Krispy Krunchy Chicken

1205 Fred Jackson Way, Richmond
(510) 412-3607

Recent Reviews

Pauline Tigner

Always enjoy the chicken special get it at least 2 a month

Brittany Wood

Best chicken every single time I get it. Mm..mmmmmh.

Bob Wiley

The chicken is good but when you go to the counter to pay, the obese lady at the register will open your bag and put her dirty fingers in your food. This has happened to me a couple of times. I'm pretty sure she started salivating last time it happened. Very unsanitary. If you want Krispy Krunchy, go to the El Sobrante location.

Sabrina Buster

Delicious chicken. Best fastfood meal I've ever had.

Mattye McConaughead

Fast service and the food taste good

Butter Christy

We love this place. The whole family works as a team to keep the place running smoothly and deliver the best customer service a person could ask for. We highly suggest stopping by this place. Love love love you guys, thank you for everything!-Christine & Butter

Fred Wiggins

Chicken is good. But the store over charges for thing they bought from the 99 cent store and that's just my opinion 99 cent Ranch for $3. 75

cesare scott

Taste great

Tanner F.

Best chicken you can get, and believe it or not it's in a gas station!

Tiara J.

Called these idiots before I left to ask what time they closed & stopped selling food they replied 10pm, I show up at 9:40 & the trays are "cleaned" , the retard behind the counter said they close at 10 & I assure him that its only 9:40 & he says "oh, they usually called and order over the phone before they leave the refinery . Night shift at chevron, we wont be coming back.

Frankie Pikum

Good food

natalie fitzgerald

Greasy just like I like it

Kao Saelee

Food is good and great service from the employees.

Wayne Earl

Great local food place. I've eaten here often, highly recommended.

Kenyatta Anderson

Off the hook!!

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