12319 San Pablo Ave #147, Richmond
(510) 232-1527

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أحساس أنثىء

A good experience

Jeffrey Crosby

It's KFC they sell good fried chicken.

Aurangzeb Agha

It's KFC. It's going to be good.

JT Sons

Quail wing

Common sense Isn't common

Second time I ordered an 8 piece meal and only got 6. I just wanted to skip making dinner for my family and instead bring home an old school favorite. What a disappointment! I’m never coming back here. Popeyes in El Cerrito is getting my money now.

Katya T.

So I ordered the tender 20 fill up, comes with 12 pieces of tender, look at the pic tell me why they counted that bread crumb as a tender, the other one is what a tender is suppose to be lol a holes

Robin Rising

GLASS! There was Glass in our cole slaw, so completely irresponsible and dangerous, that could kill someone.

Robin H.

THERE WAS GLASS in the cole slaw. Stay the hell away from this place luckily we bit into it and didn't swallow it!

Stella M.

Really upset two nights ago. We bought $52.00 plus in food . The order was missing items and the fried chicken was beyond crispyA. We expected ( $20 fill up and a $30.00 fill up with 8 pieces of chicken strips. Our order was missing two mashed potatoes and gravy, four biscuits and a cole slaw. The chicken was odds and ends of beyond super crispy chicken ( which tasted as though it sat all day and was re warmed. My grandson age -17 was told they only had some original and mostly crispy chicken. (Next day when I called in the Manager states he offered to cook some fresh original; but it would take 20 minutes. ( Really after talking to my grandson the manager never offered to cook a ( New Batch of Original). Which truly makes sense my grandsons got there about 25 minutes to closing at 10:30 pm. His only offer to me was to give me a ( free cold slaw next time I go in. I accepted it for the moment because I figure I will call the store manager today. This is unacceptable and if I need to contact their corporate office or regional manager. I will. I think they took advantage of a naive teenager. I believe my two grandsons when they tell me they were never offered to have the manager have his staff cook (two) eight piece chicken pieces at 10:00 pm. Knowing they still have to turn down these machines before leaving. I expect the meals replaced fully because the chicken was not what we ordered and it was missing several items. I believe they were in a hurry and decided to give them whatever just to close down.

Pramila Karki

Always they say that chicken is being cooked if you even go after 30 minutes of your pick up time.

Mason O.

Horrible service. Asked for a sprite and I got a cup of carbonated water. Asked for chicken sandwich with no mayo or pickles, bam they put mayo and pickles on it. The Frieda are oily and bland. Do not recommend.

Chapina 9599

Food and presentation good service not too friendly.

Kemy Lopez

I'm not a total fan of KFC but my niece loves mac n cheese so it was a quick fix 5 bucks for a large side

Lawrence M.

Not a fan of fried mysteries, it's unbelievable that people still Consume this virtual poison

Bobbie Washington

Fried apple pies and potato wedges are always fresh

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