3401 Klose Way, Richmond
(510) 758-5800

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Long lines but the breakfast is IHOP good.


It was busy when we got there, but we were seated within a minute. Waiter was friendly and attentive. The food was good.

Linda M.

Vegan unfriendly. Lots of burgers but no vege options. Even breakfast is impossible here. This place is Ten years behind the times. Wake up IHOP

Rovelene P.

Food is great but the server is bad the Latina lady with too much eyeshadow is very rude I told her can you please lower down the heater but she ignore me instead she talk to the other person who seat next to us who's is Latino and ask them if the temperature if it's ok.

Blarishi B.

Came in for a casual dinner and saw this crawling on the wall. I come here often but this just made me walk out.

Chez 2.

I come here often, but there's usually staff shortages, & things moves really slow & forgotten orders. One person can't hand this much pressure. This just seems to happen often. That's why I'm wording my thoughts about it here.

James Sampair

Excellent service. The omlette was great, though I should have gotten the $4.99 special that I saw others eating.

Felix C.

This review is for our server Lidia. We came on a Saturday night and she was very attentive to us and super nice!! The food was really good too. It was fresh and hot.

Alan Flake

24 Hours is helpful for me who gets off work at odd hours.

Sederia Wesson

Last Sunday, I was at IHOP on San Pablo and Potrero and my Greeter Derek was Awesome ? and his Happiness And Smile ? Lite that Store Up...

Jesse S.

I found hair on my plate and when I talked to the server about it she told me that another table complained about having hair on their plate as well. 5 minutes later, the table behind us complained about having hair on their plate. The server said that she spoke to her manager about making sure that the chefs wear hair nets. Obviously the manager didn't do their job because this seems to be an ongoing problem. They need to do something about it. If I could give this place a 0, I would.

Laura Imbong

I just surprised how bad customer service now a days, waited too long just for a coffee to be serve first while waiting the main order to come. I have to begged the waiter just for our coffee, especially when inside the restaurant is cold. We almost lost appetite for a long wait. I mean, almost an hour wait that much patience to wait for our order. Coffee finally arrived, but then we still have to wait, my stomach been singing for hunger what an embarrassing experienced at the restaurant???


IHOP is a hit or miss.. Sometimes you're very satisfied, sometimes your not! I do feel that you don't get enough food on some of their items for the price they want..llike the French toast! And to add a slice is $2 or 3 dollars.. One(1) piece of bread! and almost $3 for a drink is ridiculous! Especially when you usually don't get a refill!

Victor Elliott

I really liked their food and service, fantastic area very close to where I live. The workers are always very welcoming. Will come visit again.

Mm C.

This place special this restaurant stinks baaaaddd services they bring me my coffee I wait 10 minutes for the spoon you want me to move the coffee with my finger and he asked for tips lol .................................................... Fuck this place

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