Daimo Chinese Restaurant

3288 Pierce St, Richmond
(510) 527-3888

Recent Reviews

David Takeuchi

The Shu Mei is the best. Excellent entrees, Mongolian Beef, chow mein, and fried rice are superior. Fresh ingredients and made fresh. Also good soups and bbq pork. No frills restaurant but good service and great food at a good price.

Henry P.

I ordered chicken soy over rice when got to work I received 4 little I mean little pieces of skin and bones I mean bones a big pile of rice when I called I got just me sorry I rate this place 0 I will never go back

Georgette B.

Rating: zero but Yelp requires at least one star4 years ago I reviewed this restaurant and swore I'd never patronize. Well, I broke down and ordered online to pickup because it was the only restaurant open. Well, it hasn't changed. My online order stated my order would be ready in 20 minutes. I went to pickup my order and the doors were locked. I knocked. The restaurant workers were eating at a large table but I could see the pick up order from the door. A couple of workers stood and saw me but didn't come to the door. They just sat back down. Confused, I went back to my car to double check that I had all the information correct...right restaurant, right time. I'm correct so I go back to the door and knock. Same response. I go back to car and call...no answer. So, I leave. About 20-30 minutes later the restaurant calls to remind me my order is waiting. I explained my attempts to pick up. The caller said, oh that was you. Yep...that was me. He says, guess you don't want your order. I said, nope...I was hoping for a change but again this restaurant treated me poorly. They didn't even apologize. I could say it's because I'm not Asian but I'll let you decide.

Rena A.

Love this place. Their food portions are huge and most items are family style. Better to go and order in person for pickup if it's your first time here because the online menu doesnt include everything they have.

Barbery Evans

Great fresh food always. I've been going there for 10 years or more.

Ryan M.

I've been going here for years and I've never been disappointed with the food. I've never had dine-in, and it would seem a lot of problems people had in the past had to do with service. Well...that's not much of a concern these days, now is it? My go to are any of their rice dishes - the BBQ pork over rice, the duck over rice, and the soy chicken over rice are huge portions, and on par with other typical chinese take out in the bay. I also enjoy getting dim sum take out, their dumplings aren't the best I've had, but they're also not the worst - which for the east bay - there are some pretty bad places there. The shrimp dumplings, turnip cakes, and pork sho mai are my go to faves. Since COVID, the guy who works the front desk is a one-man operation and really impressive to watch. He takes all the calls, runs orders back and forth, all while processing checks and whatnot. He's also very polite and funny. Give the guy an extra buck or two if you're picking up from him.

Jamir Estes

I prefer this place a lot. there is a romantic feeling. The kitcen is marvelous. the service is effective and the crew is professional. The cost is honest. very much recommend.

Martha C.

Fried Dungeness crab and fried lobster are my go to here! The customer service is tops and I drive 45 miles to get my eat on!

Allen Holmes

Great service and great food

Mark M.

Absolutely great little business that's working hard during Cove in we had two different noodle dishes both of which were absolutely delicious the staff could not have been more welcoming or joyful frankly just a lovely lovely spot

Angelica C.

Tony has excellent customer service!!! And the food is the delicious!!! Highly recommend.

Kayden Vaughn

This place is one of my favorites! Good prices, large dishes and the staff members are regularly helpful.

Ximena Chavez

Awesome food and nice workers ! Check this place out

Leo D.

When I saw the empty parking lot early Sunday I should have guessed this mall doesn't open till later. Glad they are still around though. I really would have enjoyed the congee on this cold morning. I didn't waste the trip so here is the new COVID hours: 9:30 am to 2:30pm 4:30pm to 11:30pm. and posted signage. It's reassuring that they still have a "pass" from our government officials. Looks like they use Chowbus and Uber Eats.

Geoff P.

Best dim sum ever! Daimo has been by my side through my 20's when it was THE spot to be at 3:00am after the bars closed, to my 30's where I don't live in Oakland anymore, but the convenience has me stopping by every time I come to the Bay Area. Steamed pork buns are always hot and fresh, and their regular menu items are delicious too. I love Daimo!

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