Restaurant el chaparro sabor original barbacoa de borrego estilo hidalgo

1087 23rd St, Richmond
(510) 778-1723

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angelica B

Barbacoa was really good?

Pedro Flores

At my first time the food was great I'll came back soon


I come here for their super burrito & chips! It’s as good as it gets!! Gracias El Chaparro!!Pork burrito - yum!!!

Aurangzeb Agha

Decent food and good portions.

Abigail A.

Mexican food this is the spot. Order two burritos, prices are reasonable good quality food meat was nice and tender not fried rice and beans also really good reason for not giving it 5 stars was because of the wait time. But I will definitely be back

Jamie Z.

I love this place. This is my neighborhood go to and whenever I'm feeling down I come here for a large consome & carne. I also like their plate special as well as their sandwiches that come with fried flattened meats of your desire. There's always an older gentlemen their to greet me, hold the door for me & say goodbye to me every time I'm there so I know there is a great sense of pride in what they do. They also sell little snacks & desserts & have a large selection of beverages. Would definitely suggest giving this place a try. Call ahead.

Latasha C.

Everything is in Spanish only the lady at the counter didn't speak much English I wanted tamales on my way home stopped here I called beforehand and she said she still had tamales left so I came in and started ordering paid she then proceeded to go into the freezer and grab my tamales and put them in the microwave smh

Gregory Poole

Wow, this is a hidden gem. The lamb Barbacoa tacos are simply outstanding. The portions off the hook. The other very mentionable note is the salsa. In this day and age, this little gem is worth a drive. Wonderful food.

Future money Kev

Not a bad local spot. The barbacoa was delicious.

Cheryl Price

I got the Lamb Barbacoa 1/2 lb it was really tasty enough for two days. I got it to go and added some stuff but it came with onions, cilantro, lime and salsa. The salsa was too hot for me so I added my own and some cheese and sour cream. I enjoyed it and I will go back to try the burrito and the tamale. Staff was friendly you can dine in. It's very basic nothing elaborate more authentic then Americanized.

Ruben Valdivia

Good food & price...I hope they don't start raising the prices $$$Like other restaurants ....

Cecilius Douglas

It was very good, I had a salad. The salad was good for a Mexican restaurant, and it was reasonably priced. The Mexican waters or drinks were good. This place has someone bring you the food, but no actual table service. The music was a little too loud, but we sat right in front of the speaker. So that would have been an easy fix. Good fresh food. Was waiting for my car to be washed across the street. Nice friendly older gentlemen kept my company. I would go back for him and the food.

Veronica Rivera


Shanda Garza

It was alright. They charged me for jalapenos to go. Which seems odd. But had they told me the charge was happening I would have not taken the jalapenos to go..

Antonio Cisneros

Great service and great food

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Restaurant el chaparro sabor original barbacoa de borrego estilo hidalgo

1087 23rd St, Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 778-1723