Maya Taqueria

130 Railroad Ave, Richmond
(510) 374-6594

Recent Reviews

Christopher Rankins

Very clean. Quick service.

Kimya Mcfadden

Pretty good. Vegan options available

mansa shaka

The owner is a wonderful Spainaird after my heart! Given the quality of worker and cooks who give life to the food that has entranced my soul, I can say that if you are in Point Richmond than look no further for FRESH, CLEAN, & GOOD FOOD!!The restaurant may be a little small but in the era of covid it's of no concern. Well kept and clutter free!My favorite is lengua anything super yummy!

Sverre Slotfeldt

Great Mexican food in Point Richmond. We've been coming here since they've opened. Seating is limited, but we usually order for take-out. Very tasty food, and their agua frescos are deliciius.?

Roxanne Williams

Tasty set of tacos. Wish I purchased more.

Victor G.

Maya Taqueria is at Raymond's Pizzeria's side. Maya has limited outside dining, typical mexican menu with slight upgrades. prices look reasonable, portion size adjusted accordinglyeats: lengua torta (9.75) "bolillo bread, cheese, tomatos, onions, lettuce, avocado, jalepeno" with exquisite green, red salsa.-could really taste the onions, lengua felt but it didn't have any unami or any flavor, maybe pastor would have been better choice or the new place around the corner. 3.5 stars. salsa was great, protein lacking in substance and flava.take out:-next time i see a lot of veggie included, will skip.

Joel B.

I had some fish tacos here and they were pretty good but overpriced for the size/ quality. Good flavor, though.

Bri T.

This place has very bad service. I ordered a shrimp platter with avocado. They did not give me avocado . I did not notice until I got to my destination. I decided to try a two pieces of shrimp and one of them had a tiny piece of shell on it I went back to the restaurant to ask for avocado and to question why the shrimp had a shell it. They gave me some avocado and then started to speak into Spanish. These people could not give me a solid answer wh as to why their was shell on my shrimp When I got to my car I checked the avocado. The avocado was spoiled it had brown and white spots on it.i went back into the resuturant and one of the employees had attitude. The employee asked me why am I back. When I showed them the avacado. They just stared at me. I was furiated. They offered me a refund. DON'T EAT HERE! They have rude customer service skills unseasoned and spoiled food.

Juan Gonzalez

Very good salsa, we used to go there for the cabeza tacos BUT they took them out from the menu

Neymar Hardin

The customer service is always rapid, good vibes, kind staff. Will visit again when I am in the area.

Rob Hawks

Great food and terrific hot sauce

Goku U.

I had ordered 3 burritos and a plate by phone before driving over to pick up the order. I told the woman on the phone that I am not Uber eats and I will come pick up my order. Before the phone call ended, she confirmed this fact with me at least twice. I don't know if she was distracted by other things going on in the shop, but clearly she wasn't listening.When I had arrived, the place looked pretty busy, which I usually take as a good sign that the food is good. Before I paid, I asked for extra salsas and that's where everything went downhill. The woman refused to give me more than 2 of the salsa verde and 2 of the hot salsa. I have 4 meals and 2 would not even be enough for a single person. I would've been fine if she said that they can sell me more, but she never stated that. Instead she argued with me saying that only 2 per meal. When I pointed out that I had ordered 4 meals, she still refused. I doubt that salsa incurs a great cost to the business so I was confused as to why it was so difficult to obtain more. Since I no longer wanted to deal with the issue, I said that I wanted to cancel my order. The woman was happy to cancel and waste the food than give me more salsa! Wow! That's saying a lot about a business. Finally another man came up and asked what was the problem, after hearing the issue, he told the woman to give us more salsa.I was so disappointed and frustrated with my interaction with this business. I was trying to support a small local business during these trying times, but I guess they don't want to keep customers so I will not be returning. There are definitely tastier and friendlier mexican shops in the Richmond area.

Jazel R.

MY FAMILY LOVES THIS PLACE! TRUST US ON THIS!We're beyond obsessed with Maya Taqueria, nothing compares! This is our go to place for burritos and we won't eat burritos anywhere else. We always get the carne asada burrito and it has soooo much flavor and every bite is heaven. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! 5/5 no complaints and I will always come back!

Karamia R.

This is some good stuff man, there is no good Mexican food in Marin and this is just a short lil drive off the Richmond bridge definitely worth checking out!

Wanette Foreman

Food was delicious and fresh and the service was excellent and the place was very clean and I love the Outdoor Experience

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