Isshin Ramen

3288 Pierce St C136, Richmond
(510) 559-7888

Recent Reviews

Andy G.

This is our favorite local ramen spot. So happy that they're open for takeout during the pandemic! There really isn't a great alternative in our area so we're lucky that this place is so good. I always get the same thing: black tonkatsu with black garlic oil (and always order an extra boiled egg). Their appetizers, like chicken kara-age and soft shell crab, are on point as well! In my opinion, this is best spot for ramen in West Contra Costa County!

Leslie H.

By far one of my favorite places for ramen. I'm obsessed there soups have so much flavor and it's so filling and delicious I can't get enough of it. Also the sushi rolls are amazingly fresh tasting and there portions are perfect. I highly recommend for good ramen and sushi! I love this place. And they are still taking orders through Grubhub which I really appreciate with this pandemic going on. Thank you!

John-Gary R.

For 3 years I've been all over the Bay Area looking for good soup. Finally! I've found a place that not only has great soup, but great Poke as well. My new hotspot for soup and poke.

Carmen P.

I love this place, I always order the same ramen soup but I tried the sushi and some other, clean and fast service

Alexis C.

I ordered from here last night from Uber Eats so my review is based on my experience which may be different from actually eating at the restaurant. Ramen was okay. I didn't like the sliced pork or diced pork that came with the soup. The ground pork however was good. The broth was okay. Nothing to rave about. I was turned off when they described the broth as having a a chipotle mayo taste and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't. The meal also left me feeling full but not content. The dumplings were good. I really don't see myself ordering from here again.

Bashar F.

I came here for a quick ramen fix on a Thursday around 6pm and there was no one inside. I sat down and ordered then immediately a group of 20 people came in and another couple walked in also so the place was filled up. It's kind of easy to miss this place unless you frequent this mall that it's inside. I ordered the fire tonkatsu at level 4 spiciness. I also added garlic sauce and extra corn. The broth had a good amount of flavor but at level 4 had my lips on fire after a while and I can usually handle a good amount of spice. The pork in this ramen was cooked to perfection and was my favorite part. I'll definitely come back to try their other creations.

Patrick M.

Yum so good And they are soooo nice I got here between lunch and diner Place to my self Feel like a king Coming back soooonoooon Best place in this mall

Allan Mcintyre

We enjoy hanging out. Last night we came to this magnificent place which friends told us about. We had a beautiful time there with delicious food and an efficient stuff and a distinguished cuisine. We put this restaurant in our list and we will no doubt come back soon. We highly recommend.

Tiffany P.

The ramen here is amazing. I always order the spicy chicken ramen and a sushi roll. Service is great and the food is even better. Once you order, your food is out within 10-15 minutes. Super affordable too.

Joanne P.

Super spontaneous decision to come here! I just wanted to get something from 99 Ranch. When I went, it was super empty. I also went at 6 on a Thursday so maybe I went when there's no business? I ordered the fire tonkotsu ramen level 6 and salmon maki. I thought the fire tonkotsu ramen was good! It had a pretty good spice level where I enjoyed the pain of spicy on my tongue, but still flavorful. I noticed that my egg was really congealed and that my chashu pork was thick. I think they also grilled it because it had some distinct grill marks. The noodles were firm and chewy, which was a plus. The salmon maki was ok, it wasn't outstanding but I had no complaints. I would definitely come here again if I had a craving for ramen and I was in the mall.

Cecilius Douglas

Been here before but this visit seems like food and service has improved. We had the Black Tonkotsu and Miso Ramen. The Black tonkotsu was a pleasant delight, not spicy but with lots of flavor from the black garlic oil floating on top of the ramen with thin slices of pork. Served hot in a large tall bowl so slurp away and enjoy! Will come back here definitely.

Stephanie B.

I'm really sad to have to update my review of this ramen place. This used to be my favorite ramen place. They apparently changed owners about a year ago and I feel like the ramen quality has gone down :( I liked the old ramen noodles they used to use; the new ramen noodles aren't as chewy or ramen-like. In addition, I think the broth was way too salty and thick for a veggie broth. The Firecracker roll was still delicious!

Tim Hines

Chill spot with on point ramen at a decent price.

Taylor Matson

Quality food, great options, and good service

Shella M.

First time with my daughter and we both loved the food and the friendly service! Tempura Udon is pretty bomb!

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