El Burrito Loco

2900 Hilltop Mall Rd, Richmond
(510) 222-4050

Recent Reviews

Chance Cherry

This spot is great! Affordable prices, large dishes and the employees are consistently super nice.

Sebastian A.

Had I not already preordered (without knowledge of the situation) my weariness of gas station ANYTHING probably would've sent me elsewhere as soon as I arrived. Long story short very glad I didn't judge a book by its cover. Fast, clean, affordable and super tasty.

Bill Koziol

Kinda strange, very good. Steak tacos are back on hit. Service is hit or miss, food has been bomb of late.

Denise B.

The food is great, they always get my order correct. the young lady at the register is always very nice. The prices are okay but definitely worth it. 5 out of 5

Mariana F.

Small place but delicious food, I love the breakfast burritos. It feels like I'm eating home made food

Rosa Tobias

Came here once on a Sunday night, and came here once on a Friday night. HUGE difference.

Donald Dean

Nice to visit, but a little pricey

Arin Pallen

I love Morton's. The appetizers, entrees, desserts, the amazing service, cleanliness, everything! Yeah, you can say that fine dining like this is pretentious, but just enjoy and embrace it. You're not only paying for delicious high quality food, but you're paying for royal treatment, presentation, the beautiful ambiance,

Harshit Agarwal

Fine and cheap

Toni Burton

Boring, small and falls apart. No guacamole. No flavor. Bad service.

Rose Stewart

Great taco salad.

Jasmine A.

Employee's decided to close 30 mins early on a Monday. I arrived at 6:30 when they originally closes at 7pm. I feel like that is pure LAZY! You're running a business and you're advertising that you close at a certain time. I drove really far to come here and this is what happens. Don't WASTE YOUR GAS!!!

Chris Schoenrock

Love this place. Good food and pricred are not bad.

Bobby Baggins

Would've given 5 stars if the tacos weren't sooo small

Earl R

It's gas station restaurant food. It's good but what can you expect

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