12319 San Pablo Ave #147, Richmond
(510) 232-1527

Recent Reviews

Jack Moody

It's okay employees are nice well-dressed clean and the food is decent price is great I am a multiple return customer

Roman K

Waited for our order for 30 mins, one side was missing, no utensils.

Nadine Y.

[ During Covid Review ] My fiancee recently got his wisdom teeth removed and so we came here to get him some mash potatoes and gravy so he could eat something. They don't allow customers to come inside because of covid, so you have to do drive thru. While ordering, it seemed like the person who was taking our order just either (a) couldn't hear us or (b) was too busy doing something else because I had to repeat my order to him 5 times. When I went to pay, his mask wasn't even covering his nose and he seemed to be annoyed at me because he kept rushing me to pay. He then told me to wait in parking spot 1 because they were making our orders fresh, which okay was understandable. I ended up waiting in spot 1 for 45 minutes and by the time our order was done, the employee had 2 bags of food and went to the person next to us and almost gave her our food! Okay, I get cooking chicken takes a while...but 45 minutes? I honestly could have gone home, made myself some fried chicken AND mash potatoes and go back to KFC and my order wouldn't have been ready. The time to wait for my food and the service here is why I gave this place one star.

Monique Cooks

The chicken sandwiches are delicious

Nicole Kittelson

The service was slow. The cashier was short and not inclined to answer questions she was rather rude. Her attitude was like we were bothering her. I would not recommend this location. I would recommend going to the one in Pinole on Fitzgerald there great.

James Banh

Messed up on our order gave us mashed potatoes when we asked for macaroni and cheese. Made us wait on the other side. I'm more than happy to wait but at least take the time to make sure the order was correct.

Lyna N.

Bad service went to drive thru, person taking order female keep rushing my order and didn't let me explained my order. Window to pay she didn't repeat my order I paid and saw that my whole order was completely wrong, and they didn't have chicken ready I ask for dark meat and she said 15mins then it's coming up right now please pull to the front... as I pull to the front I wanted another 15+ mins until they brought out my orde and once again the order is wrong for the third time... they gave me white meat.... by this time I didn't want to deal with them anymore... this is the first time any KFC messed up my order this bad! All 3 different worker... if they didn't have spicy chicken ready just say so I would of gotten mild or best of all should of told me at the drive theh window I would of went somewhere else... never coming back

Rajeep Bhasu

Good service

peggy spicer

Those hot wings! YES..YES! No cold,warm order! Hot temp...Hot & Spicy! I will drive from Cutting Blvd to this KFC!

Tracy Wood

Fast & courteous service.

Annia Guzman

Still tasting, since 15 yes ago that I tried.

sergio andres gomez guerrero

Bad service, sorry for kfc

Toria W.

i've been eating kfc all my life, and never have i ever had a bad experience until today. i order $61.00 worth of food and only half of it was edible. the mash potatoes were sour, the coleslaw lifeless, fries hard as a rock, and the chicken (omg) was the worst part. the chicken was old and sour! how in the world is this location still open?! the only good thing about this meal was the soda and biscuits. i will never, ever forget how kfc ruined my life long love for them. this is a sad day for your company.
FYI: If you had or have a bad qexperience with any company, write that company a letter. Dont just let it go. This is the only way things will be set straight for the next customer.

Shen Ron

They get things done the right way, any problems are few and rare to find or none at all

Sharon M.

Not sure why they offer order ahead grub hub and have spaces with a number to call but no one to bring it out to the car. They tell you to go through the busy drive thru line.

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