H. Salt Fish & Chips

12951 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 232-3884

Recent Reviews

Tony B.

It's getting harder to find a H Salt Esquire Fish and Chips and still have the same taste I remember as a kid. I will still make it a point to pay this place a visit. Employees are nice and food is good.

Linda Asher

This is the best fish-and-chips you will ever taste around here it's so delicious it's yummy yummy yummy .

larry samonek

So much food and a couple packets of tomatoe sauce is not enough.

Tom M.

Finally got to eat here about 18 months ago. Went back later, but found them closed twice. Note that they are closed on Sunday. Got a second meal, also excellent. The first time, my food came out of the fryer and was sitting there and waiting. I was getting a little annoyed, but she finally gave me my food, and I sat down and took a bite. OMG is was hot! They wait for a reason. The fish and chips were excellent both times. Nice, crunchy batter and well-cooked. I got 3 piece meals and the portions were generous. The decor is dated. If that bothers you, go ahead and miss out.

Angela L.

This is the BEST fish and chip place in the Bay Area. It is truly the original H Salt Esquire from years past. Crispy, delicious cod cooked to perfection with hand cut fries. Their scallops are big and tasty. The prawns are amazing. Like all seafood it is not cheap. But, worth the price. I come from Oakland to get this fish because it is the best. It has been under the same owner for over 25 years. A real nice hard working man. The other people he has working with him are pleasant and have been there for years also. Give this place a try. Great people. Great fish.

Theresa P.

Excellent fish! Love this place! Even during the pandemic, the fish is always fresh and ready when I pick it up!

Paul C.

This was the worst. Catfish I have every had, 4/2/21. Ordered it over the phone at 7:12pm . spoke with Priscilla she said it would be available in 15 to 20 minutes. When I arrived at 7:40 pm. payed for my food and proceeded on my way to SF. I took one bite and realized this isn't catfish. Turned around and brought the food back 7:47. They looked surprised when i returned after showing another customer the food who also confirmed (That's not Catfish).I gave the food back to Priscilla who apologized and said give me 10 minutes ill bring your food out . I received a greasy mess ate 1 piece and am regretting that choice. My stomach is very upset with me . NEVER EATING THERE AGAIN .

East Oakland (East Oakland 106)

I would give them 5 stars but to come from Oakland then told you have to phone your order in AND WAIT outside is beyond crazy ...the food is great as always but they should update their website. To give people a chance to order 1st then come pick it up instead of finding out when they get here....

Jamie G.

Pretty darn good I must say. Reasonably priced and tasty. Service was good . Better than JJs . Sorry JJs.

Telease Washington

The fish delicious ? & the Zuchinni with parmesan cheese ?..

J H.

This 'was' my go-to spot for Fish & Chips for over a decade. I have been ordering their double catch or their combos with clams for years, along with their clam chowder. No more. First, understand that this is a slow restaurant even in its best days. You have to try your best not to just walk in and order, or you would wait 25 - 30 minutes -- not joking. So I always do phone orders 30 minutes ahead. Even when they tell me it only takes 15 minutes, I know they'll take 30. Second, their food is okay, but not great. It's about third or fourth on the list in the area for fish, but it's good enough I go back. And lastly, their staffing is inconsistent. Sometimes service is really good, sometimes just okay. It's never great, but that's okay. It's my comfort food place. Today, I literally had the worse experience I have ever had in any restaurant, and it changed my mind on what is acceptable for service. Today, I advise people to never go to this restaurant under any circumstances. Since Covid, this restaurant only takes phone orders, which is good, since I only order by phone normally. This time, on my drive to the restaurant, I had to call three times to get someone on the phone since it was always busy. I was put on hold on speakerphone, meaning I can hear everything in the background. While waiting, I already arrived in the restaurant and parked in the front. I watched the woman through the window with two customers in the line waiting. They were able to pick up their food relatively quickly, but the woman still did not pick up my phone. I waited some more. I waited and waited, I said hello a couple times and still no one picked up. Then I heard her pick up another call and take an order. That's when I hung up and went into the store. I had waited 13.3 minutes on the phone. In the store, I told the employee that I had waited a long time on the phone and no one picked up my order. She said I will have to call in through the phone. She will not take my order. Despite not a single person in line, and no phone calls coming in, she refused to even acknowledge me. I literally picked up my cell phone and placed my order with her standing 7 feet away. She refused to even look in my direction as I ordered. No other calls came in at the time. That was a farce of a phone call and completely unacceptable. When I picked up the order 25 minutes later, suddenly the woman acted professionally -- which is much too late for "customer service." I understand some people are gluttons for punishment and will not take this advice seriously, but this is nowhere near a good enough restaurant that you would need to suffer this service. Avoid this restaurant at all costs.

Danielle J.

1/9/2021 - It has been a few years since I have been here and the food is still consistent. Due to Covid-19, I could not enjoy the entire experience of eating in. I had to eat in my car which is uncomfortable. My only gripe was that the food was a little greasy, but other than that I was happy with my meal. My two piece fish, chips and zucchini was good. My boyfriend ordered a two piece prawn, he said it was good, but he wasn't full. Before ordering I told him to order something more, because he has a big appetite, so it's his fault. All together it was good.

LaWanda P.

This place has gone down since the pandemic! They can't keep up with the orders & frying the fish up earlier resulting in dried out fish! Terrible. Cook your own food! You would think these restaurants are making more money than they ever did during these times that they could at least produce tasty fresh food!

Sol Gingou

I had been wanting some fish and chips and couldn't think of anywhere I wanted to try that was close to home so I decided to go for what I know!!! The taste hasn't changed...delicious!!! The zucchini sticks were awesome! Samantha is AMAZING!!! I drove from San Francisco for my meal. My kids who typically won't eat fish kept asking for more. It was so hot and FRESH!!! We will definitely be back. Oh and the clam chowder was pretty darn good too!!!

DogRat Cat

Excellent fish and chips. Made fresh to order and good sized portions. You can taste the quality of the fish - something that isn't always the case with many a chippy!We ordered the Double Catch since we were 3 (two adults and a child).Service was great too. Now that we found a place in the Bay to meet our occasional fish and chip craving, we will be back!

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