we had a great experience with Souksavong I think that was his name. I would like to give him 5+ stars. However, the woman also working across from him checking receipts named "Margot, Maggie, something with an "M" working the exact shift right next to him was very rude and snappy saying, " we don't do that here anymore." Loudly and disrespectfully around our 4 year old daughter and other guests standing behind us to leave Costco. Thank you Souskavong for making our daughters day with a simple little happy face. You are great and I hope the rest of your team including "Margot, Maggie" remembers how to be a human being.

Jay B.

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE service. And I have the upgraded plan. I hate to see what they do to others.Bought a vizio tv which went bad within the warranty period. It was replaced. The tv had the same issue again under warranty. After waiting on the phone for over and hour, then again for another hour plus, I was told they wouldn't cover it. I spoke with a supervisor and then vizio and no one would cover the tv. How would you feel if this happened to you. Why are they selling defective products then not covering them. Ridiculous!


I just spent over three and a half hours on hold past around finally to an outsourced product vendor with Epson also outsourced and unable to hear 3 + 1/2 plus hours for absolutely nothing for a defective product printer bought from Costco also upgraded to Executive services and dealt with concierge to no avail and no help between the two I've probably spent over $400 much less extra ink and now the loss of half my day and still a defective printer with no assistance shame on you Costco regardless of the quarantine you have to take care of customers and you have to stand behind products and when they're defective there has to be an easier way to find remedy this is completely unacceptable

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