El Pollo Loco

13139 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 234-0097

Recent Reviews

Claudia C.

Today I was waiting an hour for my order and they never attended me. A lady who works in the restaurant asked her colleagues for cut chicken to complete my order and they never paid attention to her. Bad service

Tara Nunez-Walker

Food is tasty. Keto burrito is way too small for the cost and line is always long


They need more people in the cash register that can speak and understand English cause, they always think i can understand Spanish


Food is always good. It's the best choice for drive thru authentic Mexican food.

Tracy Miller

Whike the food is okay for the price, they rarely get simple orders correct and they overcharged me on my most recent order.

Javier Ochoa

Hood chicken, fast and friendly service. I meant to say Good chicken lol

Jessica Piskac

Fast, friendly service and they're chicken legs and thighs are very good as well as the Mac n cheese

Renate Valencia

I really like them, but today I got an eight piece chicken only, legs and thighs, and I got six legs and two thighs. That’s not right.

Lounes Kacel

I had to take all this off my casadilla, I recommend to do not go there as a first customer, you will get a cold and old stuff,,,i live just 2min away, every time I go I get disappointed, no customer service, they always say yes even they don't understand,


Best grilled chicken around. When you want a break from fried chicken? You can go to El Pollo Loco. You can't go wrong if you know what good chicken tastes like.

ANgeleS ObaNdO

I love pollo loco,but they have to work on costumer service

Edgar R.

Hey. I just pick up an order of 10 pc rice and beans . I asked 6 green salsas and nothing!!!! Ordered a doble chicken salad no sour cream and they put it . OMG what a service. Now I'm gonna eat half of my salad and my chicken without salsa. So disappointed

Iam F.

Super trash life 2020. Dry ass taco having ass. No sauce offering skills. You better off eating nothing at all and smoking meth

Tracy Harris

Love their salad. And they have the best guy I know of on the grill. Nethal. Always juicy,never dry when he's on the grill.

Patricia Rodriguez

I will give 5 stars if they provide container that are earth friendly. The food is delicious and looks very clean

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