Huong Tra Restaurant

12221 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 234-7428

Recent Reviews

Tedra G.

I was first introduced to Huong Tra over 15 years ago and have been going ever since. Their food is delicious and their customer service is second to none.

Keith L.

I get take out here for the parents all the time. Good portions, reasonable price, and they say it's tasty. They are very busy, so be patient if you're phoning in your order.The have a couple of vegetarian/possibly vegan items. I say possibly, because like most Asian restaurants, I don't think they understand what vegan means. One time, they asked if I wanted the spicy "chicken" (or maybe it was curry) made with oyster sauce. Perplexed, I said that I though it was vegetarian. She then clarified that I could get it with the "vegetarian" sauce. I've yet to receive definitive clarification about whether the vegetarian sauce is vegan. I hope it it.

Karen M.

Huong Tra is our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, and we normally visit regularly, even though we live 30 minutes away. This was our first visit since the lockdown, and we were thrilled to discover that the food is just as delicious as always. We miss being able to eat in their lively dining room, but we're happy that the takeout version of our favorite dish--#38 grilled pork on rice vermicelli with peanuts--traveled well and still tasted fresh and flavorful when we got home. I always ask for extra fish sauce, and theirs is especially tasty. The sauce is packed separately, so that you can pour it on when you're ready to eat and the vermicelli doesn't get soggy.

C T.

Something has definitely changed. The last three times I've ordered take out (Chicken rice noodle Soup) I've had allergic reactions. The first time I let it go not thinking it was what I ate, then the second time hives formed around my eyes, and now the third time the distention in my belly has caused so much discomfort from the inflammation my husband experienced the same exact symptoms (we ate the same soup). So bad we couldn't eat the next day, didn't feel hungry just inflamed, uncomfortable, swollen...I don't think the broth is made the same as before, I can only speculate so I don't want to do that. We just know it was the food that caused our pain. After three experiences it would be just plain dumb to continue going there. It's too bad, the food used to be so amazing.

Natasha J.

I absolutely love this place the only complaint I would have is if your gonna advertise garlic rice for an extra charge can it at least really be garlic rice! Even 1 of the employees there mention to me that it's not actually garlic rice that the owner just markets it as that but I do like meat served over rice so I guess

mantra p.

The best. That's it. Cheap, fresh, good, well-run even for the time of now. Excellent people, our whole family's been going there for 23 years. Tell 'em Mantra sent you.

Gareth Beadle

This is one of our favorite Richmond restaurants. The food is always fresh and we especially love the Summer Rolls. My personal favorite is #54 Spicy Chicken over White Rice... yum! We typically order to go and the ladies who manage the counter are amazing, juggling all the chaos with patience and speed!! Go and enjoy Huang Tra... you won’t regret it.

J B.

Our family's favorite Vietnamese restaurant. Fabulous food. Every dish we've had was fantastic.

Marlon O.

I was pretty excited to try this place out while working in Richmond for a few days. Reviews and the pictures on Yelp were promising so me and a few coworkers went to go try them out. Unfortunately it fell flat. A classic case of "eating with your eyes." I ordered Summer rolls, Garlic Fried Chicken wings, a Beef Bahn mi and a Thai iced tea. Just about everything was just okay. The wings weren't crispy and far from being garlic, the beef in the Bahn mi was not tender and the summer rolls were premade (which I know they usually are in most places) but to have the wrapper be ripped open was disappointing. Flavor was okay altogether and service was very quick but all the other things that would've made this place good were not up to par.

Famela O.

This is my go-to Vietnamese place. Their BBQ pork is always on point. Live their fresh spring rolls too. The pho is great.

Teena N.

Came before and after COVID19 This place was super packed before COVID-19 and we would have to wait to be seated. Now, you just order there or ahead and leave.I've tried a bunch of their dishes and I think they are all tasty. The banh xeo is huge.My bf really loves their bun bo hue.I just change it up every time I come here. One thing I didn't care too much for was their spring rolls. Other than that, this is our go to spot for bun bo hue. Downfall for not dining in is not being able to use their hot oil. I requested it when we ordered out but they said they don't do it for take out. Strange. Parking is shared and can get limited. Iced coffee is good.Will be coming back. I hope they have dine in again soon. Enjoy!

Joy Y.

Every time.... I mean EVERY TIME.... I come in here, they are always so nice and their food is so good. I'm very picky about the places I eat at, this is a mandatory spot of mine. Unless their service changes, which I pray it doesn't, 5 stars!!

Kevin Nguyen

This place consistently has the best vietnamese food, and that's saying a lot. Whether it's pho, a traditional rice dish, or vermicelli, you can't go wrong. Order and support your local places!

Tamara C.

Their food is amazing! I always order the cubed beef steak and love that they serve it with onions in sticky rice and hoisin sauce.

Nate B.

This place is pretty solid. It has been a few years since I have eaten here so I do not know if there is an ownership change but I am definitely a fan of the food now.

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