Gran Milan

5327 Jacuzzi St, Richmond
(510) 984-0679

Recent Reviews

Hil S.

Excellent place for lunch. Outstanding Panini's, and incredible, one-of-a-kind baked goods

Michele H.

I won't spend my money there because people are not wearing masks; the signs are just for show. A customer from the auto shop across the parking lot had no mask and the person behind the counter was not covering mouth AND nose. ick.

Auntie J.

They have become our "pandemic pizza" takeout place & am glad they are now open on Saturdays again. Today we got mushrooms & sausage pizza , plus 2 delightful desserts that we shared once we got home.

Dexter D.

We have a plum tree in our backyard. This year, we he harvested a rather large bounty of fruit and were distributing it like crazy. It was easier in years past when we both worked. Now that we don't, and because of the pandemic. we can only bombard our neighbors so much.We decided to take some plums up to our El Cerrito friends and family. But of course, we couldn't go over with just plums so we stopped by Gran Milan to pick up some pastries. The shop is small. For social distancing purposes, more than two guests inside would be a crowd. Service is quick. The best thing to do is just order one of each and figure out what you can eat later. Short of that, know how many pieces you want and then work backwards from that number as you order items. That's what we did and then we added a couple more for good measure! lol.We took it to our friends house and the hostess cut most items in six pieces and arranged them on a platter. I'd name everything in the third picture but I lost the receipt so you'll just have to go in and try it for yourself. Suffice it to say, everything was absolutely satisfying, especially along a cup of coffee or tea. Oh, and while our order was being boxed, the baker came out from the back and handed us a long warm sliver of bread with some salt on it. It was delicious!

Yinja L.

THIS PLACE IS A HIDDEN GEM! If I didn't find this place on Yelp, I would've easily passed it and I did!! I always thought there was just a Jacuzzi place nearby and Costco not to far away. I was truly mistaken! It's a cute small shop with tons of yummy pastries and pizzas! I personally only tried the pastries and it is amazing!! I highly recommend this spot if you're in the area or craving something sweet


Awesome little hidden spot for coffee and snacks!!

Ali M.

This could possibly be the worst pizza I've ever had in my life!! Who the hell uses blue cheese as the fourth cheese choice on a 4 cheese pizza. The blue cheese gave the pizza-- a throw up in my mouth after taste after every bite. For the love of all that is good in this world, STOP PUTTING BLUE CHEESE on the four cheese pizza. I give it a 10 out of 10 for making not want to eat pizza for a while. Not all was lost on this experience, hence the 1 star. The crust was really good but that's like having bunch of seals laying on a beautiful tropical beach. #fckbluecheese

Amanda J.

I found this cafe with a yelp search and the reviews are spot on! This is now my go-to bakery. Everything is top notch. I haven't tried the pizza yet but that is coming. The flaky desserts are top notch, the sandwiches and breakfast are wonderful. Lovely people too, so grateful to have this treasure nearby!

Rachel N.

I love love this cafe. The food is always amazing and the staff hospitable. It's a real gem!

Ronald N.

When you drive on 80 you can not recognize this place. I never even notice this when I am driver on Jacuzzi St.I check this place out and I was impress what they serve here. Their pastries were delicious. I had a pastry that had creme filling inside which was dynamite. I love sugar and this is the place to get a great sugar rush.The guy that runs the place was nice. He reminded me about how much I had to spend to use credit card (that's good service). He gave me suggestion what to have. I will definitely come back for more goodies.

Jay-Vincent Jones

Everything we’ve tried has been perfection. Best bakery in the East Bay!

Rose M.

Amazing! They have perfected the art of bread making. I had the eggplant focaccia and a breakfast sandwich. Everything was tasty, light, and not greasy. Will be back

Lisa L.

Pizza is delicious! It's definately a gem..All staff is very friendly with quik service. I know for sure I will be back to try other menu items. The very nice cashier gave me a olive bread stick to try, it was very good!!

Sherri Messersmith

The baker made us these BEAUTIFUL Tuscan loaves! We will use two to make Tuscan stuffed peppers and enjoy the third on its own.

David Rheinheimer

This is my favorite cafe in the El Cerrito area, and very worth the little bit of hassle to get here. It's a bit small inside, so not the best for laptop users, but excellent for socializing and enjoying great food.

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