Linda's Bakery

3431 Macdonald Ave, Richmond
(510) 234-4001

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Miguel Chacon

(Translated by Google) Zg with Mr(Original)Zg z g

Kim G.

DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!! I've came 3 separate mornings to get some hot food from the back and a hot drink with it and they never have anything in stock! I personally know other people who say the same thing. Please take your business somewhere else like I have. There are other better places in the area whose food tastes way better and is always in stock in their hot foods and drinks. PS This place doesn't even deserve a star!

Paula Duran

(Translated by Google) First time I bought a cake there and I really liked it a lot, thanks Linda's pastry shop !!!

Jarrod Jones

Good pastries and coffee, small groceries and friendly service.

Ivan Ledyashov

Delicious pastries. Chocolate croissants are amazing.

Evelyn M.

The pan dulce here is never fresh. I always ask the person behind the counter if it's fresh or made today and they say "yes", but by the time I'm grabbing the pan with the clamps the pan is really hard and old. I even call and ask beforehand to see if the conchas are made that day and again she says "yes" with attitude, I go and they are so hard. I always end up throwing them away.

Jessica M.

I ordered them on door dash and they weren't able to even make my breakfast order even though they made themselves available to order from. They couldn't even be bothered to call me. My dasher had to show up and call me to let me know they didn't let me know my food couldn't be made and that they weren't going to make it! Bad service. I can't speak for the food but don't let me order if you can't make the food. I was looking forward to eating here but now I'll look elsewhere.

Esteban Rodriguez


Jorge Ponce

Buen servicio y amabilidad

I M.

I came in for the second time and the baked goods look old and dry. So I ask the lady behind the counter (not Linda the owner) how fresh is it. She clearly was annoyed, well she may have been annoyed period, as she tried to evade the question and simply says: "it's fresh". I say: "like in two day old fresh"? She says that it is from today. LOL.....hard to believe ......but...whatever..... So why do I give it 4 stars? Well, it's simple. It's a great little bakery. Besides the pastries being a bit dry, I had good service before, and the prices are ridiculously low, selection is great and the Guatemalan coffee is surprisingly better than the national fast food breakfast chains. So it's a great value and it just makes you feel good to have this little bakery near by. A better bakery is in San Pablo, but it is a bit too far for me. PS: You are greeted in Spanish, so it's also a great place to practice your foreign language skills. :-) Can't wait to go back. And you can call me "evil" but I can't wait to tease the lady behind the counter again. Hola, que tan fresco es esto? :-)

Jackz C.

Friendly Really good bread the best coffee by far I love you guys Immma miss living so close to you guys it won't be a weekly affair anymore

Patty C.

The best little bakery I know. This family owned business is always kind and sweet. I always look forward to their wonderful baked goods, sandwiches, tamales, and of course their café mocha made with abuela chocolate! yummy!

Jack D.

Good Latino baked goods and specialty items. I had begun to stop by regularly. My wife loves plantain chips, but today, a young man charged me $1.75 for a bag of chips, expensive, when it was $1.50 a few days ago and then gave me a take it or leave it when I objected. Spotty service, I think I'll skip it.

Hem P.

I placed an order for a Star Wars themed cake on NOV 14th. They call me on the 28th telling me that the design is no longer available from the vendor. I then find the item online at double the price and then have to pay double for shipping to get it here in time and they only offered me a $5 Credit because that's all the decoration is worth. I don't know about you, but the decorations is half of it especially for a childs cake. The Decoration cost me $10 and then $27 rush shipping to get it here on time. I hope the cake is delicious otherwise I will never use this bakery again.

Rworange X.

Linda's bakery mainly makes good Mexican pan dulce As mentioned, owner is from Guatemala. On Friday they sell fresh chipilin, a Guatemalan green, and Pollo Comparo fried chicken. On Saturday and Sunday there are Guatemalan tamales, chuchitos (small tamales) and Guatemalan atol de elote. At Christmas they sell tamales negros which have chocolate sauce, pork, raisins, nuts and prunes

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