Extreme Pizza

151 Park Pl, Richmond
(510) 620-1800

Recent Reviews

Felipe Cabral

I always have great service an experience. They know who I am, and always treat like they’ve known me for a long time.

Joe P.

So much flavor you guys should try them out seriously. A bit greasy on what I got but that's a given when it's loaded with meats. Overalll a flareGoodness

Brandon Brown

I love their yard sale pizza but lately I haven't gotten a good pizza from there every time it's either really thin and the topping Fall off because the pizza too thin or it's cold but all and all I like the service and I would recommend it to anyone bb

Jon Tranum

They have very good pizza..

johanna restrepo

Very good taste, amazing service

Joe Conley

not consistent, sometimes the pizza is really good other times really bad. Rotten salad and didn't give my money back. losing interest fast.

Gorgeous P.

This pizza is absolutely terrible they definitely do not want a repeat customer because it was made so poorly. The pizza did not have the salami nor the pepperoni it was supposed to have the meatballs were like burnt this was really poorly done. The Everest I definitely will not be ordering from this place ever again. Even the twisted sticks were terrible and poorly made. Not sticks and very unflavored. Ordered today 6/15/2020 Yuck!

Philly Q.

Well, where do I start.... It was ok. I had the Railroad specialty, it wasn't special. Pizza was skimpy and a little on the dry side. Also had BBQ bone-in wings, there were wet. Yeah, wet... it was kinda weird. Almost like they were steamed, after being baked or broiled. Even the ranch dressing was thin not thick... so... overall, ok. I was kind of disappointed.

Craig G.

Easy peazy to take out. Always hot and full of flavor. Never dined in. No need! So close to home! Good variety of Zah for everyone's taste. Basically a better version of dominos or other chains. Friendly staff also!

Melody Marigny

Oh such great customer service. Cody is wonderful! He went above and beyond to deliver my pizza. They have contactless delivery also. I had Pandora’s box with chicken, sooo tasty. I recommend this place and say hi to Cody for me ?.

Doin Winters

Good place to eat; great job on their pizzas, good bed side manner from the staff, good place to sit down and eat while you collect yourself b4 heading into the rest of your day.

Angela S.

As odd as this may sound, we have found that despite ordering the same pizza each time it never quite tastes the same. We have found so much variation in our orders and it is mainly in the crust. Sometimes the crust is a bit thicker and other times it is thinner. We have even had pizzas that the crust was rock hard that you could barely bite into it. I want to love this place because we have had pizzas here before that were amazing but with so much variation in our pizza experience it is too unpredictable. I will hesitate before ordering again because it is very disappointing when the pizza is below par.


I really like the natural sandwich. But as far as the pizza, not a fan of it.

Matthew Koch

Good food for what u pay 4

Gaming Nomad

Dirty every time I have gone in here. Staff is always on their phones despite tables cover in food and refuse. We had to clean our own table the last two times we were there. Wont be going a 3rd time

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