Daimo Chinese Restaurant

3288 Pierce St, Richmond
(510) 527-3888

Recent Reviews

Angelica C.

Tony has excellent customer service!!! And the food is the delicious!!! Highly recommend.

Leo D.

When I saw the empty parking lot early Sunday I should have guessed this mall doesn't open till later. Glad they are still around though. I really would have enjoyed the congee on this cold morning. I didn't waste the trip so here is the new COVID hours: 9:30 am to 2:30pm 4:30pm to 11:30pm. and posted signage. It's reassuring that they still have a "pass" from our government officials. Looks like they use Chowbus and Uber Eats.

Geoff P.

Best dim sum ever! Daimo has been by my side through my 20's when it was THE spot to be at 3:00am after the bars closed, to my 30's where I don't live in Oakland anymore, but the convenience has me stopping by every time I come to the Bay Area. Steamed pork buns are always hot and fresh, and their regular menu items are delicious too. I love Daimo!

Cooper W

We had a great experience at this place. We liked the fantastic vibes and the food. The waiters are very friendly. I’m happy we ultimately decided to visit this place.

Howard L.

Foods good. Price too high to make it a regular thing though. Guess they don't want repeat customers. Glad it stays open very late.

Gerald L.

Had take from here last night. Great quantity for the price. Tasty cooking. Salt and pepper spare ribs are breaded in a light batter and deep fried. Yum! Braised brisket hot pot (some would call it a 'clay pot') was delicious. Nice cabbage included. Great broth for the rice. Garlic green beans were just ok. Kind of overcooked IMO, which makes them a little rubbery instead of crispy. Chicken chow fun with Bok Choy and gravy... this is a classic and really good. Some would get this with beef instead of chicken. You have the option of dry but we think the gravy is better. Really busy takeout. Probably takes 45 minutes for your order at 5pm. They told us 20 minutes and it was 45 minutes. But we have been here numerous times and will continue to do so.

Marty West

Great Cantonese comfort food for takeout during covid rules. Call for free or order online for a $0.99 service charge and pick it up yourself. Been eating here for decades. Beef chow fun with chives is one of my favorites. Support your local independent restaurants if you can.

Me D.

My first time here 5/29/20 and I ordered for pick up due to the SIP of covid-19 1- pan fried shrimp and chive dumplings These were my favorite $5.50 per order of 4 ** came the next day 5-30/20 and got 3 orders, they are that gooood! 2- Honey walnut shrimp This was great, the shrimp was well breaded and the walnuts were so good! 3- duck over rice Duck was moist I think they should update the menus here to reflect proper pricing. (Reason for the -1 star) I will be eating their food again, thank you for your service.

Irene C.

I love this place ! Best food for SIP takeout. The guy that works there always brightens up my day . He is super nice and the food is delicious ! The BBQ pork and duck is succulent and juicy. The noodles and porridge are authentic cantonese cuisine!

Cary L.

This is the classic Canto food to soothe your need for home style comfort food!! Usually open late into the night (pre-COVID) this is a great place to stop by post-partying in The City!!! But for now, it's a nice place to pick up take out for your family during the pandemic. Very reasonably priced!!

Marie S.

Avoid Daimo if you are trying to take extra health and safety precautions. After 99 Ranch Market, I went to Daimo to order takeout, expecting to get quite a few dishes. I ended up only ordering roast duck, which turned out to be greasy and salty, because the worker at the roast meats station was the only person wearing their mask properly. The others had pulled their masks down to their chins. While I realize that it is challenging to wear face coverings while cooking, how nonchalant the cooks were about breaking the rules in an open kitchen was cringe-worthy.

Cari A.

I was craving some Chinese food and found this place as an option via Uber Eats for delivery. I ordered: Pan fried shrimp and chive dumpling (good) Shrimp dumpling (okay) BBQ duck over rice (okay) Pros: -dumplings! I really enjoyed the pan fried shrimp and chive dumpling -the portion size of the duck over rice was really generous. It could serve as multiple meals. Cons: -I'm not sure if this is an Uber eats thing or a restaurant thing, but my order was delivered without any utensils, napkins, or soy sauce.

Jeffery Nugent

This place is worth giving a shot. They serve large portions for fair rates. Regularly well organized and with good vibes. Will come visit again.

Kay G.

We visited this restaurant near 99 Ranch easy freeway access for family members coming from SF, East Bay & Sacramento. Food good and reasonably priced, not a fancy establishment, been eating here now for a few years! Chinese New Year 2020, our families met here for our first CNY party and Daimo had a special celebratory menu. They did not disappoint and set up our table with white table cloth for this special day upon request.

Kathy T.

Came here for lunch with my mom and we ordered way way too much! But it was yummy. We ordered dim sum dishes that came out hot and drag, dou Miao, hot and sour soup, and more. All very good. Warning though to those unused to "real" Chinese restaurants--ambience is your classic Chinese restaurant--which men's it majors in food and not atmosphere!

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