H. Salt Fish & Chips

12951 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 232-3884

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Ed Lew

Not bad if you're a fish and chips fan.There aren't that many left after the 60's and 70's when the British groups topped the record charts.Maybe because I haven't had it in sometime the batter on the family style order seemed thicker than how I remember it, but I will try it again during this pandemic as I'm tired of having burgers and burritos when we order out.The place is clean. It would get 5 stars if I had to rate it separately.Still no dining-in until the curfew is lifted.I would recommend it to others.

Danita D.

So extremely tasteless, cooking oil gave me the worst heartburn I ever experience d throughout my life, so much grease... two squirts of malt vinegar is all you get,, 25 cents per pack for extra vinegar and same for tarter sauce, you get battered onion skins for onion rings, this place is scared to give anything that you think you are paying for, prawns are split down the middle and heavily greasy battered. You have to use plenty of salt to capture the flavor. DO NOT EAT HERE

C Bullock

I meet with friends this lovely place a lot! This is my favorite restaurant to pass a nice evening. I visit this spot frequently. The cooking is very tasty, the workers are polite and the prices are decent. I enjoy eating in this restaurant for a nice lunch.

Roberta Williams

Love it big pieces of fish, I don't like the fries but it's good fish. There are no real good fish places in Richmond ca that I know of. I'm very happy this place is here.

Lucille Santistevan

Its slot cheaper than the one in El Sobrante. Very nice peoe


I love the onion rings and fish mmmmm mmmmm good vinegar salt parmesan cheese ?

Das L.

Overwhelmingly decadent fish and chips. I have downed many a set of them over the years, but this one takes the proverbial cake. If I'm gonna be honest it makes the joints at Fisherman's Wharf in SF feel like fish food, much as I love those places.The chips are slightly crisp on the outside but delightfully pillowy on the inside, though somehow have a much deeper potato flavor than most. The fish itself has snappy yet light breading, and the flavor of the fish cuts through the grease quite effectively. Portion sizes match the pricing well for the fish and chips, can't say anything for the other items (yet). Best to eat them while fresh, but I still had a crisp meal after driving 30 minutes to eat at home. My only (minor) gripe was that they didn't have house-made tartar sauce, but the rest of it made up for the sauce packets. Probably could've eaten without the sauce for just as good an experience, but I'm spoiled when it comes to saucing my fish and chips.I had my eye on this place for months since learning of its pedigree, and it did not disappoint. Apparently it was good enough back in the day that KFC bought in, and it's a crying shame this chain didn't get the attention it deserves. The staff was kind and polite in the brief moment I was there, so I kind of regret not having a dine-in meal before this crisis hit.When I went (Sept. 2020) they were only taking orders by phone to minimize contact for health reasons. Call ahead to place your order or have a look at the specials they put up in the window if you're willing to wait a smidge (I waited 10 minutes for a 4 piece fish and chips).

Niko Fletcher

From the moment you enter that restaurant the stuff gives you a pleasant feeling. Very warm crew, it is a nice place to to go out with buddies or with your date. heavenly food, creative chef, modest cost and professional service. Highly recommended.

darcell ferguson

French fry texture was dry as if they had been under the heat lamp forever, they were terrible to say the least! Fish was great, nice crunchy outside texture, middle was soft and flakey!

gnuhiam el

Got the 2 pieces of fish and shrimp combo. Very tasty with parmesan cheese on top.

Ananda D.

Terrible. No seasoning, no salt on the French Fire. I pretty sure they were using really old oil to fry their fish. The pieces of fish were cut so inconsistent. Some piece were cut as thin a chips and the fried so hard it crunched and crumbled when you bit into it. And extremely greasy. Yuck. I wish I could give a negative star.

Diana D.

Love this OG fish n chips spot. Often drive from Oakland to pick up our fix of fish and clams. They always take great care of us and practically know our order by heart.

yayoi s.

Hello! I am a vegetarian, but not strict. I had nostalgic feeling the other day. Right now, they are working so hard because of covid to ensure sanitation, you have got to call in your order, there is no in person ordering! I'm not kidding! And the food is made to order, so it will be great, but my picky butt who broke my vegetarian ism for this did not get any malt vinegar. Although it was supposed to be included I'm one of those pickle juice drinking weirdos. But I did not go back and 'Karen' on them. The moral of the story is, I need my own gallon o malt vinegar.

LUKE Strickland

Their ,deep fried "nautical"choices are well done....not well done like extra cooked .,unless you request ,some special instructions ?But ,call in your order...10 to 15mins before pickup.Thumbs u?????

Denise Rollerson

They kept the oringnal receipe of how they made it back in the day when they were the elportal shopping cente)l)ILy)

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