J J Fish & Chicken

3600 Macdonald Ave A, Richmond
(510) 233-1110

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Davone S.

Don't eat at this JJ, the girl that was packing my food put her nasty hands on my chicken while she was putting in the bag. When I confronted her she denied it even though I watch her touch my food and wiped her hands on her shirt. She had no gloves and she kept wiping her hands on her shirt. Not one time did she washed her hands. She then assumed I didn't want the food that I just spent $43 on and got a attitude. How are going to mad at me during the COVID pandemic about you touching my food. At that point that really pissed me off, I understand if she admit her wrong and said sorry but she got a stanky attitude . Get your business in order and be clean or else you will get shut down.

Edward O.

Sometimes this place can be a Joke , when they get to busy , they keep the phone off the hook so you have to walk in and wait 25-30 minutes for your food (SMFH) then there not passing up no plastic utensils at all period , no napkins either , how you gonna order food and don't get utensils SMFH !!!! This place is a joke

Betty Shaheed

I was really impressed with the fried chicken wings.they were delicious...

Bernadine Paulk

The cake was dry and the cobbler was awful. The chicken was not good they need to only cook fish.Their fish is the best thing that they serve in my opinion.

Alella G.

We went to JJ fish on MacDonald last week. I ordered two catfish dinners. I don't know what kind of fish they're using but it's not catfish sorry. That was my last visit to this establishment.

Zibijah Brown

We have been eating here for close to three years and I have decided to write this review because as of late, dont know what has changed behind that glass but JJ's has changed there prices are to [email protected]! D$%*@M high for the lack of service, lack of cleanliness, and lack of culinary spices( theres more than just pepper and some salt ya know). Sad we cant feed a family of three with $50 dollars anymore(fish,prawns,wings) your fortunate you got two stars...smh.


Let me start with what was good. My fish was fried soft as I asked, the amount of food was was suffice. Quality of the meat was good. Now the bad. No seasoning, the fish, the greens and the red beans and rice. I threw away the beans and rice. The biggest issue I had was my poor planning for dinner. This caused me to visit this business for the 2nd time in over 7 years. Ive live in Richmond over 15 years.I should have ordered ahead to have fish for dinner from the other fish spot.The customer service is the reason I never came back and will be the reason I won't return EVER. No one was in building, the phone was not ringing, and since I haven't been there in a looooong time I needed to study the menu to determine what I wanted to order. The young lady at the register had no patience and acted as if I needed to hurry because she had other customers. My apologies is she tired, but so was I this is why I brought dinner. The menu was unclear. I ordered a combo thinking it was fish and 2 sides. Because most combo are usually an entree and sides. Well their combo is 2 kinds of fish and fries. She explained this with an attitude , every question was answered rudely with an attitude. I said to myself forget dessert. I could have left but again I was tired and wanted fish for dinner. Therefore I will keep it moving and plan better when I decided I want fish for dinner.

Krish Abbott

This restaurant gives first-rate service as well as tasty meals. One of the best restaurant ever. The drinks and food served quick and the rates were inexpensive. I recommend this place.

Kenya Chaney

Ive ordered over 10 times from this place. The last time was yesterday. Somone had the nerve to place 4 overcooked chicken skins without actual meat and pass it off as a 4 piece chicken thigh order. This is super disrespectful for a $100 family order. Also i wasn't even able to contact them via phone. Never again.

Conti W.

That old ass man that answer the phone is rude ass fuck! You can't even order without him yelling at you! Piece of shit ass! I'm taking my ass to boulevards fish where you ain't gotta deal with his rude, smart mouthed ass!! Trash ass place horrible ass service

Na T.

Do Not eat here food is horrible and the man that answers the phone is very RUDE ! Bad customer service and cold food I was on hold for about 20 mins the man started yelling

Courtney C.

Food is ok. But service is terrible!!! Manager is disrespectful. I pre-ordered sole and 10chicken wing. When i went in it was a line. When i made it to the window the guy bagged my food. Now i don't like tartar sauce. So i told him to give me hot and ketchup. He started yelling at me talking about u talk to much. How all i told u was i didn't want tartar sauce. Then when i said u didn't even ask me what i wanted!!! I spend $50 in here and u gonna tell me to shut up!!! I will not eat here again. Definitely not in Richmond.

Saeed R.

I have been coming to JJ's for years. During Lent 2020, I gave up meat and I consistently came here for seafood. For about $20, you can get the 3 Seafood Combo (shrimp, red snapper, and the catfish nuggets). The breading on the catfish nuggets is superb. They have a large variety of lemonade (I have been eyeing the bubblegum flavor one) and desserts (Red Velvet cupcakes say whaaat?). If you can get through, I would definitely call in the order (the wait is normally long). Lastly, the customer service is on point. There are two ladies who run a tight ship and keeps everything moving. Thank you JJ's!

Sheila Marrow

I love the fish and oysters. You can also get desserts. You can stay and eat or get your food to go! Parking is also available in the rear, entrance is to the left side of the building. ?

Cheri I. Hunter

Fried chicken and fish is delicious, each location I've been to appears clean and food tastes the same at each location.

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